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True mobile 5G network to be released by late 2018

This announcement was made by them in a press release in which date declared they going to achieve higher standards keeping up with the process they began in the year 2017.

AT&T  made it quite obvious that the 5G services offered by them would be based completely on the industrial standards and also note that it would remain focused on its long division of conducting 5G across various countries of the world as well.

However, it still hasn’t declared that which mark is of which countries of the world would it be covered at first while launching mobile 5G in the year 2018, we still expect them to be the developed countries getting the services at first.

3GPP,  the well-known body for maintaining International wire standards has completed all the key elements for 5G news radio standards in the last month.

with all the specifications now available, the Mobile App Development along with the other developers can now be started for the chipset hardware as well as the device manufacturing period.

This would lead us to have a faster delivery of the 5G mobile services. At least, this is what ensured by the firm about ‘not compromising’ at all with its long-term vision yet ensuring you with a faster delivery.

However, more information about the same at this point in time is not clearly available. what is worse is that the company is being criticized a lot by the likes of T-Mobile for its unsuccessful and quite an early branding of the 5G services. But, this time AT&T  it’s all set to build up the record high.

Also according to the promises made by the company it is planning to roll out the faster LTE-LAA  network to at least more than two dozen countries this year, still keeping the cities under wraps.

In the year 2017 AT&T  hand begin the evolution work for the 5G network, covering up nearly 23 of the major markets. where else in the year 2018, AT&T  plans to roll out the 5G mobile and lead to the 5G Revolution to a number of the well-known metropolitan cities of the world.

Enough of the things discussed from the excerpts made by the company tits press release today. Well, before entering into the details further, do you know what 5G is?

Are you aware of the changes that it is going to bring our lives with its launch? Or the benefits that are going to be experienced by the mobile app development company this year. Let’s check them out.

What is 5G?

To make it sound completely simple and easy to understand for you,  5G is the fifth generation in the arena of the cellular networks. It is considered as the next big step in the mobile app development, which is going to be used greatly for a high visibility of the data, that would, in turn, make the current LTE  networks completely irrelevant and extremely slow.

This situation can be compared to the same scenario that we experience before when the 4G network was launched and the 3G  network became useless.

History of the mobile networks

The first generation of mobile networks, more commonly referred to as 1G, was launched in the year 1982. This was fully functional until the launch of the 2G  network, that is the second generation of networks; which enhanced the quality of digitalization in the year 1991.

With the successful launch of the 2G  network, began the era of using cellular data in the form of EDGE and GPRS  Technologies. A decade after the launch of the 2G  network came up the faster version,  that was known as the third generation of mobile networks- the 3G technology.

Coincidentally, came the current LTE networks that we have been using,  the 4G network. this insured and normal speed and higher data connectivity with a good clarity in every aspect.

Hence, it certainly turned out to be the best version of the mobile networks launched till date and became widely accepted.

Presuming that the 5G network would continue the Leap Forward and be the perfect successor of the current network; meeting of the demands and the requirements of the user.

How 5G differs from the current network?

As funny as it may sound, there is no official thing called 5G yet in the market. then why are we even discussing this?

This is because of no matter whatever we are going to hear from the analysts at MWC this year, about the extremely high speed or the perfectly conducted and successfully pulsed speed test demos, 5G still is an idea in the making.

However, one can also not deny the fact 5G network is surely going to have way better specifications when compared to the 4G network. as per the words of the former chairman of FCC,( which are considered as Holy as that  from a Gospel as of now), whenever someone comes up to you with the delivery rate and performance about the 5G network assuring you about the services that it is going to offer to you, completely ignore him and start walking the other way.

It might be true that’s it tends to offer you tens of Gigabytes worth of data connectivity per second, even more than that, I still believe it personally that it is too early to predict anything or expect anything from a network that is still in talking terms. Because recently have no idea about how it is going to be in reality.

And then, there are also certain companies which are giving us a clear hint of what should we expect. Various leading firms  such as AT&T, Qualcomm, Verizon or Intel, have already begun testing up for the 5G Technology, might be declared by the press release statement made today by one of them; these companies are certainly going to be the future faces of the 5G Technology in the world mapping out its future into a clear wide perspective.

A commonly and clearly observable feature of the 5G technology is its probability to use the millimeter wave ( that is the mmWave) Vande transmission. this is believed to be the key to unlock the tremendously fast internet speeds all the highest level of connectivity that 5G promises as of now.

Advantages of using a shorter wavelength

Another feature to add on, that is, the benefits that the customers are going to experience by using a shorter form of wavelength relates to the Antennas. For,  smaller the wavelength shorter would be the length of the Antennas in use.

This means that the phones which would be using the millimeter wave Technology can surely be benefited from a number of Antennas releasing out an equal number of different millimeter wavelengths.

All this would be possible with the help of a single device does increase the efficiency of the spectrum available even feeling meaning faster internet ensuring a higher quality even when a number of users are connected.

This does not seem as easy as it looks. because the millimeter wave Technology has its own challenges to offer to you. Because it is a well-known fact that the shorter wavelength experience greater issues where the sight comes into a scene- such as interferences from walls, cars, buildings, window panes, even drops of water.

Thus, to make this idea of the millimeter wave Technology successful one the telecom companies would need to stuff the city is up with a large number of smaller-sized antennas, to make them function easily.

Where do we stand today?

When a regular data consumer as you and me hear a lot of news about the upcoming 5G Technology, we certainly believe that it is time during which a lot of Telecom and hardware companies come up together and work  to increase the utility of various  mobile app development companies  across the globe.

With the details recently released by the AT&T, all we can expect is the world is going to turn into a faster running factory sooner or later assuring us with higher data speeds and perfect connectivity that a customer would ever desire for.

So sit back and relax, and wait out for the best to come. Because it would turn out the most desirable thing in the history of mankind.

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True mobile 5G network to be released by late 2018


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