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WordPress the Saviour? Can it be used for Web Development?

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If you have opened this article, then I am guessing that there can be possibly two scenarios that made you do so!

1. You hold to be a business master that requires a website, but you did not have enough experience and funds to make it happen. And now you need inputs on how to do so!

2. You have a website, but you do not know how to revamp it, or do not know what it should be like!

If I have hit right in the middle of the dartboard, then this is the right place for you. Wordpress is the answer to your permanent website queries.

Business needs a responsive, reliable and secure website. Reason: It is the first thing that their potential audience witness, and hence it portrays the way their business is. A right template can make an excellent impression on your customers.

WordPress Web Development is extremely flexible and scalable. It is easy, and the websites that are designed on this platform is secure with the highest coding security and frequent updates.

Would you be filled with questions – Why should I choose WordPress? Why do I need to switch from my existing platform to WordPress? What would WordPress bring me?

Thus, here are amazing of the details that would help you to uncover these questions and provide you with the answers.

Let’s Begin

WordPress being the Saviour 

The excellence of the platform is that it makes the website accessible to anyone. Starting from expert web developers to the people that are a noob in the world of coding – WordPress is the saviour to everyone. The flexibility of the platform and endless library of plugins means that the user can customize the website anytime at any place. 

WordPress is free to install, deploy and install hence making it a compelling platform. If you are a WordPress Development Company or thinking to become one, then you would agree on this part: WordPress is a robust tool that helps in creating and managing website efficiently. 

The CMS has the power where it can be used in many different ways from a simple website to an e-commerce website. Here are remarkable of some most conspicuous examples that the user can use the platform for:

  • Starting a blog
  • Construction of Business website
  • Beginning with an online business
  • Constructing a membership website 
  • Selling up of online courses

Features that Make WordPress Unique

It is not a big secret that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS out there. It constitutes about 24% of the website, which tells us that the majority of users select this platform by choice, which makes it unique and most preferred platform.

The reason why WordPress is the preferred choice of every individual out there is because of features like:

Hence when you Hire WordPress Developers make sure that he/she is familiar with the following features.

1. Open-source CMS

If you are looking for the appropriate CMS, then I am damn sure you have come across this term. The term open source gets thrown around a lot of development circles. This means that the platform is free and can be used for any project which the user wants to be it commercial or personal. With the help of WordPress, users can look under the hood of CMS and change about any aspect.

2. Low maintenance cost

WordPress is considered as one of those platforms that provide the user with a setup that is not only economically friendly, but it also supports the users to improve the customer experience. WordPress requires less staff training when a new website is being built. Additionally, it is relatively easy to find WordPress designers and developers for easy customization and necessary development. The user doesn’t get locked down with the help of a static website that is costly and even after development.● Beginning with an online business 

3. Customization and greater flexibility

Note that for WordPress Development Services, the platform meets the requirement of the masses of the user with the flexibility of the framework. This enables designers as well as the developers to construct and operate different layouts and applications. Plugins are supposed to be a great way to expand the websites look and the face. There are numerously available as well as funded choices that the user can choose from. The official WordPress directory presents the users with many ready to use plugins. Thus, to select the right plugin, the user needs to understand their requirements and then work accordingly.

4. WordPress is for everyone

If you think that even after being a non-coder, you would be able to function WordPress – you are right.

WordPress is straightforward to learn; the learning curve of the same can be understood by anyone.

WordPress has eliminated many technical associated barriers with traditional web designs and concepts. A basic WordPress requires nothing but ready to make plugins that can be learned by any non-coder. Just a few clicks here, and a few clicks there and voila your website is created. If you use Microsoft word, then you can quickly learn WordPress.

5. It is a mobile responsive 

If you think that your audience is limited to only computers and PC, then think again. Mobile website users are rapidly increasing, and they are growing day by day. If your website doesn’t look good on mobile display, and it doesn’t work well with your plan, then there are opportunities that you may tend to lose your audience. When you would lose your audience, then the ROI of your organization would fall – which is not acceptable by any business owner. Hence, try to make your website responsive and adaptable.

6. WordPress is engine friendly

The best thing about WordPress is that it is SEO friendly. Yes! You heard it right. WordPress tends to help the user with speed and performance. It assists the site owners and developers to optimize their website with large images and videos.

The platform helps in the site’s search engine indexing by contributing them to constructing a site-map with the aid of the Yoast SEO plugin.

With the help of the WordPress engine, the user has the authority to build site visibility. Not only this, but it would also provide them with social media integration which would amplify the SEO campaign that you wish to promote.

7. Secure Framework

If you are thinking to make a shift from HTML to WordPress, then no platform is going to provide you as much security.

WordPress is used by millions of people that power the website. This CMS takes website security seriously and tends to maintain a high-security standard to take care of hackers and other cyber threats. Thus, WordPress provides a safe and secure framework for the websites that are being constructed on it. To keep your blog secure, the CMS provides the user with constant updates with themes and plugins. It offers the user with a host of WordPress security that provides security from all the malware and harms.

8. A Mature Platform

WordPress is more than a decade-year-old. During the preceding decade, WordPress has been filtered, examined and improved too. In the process, it has developed into a leading web publishing arrangement. Thus, WordPress can help the user with various aspects, the reason: it has a lot of functionality and features as compared to other CMS in the market.

9. Has the power to handle different types of media

Showcasing your website with the help of images, audio and video content can be one of the most sort after and massive steps for your website. Conventionally WordPress tends to support oEmbed enabled websites. All the user requires is URL, and voila they can embed Youtube video, Instagram photos feed, tweets, audio and anything related to it. This feature tends to add endless content and an appeal to the website.

10. The Community

With so many users, it is somewhat natural that there are going to be a lot of people that would support the platform. WordPress consists of a generous, vast and professional number of experts in its community. The people in the community tend to exchange ideas and make the platform a better place for everyone. The user can get connected to the official WordPress forum or with the person in WordPress Badcamp event. 

In the Nutshell

When it comes to the WordPress Website Development, we are aware that not everyone needs to spend all of their working time on constructing an online domain, that is the reason WordPress is constituted as an excellent tool for all people. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional WordPress is for everyone.

It is the first choice of any building blog or a website, and it is continuously evolving to incorporate brand new and fresh technologies. Some of the few perks that you can avail from this CMS has been mentioned; it is hoped that you have adequate knowledge of what is right for you.

If you have any doubts regarding the topic, then you can write your queries on the comment section below. Our experts would handle every issue and resolve then as soon as possible.

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WordPress the Saviour? Can it be used for Web Development?


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