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Melbourne studio providing cutting-edge websites that attract more leads, graphic design that converts more sales and systems that multiply results fast.
2018-12-27 13:53
Amongst all the marketing noise on the internet, getting your advertising message out there is not always easy, especially when you feel you have to compete with some of the big well-known b… Read More
2018-10-27 13:53
In some of our previous posts we have talked about the importance of developing a brand, even for a very small business. A part of brand development is the creation and design of the brand&r&hell…Read More
2018-09-27 14:00
Some people save money at the supermarket buying no brand items, some save money buying items on others buy bulk at wholesale outlets. In many cases, these ideas work well to save y… Read More
2018-07-28 02:16
When you are looking to buy something and you are not sure where to go, what do you do? Google it! Being positioned near the top of search results means you are positioned in front of a hung… Read More
2018-06-27 14:00
Everyone online hates spam. As a website owner, you want to ensure that your website is free from spammy content. That’s often harder than it sounds if you’ve hire dodgy SEO… Read More
2018-06-20 14:00
I talk to a lot of people about the power of blogging and there’s a common question I hear all the time – “How on earth am I going to find something to write about on… Read More
2018-06-13 14:00
As more and more small business owners are becoming tech-savvy and using the Internet to increase their sales, online marketing is getting more competitive. Many are putting togeth… Read More
2018-06-06 14:00
I had an interesting call from a potential client (or spy) yesterday. They had prepared a number of questions that we ran through on the spot when they called. While they didn’t want t… Read More
2018-05-30 14:00
One of the most effective ways to increase your traffic and improve your conversion rates is to make your website more attractive. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter. They know i… Read More
2018-05-23 14:00
Analytical Thinking + Artistic Interpretation = True Creativity Good website design is not just about the visual look and feel. It’s about the complete website experience. It invo… Read More
2018-05-16 14:00
As humans, we are attracted to food. It’s how we are designed. We seek out pleasure and survival – food can meet both these needs. Including images of food in your website i… Read More
2018-05-09 14:00
I don’t want to play the semantics game however there are many ways people define public relations or PR. My definition of public relations is a strategic effort to influence public pe… Read More
2018-05-02 14:00
There are many marketing methods available to businesses these days however there is one ingredient that should not be overlooked, the power of a clear marketing message. Sounds simple I kno… Read More
2018-04-25 14:00
A common misconception is: the more options you provide your prospects, the more likely you will make a sale. This thinking comes from the belief that if people are offered choices they are… Read More
2018-04-12 00:00
The Bounce Rate of Your Site When you hear the word ‘website statistics’, you may think of the number of ‘hits’ your website has generated. Also known as page views… Read More
2018-03-22 00:00
Disposing of the bad aspects in your brand is a powerful tool in taking the brand in the direction you want it to go. Before doing that, first identify the aspects that make up your brand. T… Read More
2018-02-22 22:23
Managing and influencing your online reputation can be done through a mixture of public relations and marketing. While the Internet can be a great place where your brand can flourish, it can… Read More
2018-02-15 00:00
Creative outdoor advertising is probably one of the oldest forms of marketing that is still going strong today. It is a strategy often designed to create brand awareness in the minds of the… Read More
2018-02-01 00:00
Writing online content can be quite different to writing for print-based media. People tend to scan through web content quickly, not reading word for word, so headings, sub-headings and bull… Read More
2018-01-25 00:00
The short answer is yes. However, more than ever before your advertising needs to work hard to attract attention. Australians are inundated with an estimated 1,500 commercial advertisements… Read More
2018-01-18 00:00
Avoiding danger is a basic survival behaviour we all share. Danger can quickly engage the brain into action. Sensing danger sounds alarm bells in the brain, which catches our attention and… Read More
2017-12-28 00:00
Getting the search engines to know you exist is one thing however. If you really want to do well, you should add fresh content regularly. Update your website as often as you can using your k… Read More
2017-12-21 04:30
Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to be more successful with their marketing than others? No matter what business you are in, it’s likely there are millions of messages al… Read More
2017-12-14 00:00
Creating your ultimate website strategy is a process that you should go through with care and thoughtful planning. This should involve not only establishing the design for your website but t… Read More
2017-12-07 00:00
A fantastic goal for your website is to communicate with your existing customers, so they start talking about you and increase word-of-mouth. Community-based modules and other interactive fe… Read More
2017-11-30 00:00
Effective marketing design requires more than just technical knowledge and an eye for what is beautiful or attractive. How a design can effectively engage the mind and influence human behavi… Read More
2017-11-23 00:00
‘What’s in it for me?’ is the common response to any marketing material your audience receives. Nothing seems to get a person’s attention more than having them, or so… Read More
2017-11-16 00:00
As a business owner, it is likely that you are going to need the services of a skilled graphic designer at some point, probably more than once. The final results you receive will depend enti… Read More
2017-11-09 00:00
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media can be a confusing topics to address because they mean different things to different people. There are many tips out there to help you get m… Read More
2017-11-02 00:00
Are you looking for a Melbourne design studio to help you with your website? Of course you know that you need a reputable creative graphic design and web design studio with the experience, c… Read More
2017-10-26 00:00
Many entrepreneurs use email marketing techniques that prove to be effective only for a short time, after which the conversion rates slump. This happens in fact with quite a lot of ‘re… Read More
2017-10-19 00:00
Online branding is one of the methods you can capitalise on to differentiate your business from the competitors. A business with a strong brand quickly becomes perceived as a major player in… Read More
2017-10-12 00:00
Writing articles for magazine and newspaper publications can send your brand exposure through the roof. There are many stories of small businesses rapidly growing as a result of one simple a… Read More
2017-09-21 04:01
I love writing for this website however, from time to time I struggle to come up with something that is fresh and exciting for our readers. Sometimes I can sit in front of the computer scree… Read More
2017-09-14 00:00
Is your business bordering of the edge of success or the edge of failure? Don’t throw time and money into your business blindly, expecting things to change. Always test and measure you… Read More
2017-09-07 00:00
By consistently providing valuable information to your prospects you stay at the front of their mind until they are ready to buy your product or service. This is also true for repeat busines… Read More
2017-08-03 02:41
Social media marketing may be the buzz word in online marketing these days. Does this mean email marketing is a thing of the past? Do we need to adapt and re-think the way we use email marke… Read More
2017-07-13 01:30
If you have followed this website for long, you will know we are passionate about marketing. Marketing is important in business to produce sales, yet most people we work with are not too hap… Read More
2017-06-29 00:00
Social media marketing is all about interaction and creating meaningful connections. There are a number of social media tools now on the market which may have there place but lets make one t… Read More
2017-06-15 00:00
We have all sat through a boring Powerpoint presentation at some stage, fighting to hold our eyes open as the presenter reads through the bullet points, slide by slide and occasionally expan… Read More
2017-06-08 00:00
Becoming a life coach is a very rewarding career. Not just because of the healthy income you can achieve, but because you will grow as a person and have a positive influence on others. Be tr… Read More
2017-05-25 00:00
Change is a great attention grabber. The brain is always scanning the environment assessing any change that it perceives. This can be used in design as a means to grab attention. If your tar… Read More
2017-05-18 22:09
Promoting your business these days takes more than the old school, conventional tools of public relations like press releases. You must extend your reach further and use the new breed of soc… Read More
2017-05-11 00:00
When was the last time you tested your online marketing strategies? Do you believe they are performing well for your business? The reality is, most small businesses are just not sure how wel… Read More
2017-05-09 14:00
People can be very impulsive, particularly when shopping. If your customers can achieve immediate gratification they will be more likely to buy now. When designing marketing material, it&rsq&hell…Read More
2017-04-27 01:01
The way to gain strength from information, as with the nutrients from food, is to flex your ideas like they were muscles. Gather those ideas, put them into words, then find some way to test… Read More
2017-04-20 00:56
Once we have some new information on board, how do we break it down and work out if it’s any good or not? How will you know which parts of new information are useful? And how can we tu… Read More
2017-04-13 00:51
In his essay On Education, Michel de Montagne wrote that the brain, like the stomach, is a useless organ if it does not change the material it has been given. He had a particular dislike of… Read More
2017-04-06 00:41
On the topic of questioning business habits, I am reminded of advice from a friend of mine who designs games. Find out what’s fun, and do more of that. That is, what you do in designin… Read More
2017-03-23 00:00
Video marketing is a powerful strategy to promote your website, services or products. It helps build credibility, trust and brand awareness. When internet video marketing is done well, it ha… Read More
2017-03-09 00:00
The bystander effect refers to how people react upon experiencing a sudden event in a social situation. Bystanders seem to largely remain apathetic to someone in dire need of immediate help… Read More
2017-02-23 00:00
Your corporate identity and branding is a visual representation to the world. A tired, unimaginative, dime-a-dozen logo design reflects a tired, unimaginative, dime-a-dozen business. You wan… Read More
2017-02-09 00:00
If you want to build a long lasting, strong and secure life coach business you must build it on a strong foundation. Life coaching as a business won’t run by itself without the help of… Read More
2017-02-02 00:00
Blogging is one of the most powerful tools you can include in your marketing plan. While writing content for your blog may come easy for some, maintaining it while juggling all your other ac… Read More
2017-01-26 00:00
Reciprocity is an intriguing human behaviour that can be used as a means to market your company more effectively. It is a common human trait that works with a person’s sense of obligat… Read More
2017-01-19 00:00
The success of internet video marketing is not determined by the size of your budget. What makes video marketing work are the strategies and processes you should follow to make it happen. Th… Read More
2016-12-15 00:00
Most business owners understand the value of investing in strategic graphic and web design as part of the marketing mix. They understand the benefits of increasing brand awareness to their t… Read More
2016-12-08 00:00
Fix Them And Have A Website You Can Be Proud Of! The internet is constantly evolving. Although the web is a constantly changing and dynamic channel the fundamentals of solid web design remai… Read More
2016-12-01 00:00
I understand as a small business owner getting your new business off the ground can be challenging. You may need to wear a number of hats in the short term while you build a team. You may be… Read More
2016-11-24 00:00
Hiring a professional graphic designer ensures that your business cards will not only appear professional, but also send the right message to your prospects and customers. While this is impo… Read More
2016-11-17 00:00
Search engine rankings are not everything when it comes to online marketing. Getting a high rank in Google will not mean anything to your bottom-line if you cannot convert. In the same way… Read More
2016-10-20 00:00
It is good to have a strong marketing plan that will boost your rankings in search engines as quickly as possible. However, you should avoid underhanded schemes that may get you banned by se… Read More
2016-10-13 00:00
Although change can be daunting, it is essential in business. Even if you are a small business owner, it is vital to keep your business fresh and innovative, especially if you are targeting… Read More
2016-10-06 05:58
The popularity of online video marketing has increased rapidly over the past few years. People have become increasingly visual and are now using the Internet even more than they watch televi… Read More
2016-09-29 00:00
Email marketing is a fantastic way of reaching the masses quickly and cost effectively. The trouble is, response rates have decrease over the years due to the overwhelming number of email ma… Read More
2016-09-22 00:00
Your logo should be a graphic representation of who you are as an organisation. It is an image that should help customers associate certain characteristics, values and attitudes with your bu… Read More
2016-09-08 00:00
Colour has an immense impact on our perceptions in this world. Many things can be perceived as attractive because of their colours or colour combination. Colour harmony plays an extremely pr… Read More

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