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Why Website Design Jobs Will Still thrive

By: Malcom Chakery

Website Design

The way we view content online and interact with is undergoing rapid changes in these last couple of years.Smartphones and mobile devices are revolutionizing the way we reach out to the web and the way it reaches out back to us. It has also had a significant impact on the evolution of websites. So much so that in the last couple of years, several articles and blog posts have been doing the rounds online prophesying the imminent death of websites and web design. If that is true, businesses like our very own website design dallas company would have to shut shop or look for a new line of business! But are things really that bad, or is it just a myopic take on a rapidly evolving landscape? Read on to find out.

The so-called “slayers of website design”

There are 3 main suspects who have been touted by the so-called experts. The purported would-be slayers of an entire industry of talented design professionals, including your very own favorite Web design Dallas firm are:

  • Templates: the rise of WordPress templates and such will gradually eliminate the need for professional web design experts. Why pay for an expert when you can play virtual lego with pre-fabricated templates?
  • Automation: big bad AI developments will handle all aspects of web design and render humans redundant in website design
  • Mobile: why browse web pages when apps and platforms like facebook bring the content to you in other forms?

These are just 3 of the several trends in web tech development that have been touted as the beginning of the end of webpages in general and web design by extension. Now let us look at why the world wide web doesn’t quite work like that.

Web design is evolving too!

For starters, that whole argument about Newer Technologies rendering website design fails to take into account the fact that web design is in itself a fast evolving discipline. Do you really think that web designers 10 years ago were doing what we are doing now? Ever since the earliest days of the internet websites and pages have been the cornerstone of the online web experience. Newer technologies are changing that for sure, but that doesn’t mean that design can be totally excluded from the equation, because:

Trust is heavily predicated on how a website is designed

This is a truism that is borne out by our daily browsing experience. We have all been conditioned by our online experiences to view certain design aspects as the hallmarks of a trustworthy site, while some others as a dead giveaway of shady sites. You know what I am talking about. Indiscriminate use pop-ups, flashy ads, complex and cluttered layout design all add to a perception of mistrust. And mistrust is the last thing any business looking to maintain an online Presence should be looking to cultivate in their potential customers. Our website design Dallas professionals always make it priority to steer clear of design elements that might put off visitors from our client sites and pages. And that brings us to:

Website design and online brand marketing

Businesses need to project a unified and consistent brand presence to gain anything remotely useful out of an online presence. This means that every aspect of its online presence, be it websites, pages, blogs, social media pages, online video streaming, they all have to designed with the long-term goal in mind. And this involves a lot of planning. If you want quality, you are going to need experienced web designers working on your online brand presence. If you just want a token online presence, you can probably do without our web design Dallas professionals. But just don’t expect any miracles from a run-of-the-mill website among a million others in the crowded online marketplace. Which reminds me of another important aspect:

A quality online UX

Compelling content alone will not get you out of the online wilderness and into the limelight. User experience is the buzzword that determines your online visibility. Is your website optimized for multiple devices? Is it easy for visitors to navigate your site and find what they are looking for in a hassle free manner? If you want to acquire higher page rank on Google’s search indexes, you will absolutely have to answer yes to those two questions. And to answer yes to those questions, you need your sites to be designed by, you guessed it right, experienced web design pros.

In Conclusion: “Web design is dead, Long live Web design”

In Medieval Europe, upon the death of a monarch and the beginning of his heir’s rule they used to proclaim: “the king is dead, long live the king”. It signified the unbroken continuity of the royal family. The whole web design debate reminds me of that phrase. Eras come and go, online trends change with the change in seasons, but web design will always remain a thriving field in the thriving online business world. So if you ask me for my take on the issue it is this: “web design is dead, long live web design!”

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Why Website Design Jobs Will Still thrive


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