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Why SEO Matters Even More In 2018

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The purpose of searching hasn’t really changed all that much. People are still conducting searches to solve problems. An SEO company will tell you that what has changed is the typical journey searchers take. For many years, the consumer journey has been placed into a neat little funnel that starts with awareness and continues with wrapping up a purchase. Today, this customer journey is no longer the norm. For this reason, a smart approach to Dallas Seo is needed to keep searchers engaged in 2018. Here’s what you need to know as you make or adjust your Search engine optimization plans in the eyes of Dallas SEO Company.

User Intent Rules

The new customer journey doesn’t really fit into any well-defined pattern. Consumers today tend to jump on board at various points in the funnel. These days, it’s not unusual for the customer to start looking for information on one device or platform and complete a transaction via another channel, device, laptop, or PC later. Because of the new way people search for things, SEO is no longer all about keywords. Google and other leading Search Engines are more concerned about user intent when it comes to ranking. Optimizing for user intent is a process that involves:

• Delivering the right content, at the right time
• Using keywords likely to direct searchers exactly to what they need
• Giving searchers multiple options so they can quickly choose how they want to engage with your brand

Real Marketing for Real People

At one time, An SEO Company revolved around doing whatever was necessary to attract attention from search engines. This resulted in the emergence of some shady tactics and tricks designed to tinker with algorithms. While some unsavory marketers may still use some of these methods, you’re more likely to see results that matter by marketing for real people and not just search engines. Content that’s effective today is primarily based on four main focuses:

1. Data-based results: Effectively tapping into available data to know what type of content to present.

2. Content strategy: Developing an effective content strategy that can evolve over time as the needs and priorities of the intended audience change.

3. Personas: Basing strategies on an understanding of semi-fictional “ideal customer” representations known as buyer personas.

4. Technical problem-solving: Being able to solve very specific problems with useful, relevant advice and guidance.

A Good Product No Longer Sells Itself

It was once common to hear people talking about products that literally sell themselves. The “if you build it, they will come” mentality isn’t so effective anymore. A part of any good SEO strategy today is attracting the right kind of attention. Customers have to be targeted via various channels and content sources like emails, social media platforms, and even text messages on smartphones.

Once you attract attention, you’ll need to keep your intended audience engaged. In order to do this effectively, content has to go beyond being all about selling and include information that’s compelling and useful. An example of this is brands that post how-to videos to show the many different possible uses for their products. FAQ pages can also be useful for customers needing to have some questions answered before they make a purchase.

The last step in the search process is conversion. Every visitor to your site won’t be immediately ready to take action, but some will be. You can appeal to searchers with different purposes in mind with a website content that includes:

• Convenient internal navigation that quickly takes users to the pages they need to see to make a decision or complete a purchase
• Well-optimized landing pages that have specific purposes in mind (e.g., contact forms, product/service pages)
• Easy to find calls-to-action strategically placed throughout content to make it clear what the desired action is when a visitor comes to your website

Turning Words Into Actions

Bill Gates once declared that the future of search is verbs. And he’s actually right. In 2018, people who perform a search for something on their smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop, or PC expect their words to turn into actions. Need some proof? Consider the rise of voice search, referring to the use of digital personal assistants like Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa to retrieve information quickly.

Search engines like Google have all made attempts to shift the focus from words to actions with their algorithms. Google, specifically, has said on numerous occasions that their purpose is to understand the intent of users, not just their specific words. An example of this is using a user’s detected location to return results likely to be helpful when searches involve business information.

Addressing the Web Design-SEO Disconnect

Websites have also evolved. Today, a typical site is more like an application when it comes to the nuts and bolts behind it or the way users are able to interact on it with development technologies like Angular and React that are used to create amazing interfaces. Unfortunately, some of these attention-getting features don’t work so well with search engines. This doesn’t mean a smart  SEO company can’t resolve issues like this, but it’s just something to be aware of when planning updates to your website.

So, What’s Good SEO In 2018?

Sure, content is a big part of SEO in 2018. But smart Dallas SEO strategy today also involves a solid understanding of both the searcher and the competitive landscape. This means having constant knowledge of what other choices searchers have so that efforts can be made to show searchers why your product, service, or solution is the better choice. In order to be effective, SEO must continue to evolve as user needs change. There are many important functions of an SEO Company, which means that a good Dallas SEO professional should be able to extend their focus beyond content to include:

• Social media engagement
• Technical support to resolve issues that can make certain content invisible to search engines
• Server settings and capabilities
• Organic and paid search efforts
• Effective use of available analytics/data
• Site speed and page load times

As for why SEO continues to matter in 2018, it’s because the needs of users still matter. Dallas SEO that’s good for your ROI and brand image also includes fresh, relevant content and effective promotion of that content. Appealing to mobile searchers will continue to be important, as will finding the right mix of content platforms. This being said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. But what you can do is seek the right insights and level of assistance to attract the right kind of attention for your brand with a well-developed SEO strategy.

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Why SEO Matters Even More In 2018


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