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10 Business Tips We Can Learn From the Animal Kingdom

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A guide to new Business start-ups

We have all heard the expression that in business “it’s a jungle out there!”.

Here are 10 pieces of advice that can be learned from our animal ancestors and can help a new business to survive those early years in the commercial wilderness

Keep One Eye On Your Competitors and Keep An Ear To The Ground

Sound like the trickiest yoga position ever! It’s only common sense, when you are growing your business, make sure you know what the other guys in the jungle are up to. They may have found a better way to bring home the bacon than you have.

Trust Your Sense of Smell

If something smells bad it’s time to walk away from it. In business there will always be the vultures tearing at the rotting flesh of some failed venture. Like our birdie friends, these vultures spend their lives picking up the crap that no-one else can stomach, and are admired by no-one

Never Wait Until You Are Hungry Before You Eat

Never put off to tomorrow what can be achieved today. It’s better to keep achieving your goals while the conditions are right. If a cheetah is weak with hunger, he won’t be able to go that extra mile to bring down his next meal.

Always Seek Out New Feeding Grounds

Companies should always look for new opportunities outside of their territory. If you build a business depending on a single product or a single group of customers, then these will disappear in time or some other more aggressive predator will steal the food from under your nose.

Don’t Waste Energy on Pointless Targets

An ant will never try to bring down an elephant, so don’t waste time and energy trying to achieve the unachievable. Choose your business and sales targets sensibly, and qualify your sales prospects before engaging.

Adapt to Survive

Whether it be the climate in the wild or the economic climate in business we have to learn to adapt to survive or we will end up being the last one, on our knees, at the dried up financial watering hole. Keep an eye on your reserves.

New Day – New Prey

So you had a bad day yesterday – just get on with it. Do you think Mr Lion gets all depressed because he was outsmarted by the zebra yesterday?  Never- he woke up hungrier and more determined to get a mouthful of that tasty wildebeest.

Be Brave

In the wild, as in business we have to take chances to survive. We sometimes have to come out of our comfort zone, but this is easier if we have faith in our abilities, our strategies and ultimately, our escape plans.

Moving In For the Kill

If you think you can close that new deal, then do it quickly and cleanly. You may not get another chance and some hungrier animal will be lurking in the bushes waiting for you to falter.

Learning from Others

In the natural world, the young learn to hunt from their parents. It takes time to learn the skills, and only when they are confident do they venture out and leave the pack. A young business should be treated the same. An experienced mentor is worth their weight in gold, and can help by pointing you in the right direction and achieving your goals sooner and with less risk.


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In his spare time he is also a freelance IT consultant, husband, father and guitarist.

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10 Business Tips We Can Learn From the Animal Kingdom


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