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AMP is must for WordPress websites or optional

AMP is must for WordPress websites or optional
Our web Development company is aware of the wide usage of WordPress in websites which is one of the leading web languages. Almost, after every 6 months, the questions are raised on the credibility of the language but the fact remains a set is that from last 10 years it is ruling the web.

In 2017, a new trend is to implement AMP along with the web programming languages. Let’s learn what it is and how should we implement this.?

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are normally designed using HTML to speed up your web pages and provide a faster experience for users by loading content within fraction of second. AMP initiates an open source approach which embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere. The main objective is to have your mobile content load, instantly, everywhere.

AMP consists of three basic parts. These include AMP HTML, AMP JS (JavaScript), and AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network). Basically, all three parts are stripped of anything extra and are self-sufficient.

We can think AMP as a big cache or massive storage container which prerenders content for the mobile application. AMP makes the pages run very fast.

What does that look like in real life!?

If the website isn’t integrated with AMP, the whole page will trouble you while loading, because the image loading time is always different with text loading. If, however, the website you’re loading is integrated with AMP, each website component will load separately. This means that even if one image is taking a hundred years to load the rest of the website will still load in a timely manner.

How is AMP important for me?

Normally a web developer never likes anyone to interfere in his work. This means integrating your WordPress website with AMP will not be an easy task.

Later this year, all types of sites that create AMP pages will have expanded exposure across the entire Google Mobile Search results page, like e-commerce, entertainment, travel, recipe sites. Google has recently advised web developers to integrate their new websites with AMP unless your website uses a lot of interactive JavaScript or has a ton of animation.

Why is AMP not a good idea if my website uses lots of interactive JavaScript or animation?

AMP’s main purpose is to get the most important content in front of the user as quickly as possible. As a result, AMP strips away any of the extras, the interactive elements that use JavaScript. Thus, if you have a fully animated site, where graphics are moving all over the screen, etc., you probably don’t want to go with AMP.

Integrating with AMP positively affects SEO

AMP doesn’t directly affect Organic Search results. AMP does affect clicks, impressions, and user experience, which in turn affects SEO. Then there’s that whole thing about mobile friendly sites ranking higher organic search results. Now, mobile sites will rank higher in organic search results, regardless of whether or not the individual is searching on a mobile or desktop device.

This means that if your website doesn’t work well on mobile, you’re not just irritating your users, you’re angering Google. Since AMP is the most efficient, effective, and beautiful way of presenting your nonprofit website to your users, integrating with AMP is going to do a lot for the mobile-friend-li-ness of your website by increasing user experience. The common user likes to see the website within 2-3 seconds, if it doesn’t appear, users tend to abandon and move to another similar website. A study depicts that more than 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. Also found that the “average load time for mobile sites is 19 seconds over 3G connections. Also, the problem of losing traffic from your target audience has become a big issue. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load on mobile, you’re risking the chance of losing more than 50% of your potential traffic.

Integrating with AMP works

After the discussion, we can say that the main reason for using AMP on your WordPress website is because it just works as per the rules of the Search Engines. It is monitored that the page’s load 4X faster with AMP. With the use of AMP, a 23% increase in mobile search users who return within 7 days, is noticed. Another website monitored a hike of 44% monthly in traffic after the implementation of AMP. Another fact was revealed that the mobile users who start with an AMP website spend 10% more time than those who land on regular mobile pages.


The PHP developers are really confused that using AMP with the WordPress is necessary for gaining high speed or it’s just a myth. Well, after reading this post, it is crystal clear that the websites having extensive use of JavaScript or animation should not implement AMP rest of the websites can use it for the better performance of the website not only in terms of page loading but the other parameters like SEO, overall site performance, etc. are improved. Your nonprofit website will get more exposure in Google’s organic search results. The use of AMP in website will show better performance of SEO.

In a nutshell, your website will load faster on mobile devices and provide a better user experience for your mobile users. Your ability to receive revenue via your website could double. For the AMP incorporated websites , contact us!

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AMP is must for WordPress websites or optional


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