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Fidelity Shrine

Fidelity shrine

The historical facts underscore the precious story
The bitter story of enlightening moments that filled aurazyt gzrkrmslmanan Handan has decided to establish a separate homeland

Now they are being engaged in idolatry and self-satisfied that he had nearly cost capital, each group jhla.

 My grandson was worthy even surprised us all by surprise startling question that was with me. We all say the boy’s future. When we approached the grave looked at the empty mud hut which was where I teach. Grave condition had deteriorated so busy cleaning out his cleaning. After the cleaning is finished cleaning I had written only two words on the gravestone was made head of the buried soil, mzarufa. Later I lit a candle and he put on the amulet off the soil. Lamp will do my grandson asked, dadaabu! The lamp light can not go inside the tomb, then why are you burning?


”Paternal Grandfather! Who is buried in the grave? ” Meet the next question.

”Son! It was my guru. The teacher who gives instruction to his disciples. Teachers have words fall with education, says the mental skills of their students. The group is higher than the local teacher.

An empty bed was strewn preserved inside the hut. Click to name this person was buried in the soil of other people like me, but I had told her sister Annie. The hut, which is called the pearl of information. This period would see this pearl respect for unaccountable lust was not so wanton. I had to go out of Pakistan for their work relief after a long absence, was there. Sitting on the bed after finishing the grandson of the questions was turning the pages of the past. The first Meeting of the movie running in front of me.
When it’s winter in 1956 was the collapse of the society free from corruption. I think that it is the duty of every person in attendance shrkmusan opportunity will come. It is the mental compass in the right way and avoid even the slightest understanding of the human rights of others. Demand more from your right is the root of all evil. The fact is, everything else falls into the category of the case narrative.
In the winter of 1959, my house was in Lahore paper money. Uniform One day I was going to fulfill his passion shrkmusan. My uniform was a coincidence. Usually people are not unnecessarily uniform cemeteries. If any man be in uniform if they wanted to be buried. I love the old graves at Al-Fatihah recitation was then that I saw a hut which was a middle-aged woman standing in front of. He also began to express surprise to see a uniform. But he called me and called the kha”brkurdar! Where clothes are then saunter?
”why! What’s wrong with my clothes? ‘I answered him with a smile. ‘This is my shroud’s clothing. If the fault fool me with that on the shroud come here. ‘
Myrajuab was certainly unexpected for a woman. ” So you have chosen your uniform shroud ‘he said seriously.
”Yes! I think that’s it. It is one of the uniform rules. The introduction of the series went on, I heard that she was first introduced himself lucky. The track then if you are the protector of the country transcending space? Brilliant. I lived there for a long time. This is just another case of hypocrisy and scams. ‘
It was our first meeting and we both had liked each other sincerely. I felt good and I like talking to my andazbudubas. The meetings came on stream. My presence at the two men and went to kyrkbr. Each incoming andazahtram it was visible to the eye vegetables as saying.
One day his sister questioned witnesses about the amazing life he told me a lot of open heart ‘brkurdar! You’ll feel good. So I will definitely snayun long story. ” He then launched his sister Annie story in narrative style, but I was fascinated by bus. Pakistan eye sore but not musical narrative. The main thing is that the musical approach was exactly in accordance with my thinking.
I was born in a wealthy family in Kanpur. Sparked our broad and was near the mosque wide mansion ear full of testimony burning riots flame across the continent. ” Before my question instrument said, explaining that statement. Kanpur Airport, bmbruny ‘largest airport in Asia before war was declared. The construction was made off my father. Yes! The airport was my father built. The government needs the right road to reach the airport but had mosque in a way. The local mosque committee decided to deviate from the road. The decision was taken at the fire angry Indian Muslims they put fry with bullets and rulers rallied the crowd began to cast .This confusion gripped the entire country. It was written in the history of horrific violence Kanpur.
Our family wealth and the wealth of sympathy, loyalty and non-Muslims to Islam was known in the city. That looked to strangers appreciate our family. I can say that my training was based on political reality. When I opened the eye of consciousness pyrpur report was discussed. Read the report Azam said that the challenge was now or never (Now or Never).
In 1934 Muslims were living in London. He was self-exile apnarkhy but efforts Liaquat Ali Khan to bring color and he convinced the leader to lead the Muslims in India. I think the day when Pakistan came into existence in the Quaid stepped on Indian soil. Unfavorable conditions become unfavorable conditions had forced krdya.aksr times guarantee success to unite the Muslims?

According to the Indian Act, 1935 declared the 1935 municipal elections in India. Time witness that Ali was the greatest advocate of Hindu-Muslim unity. Congress leaders lived and glorified sfyramn and many other titles. was:
‘Won only 102 of the 482 Muslim seats in the elections while Congress took 702 seats in 1771. Fazal Hussain in Punjab Unionist Party also won enough seats. Limit the Congress had won 26 seats in the 58-digit Muslim. The Congress announced nytayun represent Muslims. This situation was very serious situation.
The number of Muslims was about 8 million, but they were divided into groups. The Congress was to create a nation groups. It is now apparent that the crowd was not difficult was the need to bring only one direction. But practically it was not less than numbing. The fact that the land was moved Deobandi religious scholars say a young person srphra Quaid strange rash and religion. However, as a result of this victory, Congress has established his government in 8 of the eleven provinces.
Hindus were long oppressed them. But they were still subject to change their rulers. The Muslims ruled India and British had a long period karubarhkumt steal from them. The logical conclusion was that the British government was afraid to hurt the Muslims and providing services to non unjustified. The elders say that until the wood with an iron ax, the ax can not cut wood faster. He introduced a new instance of a prominent Muslim leader Maulana Abdul Kalam, Congress called Wardha scheme of education. Its sole purpose was to develop an integrated hnduthzyb a nation of Muslims in India. The Hindus began to Ram Raj in 9 provinces.
Degradation time was the anthem Mataram mandatory in educational institutions. It began to insult Muslims. Hindi was declared source of education. That the ban on non-Muslims to prayer in mosques hearing was sore. So that the approach to the Muslim, Hindu, to sbd purity of their words, and one of them may have paid with their tongues.
There was a strict ban on cow slaughter. Against the violators would be punished. Painful, too many things. Muzzle of pork, such as in times of prayer in the mosques began to throw worshipers. It is cast in thuthnyan people. Another tactic of provocation was handed Hindus. Bearded Muslim on a chair placed on a chair decorated cart pulled etc. procession. They were beaten by the stick on the beard of a priest image ‘Oe indicator asks Pakistan.’ ‘It was a provocative act, but there are going through the motions themselves as protectors of the law. If crude moves echo reached Raja Mehdi Ali Khan of pyrpur he ordered the incident investigated. The report says the Sire pyrpur report it presented. The study proved that all complaints are based on fact. Muslims say they were paid in historic terms.

Emma was repeated on the pages of eye and was becoming strong in my mind the two-nation theory. Muslims and Hindus apart under these conditions was no solution to the problems. The Congress nytayun offered such arguments in favor of the right to such measures, but has a string of tauylun interpretations, arguments can not bring srmu in truth.
‘And what happened then British Prime Minister Chamberlain declared war on Germany. India was to Britain or fuel the war itself was on the small island country. The battle was not against the German people to their bus. Mahatma Gandhi once told the British to leave India while benefiting from the opportunity which he did not drkuraatna. The government and the Kurdish leaders were threatening to end his ministers who resigned from provincial ministries. The Congress was developing durastbdad end of 28 months, Congress has directed Muslims to celebrate the Day of Deliverance. ‘
So Emma was silent again. I knew that she was overwhelmed by a mental exercise. Old things out of mind and with sunayani and dates, were not uncommon. I like when you were kha”agr allow for a cheaper and give you arrange your tea?
” There is no need, Just drink a glass of water. ” Emma said. I had brought a bottle of water on the glass outside. The vegetables were fresh water, they would tell phrdastan:
The aim of Wardha scheme was put in a special template for Muslim minds of children. But to dndut seminaries in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s image was fascinating and hostile behavior. Sanatan Dharma was a tenth grader in high school. Our headmaster Mahesh Das Ji believed that board position will bring the school’s name was Shin. So he had a soft spot for me. The day photo Mahatmaji arranged on a platform of bringing that day we were all too bhasn that Gandhiji Bapu India. It is the duty of the students to respect their image students. The mood was anti idol since childhood. How could I forget dndut a photo?

Uqaralzman my party and we thought we had. Both refused to participate in this absurd ritual. Which was the beginning of the ceremony was absent from school. Examination of the head. So I asked the headmaster’s absence. I told her that I would not bow to an idol or image. Headmaster was upset to hear that. I had confidence in his family. My father can not force it. I made a plan together to honor those who had not constitute improper retaliation.
After the holiday we both secretly returned to school and they defaced the image. We pour on the face of duatyn Gandhi. Was caused uproar in the school. Our operation was uncovered after minor inquiries and school administration heard we both decided to leave school. But headmaster had opposed the decision. I would take several days. I finally won headmaster. Thus we have passed the matriculation examination in pedagogy. The district myndusry position. Mahesh I was happy.
Mine was so full of salt and pepper newspapers published the story and reputation were known in the district. The PML leaders that gave us as role models. But the result was that it was non-public enemy of our soul. The threat was decided, after my father that I should get admission in Government College Lahore. My fame and reputation had already reached Lahore. Dignity numbers were very good. So we moved to Lahore. One reason for this visit was that it was related to my paternal Lahore and was satisfied and secure in every way. The reputation he was very close to me and the truth is that this was my best safety in the mining district. Two four-time rivals teeth were set on edge.
So if you want my proximity I love to love the item. If proved true, would feel proud to embrace you. Thank God a million times, it was the dedication of understanding and even the bed made a coat for Pakistan. Thus, our destination was one.

Congress in 1934 when he took the reins in his hands the Muslims returned to India, we had become lovers. Meanwhile, an unaware humble attempt to attack them but God had something else. After the attack, was losing prestige and so many hands. Repeatedly, he decided to meet the lowly, but I kept it in control when he was not in conflict with each other when they unite.

3 days before the historic meeting was the Lahore undergo rigorous testing. March 19, 1940 was the day humbled in confrontation between a European police and Jaish-e-motion. Police Command were Lahore SSP daughter (BETI). Police ordinary soldier during this period was a symbol of terror. The commander of the SSP, on the chain failed. ‘Collision reason was obvious, no need to explain ibid. was ordered to get out of the way, but Jem gave it back up the (Left, Right) unwanted resonance.

Nawab Shah Nawaz Khan, Punjab Mamdot at that time was president of the League. Punjab Congress and the people that were already known to play a decisive role in the Pakistan movement. The fact that Muslims are Muslims then reconstituted in a short period of only 2 years old and was adapted into a powerful nation. Election in 1938, he had learned a lot and managed to conditions in their own right. After the sun rose in 1940, began to hold consultations for the 27th session of the Muslim League. Mamdot Azam Khan had agreed to hold the meeting in Lahore. At this historic meeting to decide the details. Our enthusiasm was visible enthusiasm.

‘Sister tell you one thing, what you saw in the Congress’ first question and I could see his face carefully.

‘Sweetheart. What about? How can I forget the moments when he was given compassionate leave to put on my head urged me to persevere. He was truly a historic figure. Not possible to create the second, but to imitate them would be released. But it will all jokers. Muslims who possess the courage, perseverance and dedication on edge. Darling Mohammad Ali Jinnah favor of Allah upon the Muslims were alkas hospitality and special gifts. God will raise their grades. He was weak and poor nation with a powerful raw materials developed by surprise urth the nations. But that was then far beyond sitting on his chair. God is not in all the guide or direct their fate, they will arrange sustainable.
Emma was silent then spontaneously came out of my mouth, “Amen.” What kha”phr order to continue ‘reason.’

This is the harsh reality that Chief Minister Punjab has srskndrhyat trying to plot the meeting was delayed because of the Unionist Party partition.

La Villa qua environment. ” I was powerless and my mouth was smiling vegetable.

‘Srskndrhyat first step that has imposed Section 144 in Lahore but unaccountable to the storm can be prevented from sand wall.

‘This move will also cause are you?’ I asked.

‘That’s the wonderful thing He found reason to.’ ‘Sister answered smile.’ Lowly happened that day, March 19, 1940, and was a conflict of officials of the Punjab police. SSP Mr daughter of the Lahore police was a direct lift up the lowly e Wright and his soldiers appeared directly in front of the chip directly. We consider daughter was ordered to remove the e-way up the shovel, it will be carried out by the police.

  But the meek indicated that the police officers refused to obey orders but out of the way. Is it possible? This way both the channel. Betty was a horse. They intend to establish fear down the horse. The Jaish chief was kind of unaccountable. This Jintao showered ayu not seen twisting shovel and hit with full force. Srprgrur cut police commander coming on the ground. The soldiers were immediately automatically be watching them. Deputy commander gave the order to shoot the screaming. Shovels million firearms were useful but not less. The poor have fallen by eating pills breasts. No one will suffer on the ground floor of the 50 soldiers. Many people who were injured were taken to Mayo Hospital.

The whole atmosphere was tense Lahore. It’s something the cat brought flee sneezed break and CM 144 II visited the tahkm implemented by 21 March 1940, the day the Presbyterian Azam Lahore railway station so seated in the historic meeting. Welcome to the dignity and the by clicking. My heart was beating so loudly as if impatient to come out of the chest. I saw a glimpse of the bright side of Congress. He was right with the Lord of the harvest. But then he was away in the sun’s radiation nzargy.

  Quaid’s face was hidden for a moment. It was crazy and was among the students. Just remember what happened then was pushed forcefully is so much that the students face, and he fell on other platforms. May Allah forgive my sin. Read me smile

Now I wanted to speak to them, but they were not getting proper words. Then my eyes were wet and his face was a blur Quaid. This was not acceptable to me. I told her that I was right eyes and choking voice has been clear. I said, ‘Johnny Quaid father, Waqar said later. Because I do not even know why I said his father. ‘

‘Wow Papa Johnny?’ ‘I could not do without azharhyrt.

‘Johnny Yes Papa, papa of this Congress if we were. Then I got the call. Quaid kept moving compassionate hand on my srnatuan and said: ‘My dear, brave, give away the others.’ ‘Saying sister came to my front, I clearly saw that the target of their eyes the item was missing was a view of the distant past.

“What good is that when Jinnah was prdst love your head does shake any of their hands? ” I asked on Kato.

” I think that was definitely a slight shake hands. But it’s not possible that he was a man of strong spirit. Anhynapny had complete control over them. ” Emma said witnesses.

‘No musical Annie! Not less intensified effort. The fact is that this time he had accepted you as his daughter. You do not know whether he went alone to his only daughter’s room. Once the servant had seen tears in their eyes, but they did not fall to the ground. He argues tolerance of Muslims. Tears would not return to the bus slave. ‘

“On the night of March 21 in preparation for the historic meeting.” “Emma said connecting the talking. ”12 March day Quaid had the possibility of tensions in the Muslim League foolhardy to offer proof of his statesman krdya.ayk humble and poor organization, however. PML enthusiasts were able to forget the attack, but Congress has made clear the fog of war fears one of his statesmanship. He went straight to the lowly several myuhsptal railway station had to injury.

 It also won the heart of surprise visits to all the so-called intellectuals and the lowly. He left the srskndrhyat see. At first I did not like the step-Azam. But when he realized that this time he was considered the most appropriate step. PML were sincere and humble people of both parties.
The first meeting at the residence of Nawab Mamdot night of 12 March, which developed the draft resolution. The text was in English. The day before the meeting, the two personalities of Lahore were included in the main body of Dr. Mohammad Alam and Mian fyruzaldyn. At this meeting the draft resolution in consultation with major intellectuals. They make money on professional knowledge. Their names are:

(1) Malik Barkat Ali, (2) srskndrhyat Khan, (3) Liaquat Ali Khan, (4) Khaliq-uz-Zaman Chaudhry, (5) Maulana Zafar Ali Khan. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan cast in this draft language. After the sun rose 22 March. On that day, we were offered the morning prayer reached Minto Park Royal Mosque in Lahore. Gradually fill the venue. They were boiled to affluent streets. According to a conservative estimate, at least one million people participated in the 27th session of the Muslim League. Surprisingly, the number of participants did not know the English language. Everyone knew that Ali used his speech in English, but they were astounded to hear that the day Thursday 22 March 1940. He was chair sdrt parathas million Muslims visit their spokesman Mohammad Ali Jinnah. ‘

” But they clock in the afternoon session began two and a half hours in the morning, why are you there? ‘

‘Oh pgly who was going to get laid in bed at home Tickets for the worst films and see if our luck here. But sooner or later dard meaning even a few hours. “” I love Emma explained.

Funny thing was that we had wet eyes. The concept of human events make love again, will the fate of his jealous man. But the mere people sit, it’s not about just the lust. Mian Mohammad Baksh said Masnawi Travel alasq that alasq’s neck procedures except Allah. Yes! He is the fire of love that burns except Allah and that can be a cause of love. Must succeed if we are to achieve any goal that spirit. Emma continued to expand the narrative:

I was sitting near the stage and dignity. Our guide was in front of us. So could we see the full. ‘

Friday began the process of gathering the 23 half-hour recitation from the Holy Quran. The venue was filled place to start, but the text was not covered by silence. I could hear the sound of your breath. The text has a barab personality Mike and I read the famous poem rhythm of Bashir:

It is the nation’s pasban Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

 If my hair stood up, took my hand and shake the credibility of his arms had been embedded in me. I did it by tapping on his arm over so I was ready to shout slogans. That was the time when I was like respect. When the floor was a passenger how we could live alien. Waqar has whispered to me: ‘It’s anurqrysy.’ ‘It was a glorious day on Friday.

 ‘I am on Friday 23 March half day. I complained a word to be repeated so the musical impression on my mind. Then I asked, ‘Who’s who was sitting on the stage?’ ‘Emma said.’ ‘Right hand was too close syrbngal Maulana Azam Chief Minister of the province of Bengal AK Fazlul Haq who were seated. He said Pakistan supported qrardadlahur or she was sent. ‘

“I did not even among those who support them? ” I asked.

The ‘syrbngal Khaliq-uz-Zaman Chaudhry has endorsed, they were UP. What these two gentlemen followed mulanazfraly Khan. He thought his house servant, but do not behave like this. I would say that the English Mohammad Ali Jauhar fresh. After their leader Aurangzeb Khan, Haji Abdullah Haroon, a judge sent him to enthusiastically support qrardadlahur. I was well aware of all these targets. After being supported by other meetings. Dr. Mohammad Asim (mahrtalym and training) and Nawab Ismail Khan were also present on the support. The audience saw a strange scene. A veiled woman came up to express their views. ‘

‘Veiled’ I said to Emma azharhyrt smile.

”Yes! Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar being veiled wife. I talked to him after the meeting baalmsafh. So I can confirm exactly. Even if today you look at the picture they give you. After a vigorous juanmrd man had followed Ms. frmayy.yh Edhi Welfare Trust, which has been the model of male honor. There were a total of 400 words qrardadlahur and four passages. English gentlemen’s hard to not know Zafar Ali made easy. He said that just so beautiful translation of the resolution was fun. Listen to a summary of the resolution. ” Emma said.

” This meeting of the unanimous opinion that the Indian Muslim principles of social, cultural and other terms which assists a separate nation. No future constitution would be acceptable to Indian Muslims who have been preparing without consulting the Muslims. The hero of Muslims and Hindus are separate and distinct historical karhayy separate. This rcaty marriages between two people and their rituals are identical. I do not even khanapyna together. In such a situation how can these two nations shoe in a casino? Muslims were the actual words “You can not yoke them together”.
Congress called for Muslims in the region bluntly where Muslims could spend life according to Islamic teachings and it’s a dream that can not be said hndumslm alliance sees. After the meeting he said his personal assistant, today Iqbal were alive, he was approved as the exact resolution of their desire are so happy to see that. ” So peace, my sister I think something should be finished also felt that things were currently so much action.

I said ‘clock now allow you, in sha Allah will ll then other things will be again. The idea is that there will be a meeting after it was willed destiny and in a month he could not find them. It zkrkyr 1959.

 It happened that I was nominated by the PAF to go to America so I can finish my professional skills. Blocks (mole drink at a military school in the state) was my goal and I wanted to get high ranking education in electronic why I was engaged in its preparation. My professional engagement period, but did not say why the azharmsrt the musical abominations. However, in the last days of December 1959 once again our long meeting. When I came to school on their unique musical Annie woke up to see me when I told them I was going to America to study maintain their awesomeness.

 ‘Good that you came today. We will fulfill the narrative. Before leaving dyargyr It is very important and I hope that you will be impressed by the artificial glow of the United States. ” There is a number of sophisticated chair in the hut. Emma said, pointing to the chair, it is arranged with respect to your uniform. If you relax, you can sit on it. ” I said, he followed his heart and said connecting thread of the narrative pro:

“A few dates in March 1940 should remind everyone:

(1) 19 … when the European conflict of the police and the lowly.

(2) Read the March 21 … when he came to Lahore railway station with my dear papajany syrbngal.

(3) March 22, 1940 … When the qrardadlahur.

(4) March 23, 1940 … when the resolution was passed unanimously. I hope that the number of incidents related to these dates will be stored in your mind. ‘

‘Yes, sister! The events have been imprinted on my mind. ” I said to the literature.

“Then we bring the discussion of the March 24, 1940. Baji approved the ‘adaptive resolution Iqbal said Pakistan could not get any power from the Muslims of the Indian Muslims. The determination of a true statesman and leader. Well, the sun rose to 24 March 1940, the Congress pro-Hindu newspapers picked up on the noise caused by the head. The uyrbhart, matching top and honor .But newspaper Tribune (Tribune) has the right to the company from which it is also proved that the British were divided Congress and a white hand. I was not any less Muslim. Punjab unionists said the resolution vague (Obscrued Resolution).

Muslim leaders of Congress sing hrzh honor of their container. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and he called the theory of srasrklaf. His actual words were ” Against the Islamic Idealogy ” I was talking about earlier that Islam Maulana Allah knows best. It was as if the hands were losing credibility by saying ‘eye to see deer, I will be the absolute ripped it away.’

‘If you will not do anything stupid like that. “” I first told him he was rewarded with the love-filled eyes filled with madness. Mahatma Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi said: ‘My Atma is about opposing the two-nation theory. Muslim or Hindu, are a creation of God, then the national mean. ‘Sikh leader Master Tara Singh, the critics were crossed all the boundaries and limits. He said: ‘If Muslims bent on making sure Pakistan will have to cross the ocean of bloody Sikhs.

Here I could not help but speak the opener, sister Tara Singh Sikh really silent, his people inflicted more damage than others, also highlight the province’s distribution chura.ab Tara Singh Sikh nation is repenting today although the Congress has promised to provide facilities but that he sought to see the clock with a blank expression I could not be understood. ” say it.

Yes yes Hindu newspaper said, shaking him qrardad Pakistan newspapers, and also it increases the resolution could not be implemented. The amazing thing is that sdrkangrys Rajagopalachari did not support the resolution of a law against it. However, there was give and take. Everyone should be allowed to blow on the freedom of expression, but no…..

to b continue..

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