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By Samuel John Klein of Portland, Oregon - An Independent Graphic Designer living in a city that was built upon an ancient Unicorn burial ground.
NE Broadway Near The Rose Quarter, Nov 2017
2022-09-18 06:35
4067I'm not quite sure why we were traveling west on NE Broadway on a November day in 2017, but we were, and the composition spoke to me (as long shots down streets tend to do).The red light… Read More
Yoshida's Haven At The Other End Of Stark
2022-09-14 04:18
4065Oblique Coffee is at the 'lower' end of Stark Street. This is at the bitter end of the road.From the river in the middle of Portland to the end that crosses Sandy in nearly sixteen miles… Read More
More Oblique Art On Stark
2022-09-13 04:29
4064The A-Frame sign in front of Oblique Coffee is delightful enough it deserves its own entry. It totally echoes the decor ethic of the shop.Constructed of doors and paint and creativity an… Read More
Oblique Art On Stark
2022-09-13 04:23
4063I do not know if anyone at Oblique Coffee was responsible for nailing this to the 'phone pole outside their shop, but it is an apt depiction of what some days feel like without the… Read More
Just A Bit Of SE Stark Near 30th
2022-09-12 04:08
4062No agenda here, no message, no intended subtext.Just an angle on SE Stark St from just east of SE 30th Avenue up to about 28th (that's where that little crest is). It's a particularly co… Read More
Oblique Coffee Co.
2022-09-12 03:08
4061There's a lovely small-batch coffee roaster at SE 30th Place and Stark Street, across the street from Laurelhurst Village care center, a place that, at one time, had been known as Mount… Read More
Mulugeta Seraw
2022-09-12 02:31
4060In 1988, an Ethiopian immigrant was murdered in inner southeast Portland. But I get ahead of myself.On a number of street blades on corners near SE 28th and Stark, and a little nort… Read More
An Old Motorcoach Decays In SE Portland
2022-09-09 04:04
4059Saw this old workhorse parked - more or less permanently it looks - on SE 78th Avenue near Taylor Street.The plates were Florida. Just another Florida Man seeking shelter in the Pac… Read More
Old Restroom/Shelter, Mount Tabor Park
2022-09-09 04:02
4058Mount Tabor is a magical place. An extinct volcano of the Boring Volcanic Field*, it tops out at scarcely 650 in elevation and only 400 feet of prominence, but it's just so gorgeous and… Read More
The Reason I Like This Hawthorne Address
2022-09-08 04:32
4057This is charming, no? It's the transom of The Meadow, a shop next to Powell's and The Fresh Pot that sells chocolate, gourmet salts, bitters, and other trendy comestible impedimenta, and… Read More
The Eternal Bagdad Theater
2022-09-08 04:25
4056First run, second run, brewpub, back to first run ... it doesn't matter.The Bagdad will always, always, be the Bagdad: Dated Orientalist decor and all.I remember, a looong time ago, when… Read More
Hawthorne Blvd, Sept 2022
2022-09-07 03:47
4055There's been so much change (and so much money rushing in) but somehow it still looks and feels the same.Mostly, anyway.  Read More
A Slice Of SE Portland Gingerbread
2022-09-07 02:56
4054While we were near the Hawthorne Powell's Books on Labor Day, we saw this little confection:The architectural style, says my wife, is 'gingerbread'. It's painted up like a delightful bit… Read More
Wy'east From Tabor, In September Mode
2022-09-06 06:08
4053Happy Labor Day 2022 from the north east slope of Mount Tabor, where the visage presented by Wy'east looked thusly:The peak is sans snowcover, which reminds us of last year in August whe… Read More
Some Flowers From A PBN
2022-09-05 08:56
4052A flower break, as we take an existential breath from what we've just been through and in anticipation of what may or may not come Read More
Dramatic Clouds, October Morning
2022-09-04 08:05
4051Another one from the files: One October morning six years ago there were low clouds partially obscuring Wy'east from view and the sun was illuminating it dramatically Read More
A Mushroom In Midland
2022-09-01 02:59
4050Exploring the small and mundane but somehow still wondrous, earlier this year, when it was cooler and moister (do you remember, nah, neither do we) there were several of these mycologica… Read More
The View From Twelve Mile Hill
2022-08-31 04:36
4049One of the changes I've hinted at is a change that came out of nowhere: the job I'd held for thirty years dissolved out from under me.At least I didn't get fired, hey? And I wasn't kicke… Read More
The Progress On Summertime Farm
2021-12-27 11:46
4047The current PBN project, Summertime Farm, heads toward completion. I am, evidently, going to fill in the barn last of all.The barn is full of detailed little spaces that will require muc… Read More
A History-laden Bookmark
2021-12-27 11:43
4046This is a Christmas gift given me my the Brown Eyed Girl that will have meaning for a great long while.Anyone who knows me knows my deep affection for Oregon, the place I was born in. Yo… Read More
Unboxing The Bob Ross Master Paint Set
2021-12-26 09:19
4045ART SUPPLY DEALER (slapping the side of the box): "You know, you can fit a lot of art and happy accidents in this bad boy!"This is a Christmas gift whose impression will endure for me. T… Read More
A VanGogh Watercolor Pocket Box
2021-11-25 07:15
4043Whether or not I actually get round to using them, I'm a sucker for pocket watercolor paint boxes. VanGogh, a brand of Royal Talens has a selection of good ones. They've curated a f… Read More
The Persistence Of Vision, The Home Game
2021-11-25 06:54
4042Who said Dali was just imagining it?This was on one of the shelves at I've Been Framed-Art Supply Center, and it didn't have a price tag on it, but I imagine it was for sale. We just don… Read More
Bike City Art Store
2021-11-25 06:49
4041I'm betting your art supply store isn't as au courant as mine.Looking out onto SE Foster Rd from the watercolor section of IBF, three days ago.Don't you wish your art supply store was ho… Read More
The Face Of A Minstrel
2021-11-21 11:11
4038There was an OryCon this year, OryCon 42. And they're taking a year off, a 1-year hiatus isn't a big deal when you consider 42 years without a break, including Pandemic Year, when it was… Read More
Pearlescent Russellville Sunset
2021-10-31 09:44
4028Nothing special about this, except tonight was a sunset day for pearlescent fire-clouds which were most gorgeous. This, looking west from the corner of SE 103rd Dr and Stark Street, bust… Read More
Don't Be A Menace To A Good Night's Sleep
2021-10-31 09:31
4027I was hoping for a picture of the mountain itself as I wended my way home tonight but the sun was down too low. But I did see this rendition of it on a truck parked in downtown Parkrose… Read More
Still Life With FATE
2021-10-11 06:44
4016Another pic from the inside of I've Been Framed, this from the top of what was once the sole display case from the vintage art-supply "Museum":I call it Still Life With FATE.This number… Read More
A Palimpsest On Tenth
2021-10-07 07:12
4015This scene still exists within a block of the monolith I maladroitly complained about in episode 4014. It's a block of SW 10th Avenue, just before you get to Taylor Street and the b… Read More
It Rises Over Tenth Avenue
2021-10-07 06:56
4014You have no doubt heard of the Ritz Carlton being built on the block bounded by SW Washington and Alder Streets, and SW 9th and 10th Avenues. We drove past it on our way to Powells, and… Read More
Just The Ends Of Watercolor Pencils
2021-10-06 05:58
4012I didn't get this in whole because I was distracted by else the last time we did IBF, but I did this time. This is simply just the end of the stock of inexpensive watercolor pencils… Read More
A Quick Look At The Craft Wave Aqua Fan
2021-10-05 09:51
4010This is a great design for a portable watercolor set. Today I decided I was worthy of an art supply treat, and I've seen this on offer for quite a while. Figured it was time to take one… Read More
At Last, A Look Inside I've Been Framed
2021-09-28 08:58
3997This post is a looong time in coming; one pandemic wait plus one visit forgetting the camera.I have never made any secret of my love for I've Been Framed, the Portland treasure of an art… Read More
Wy'east With Freeway Ramps
2021-09-22 06:22
3991This is a closer look at Wy'east (Mt Hood) today over the interchange of Killingsworth with I-205, included just because I like it. Not much else to say about that.  Read More
Wy'east With A Light Coat
2021-09-22 06:19
3991Just as Luuit was dusted with the white stuff over the last weekend, so was mighty Wy'east (Mt Hood), as my 122nd and NE Shaver St/Rossi Farms POV will show.I know things can't last fore… Read More
Luuit With Mild Icing
2021-09-22 05:58
3990The rain that swanned through the district last weekend put a very welcome whitecap on some local volcanoes I may have mentioned in the past. And will continue to mention in the future.T… Read More
Harvest Moon 2021
2021-09-22 05:54
3989We make a big deal of the various moons that we get latterly. Thanks to the modern media's unrelenting drive to create interesting content, we know as much about what moons during variou… Read More
Snowless Wy'East
2021-09-12 06:31
3981The dryness of the year is only enhanced when one looks at the state of Wy'East as it is, now. A few weeks back, a friend (and several others) posted up pictures of California's Sha… Read More
The Ron Tonkin Sign - Still Out 122nd Way
2021-09-06 12:01
3972I have taken a picture of this sign before, so its reappearance here is just confirmation that some things in Portland stay, for now, satisfyingly familiar.Picture it: it's the 60s, and… Read More

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