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How To Boost Workplace Productivity Using Mobile Technology

More than 40 percent of those who are using apps don’t utilize Mobile technology when they’re in the workplace. They miss out on a lot of things.

On the other hand, those who use it at work reported that their go-to apps helped them in saving time. In fact, some of them said that Mobile Technology allows them to keep up with their daily tasks; others stated that it allowed them to work even though they’re not physically in their office.

Undoubtedly, mobile apps can make employees happier. They’re also more productive. Half of the employees said that they don’t have enough work hours every day to accomplish all of their tasks. And some of them even stated that it could be difficult to handle their workload.

But mobile technology improves their efficiency and time management.

Some companies are using third-party apps; others invest in a personalized app to assist their employees in fulfilling their tasks throughout the day.

How To Boost Workplace Productivity Using Mobile Technology

Either a third-party app or a proprietary app, it can help employees work while they’re on the go and collaborate with their bosses and team members easily. Plus, they can keep track of their tasks that can lead to increased productivity and make employees happier than they were before.

But what’s in it for employees if their employers are happy?

Your employees can’t be productive if they’re not happy with what they do. They’re also more creative and trainable. It’s not surprising.

If you’re happy with your job, you won’t take a lot of coffee breaks or go to the bathroom just to get away from your desk. Happiness while working allows you to get engaged at work and see the big picture that can benefit the whole business. Moreover, if you’re happy with your work, you won’t look for another job somewhere else.

And those are great for business’ bottom line. Business owners can easily retain their best employees and train the others.

The companies that use apps allow their businesses in making them more profitable and saving costs.

Unfortunately, mobile technology is sometimes difficult to implement. One of the reasons is that apps require proper network capacity and coverage to take advantage of their full potential.

Having a poor network connection, for example, can result in the apps not working properly. Because of that, employees become frustrated. As it upsets them, they become less productive.

To ensure that every app is fully supported, companies must invest in the right wireless network design. Every design has to be unique and meet the requirements of the company.

How can mobile technology help in improving the productivity of the employees?

Mobile devices, be they smartphones or tablets, are advanced enough that employees can perform their duties at their desk or remotely. Although there are still some limitations, they can definitely perform regular tasks with their mobile devices.

Use email on the go

Mobile productivity isn’t just about email. Instead, it’s an essential piece that helps employees to perform their jobs wherever they are, whenever they are needed. In that case, they don’t have to go to the office and check their email. Overall, it makes them more accessible and responsive while on-the-go.

Stay productive

Apart from email, mobile technology also allows your employer to use a mobile version of MS Office. It means that while they’re waiting for a client, they can check on a proposal and send it back to you. It can be difficult to type thousands of words on their phone using their thumbs. But mobile Office can do it.

Access any documents anytime

Having cloud storage allows you and your employees to access data in the cloud anytime and anywhere they are, regardless of the device being used. You can update a document and your employees can edit it.

Attend meetings without being physically there

Pretty sure you’ve heard of Google Hangout and Skype. They’re the most popular apps that allow you to participate in meetings or conference calls. With a mobile device, you can attend a meeting with the board or clients without having to be physically there in the big table in your office.

And just because you’re not physically there doesn’t mean that you can’t share your documents or collaborate with them. Mobile devices let you have a better meeting experience. Thanks to video and real-time collaboration tools.

With these apps, you don’t need to say to your boss that you’re going to edit what you’ve concluded in the meeting and submit it after a few days. Instead, you can collaborate with the them in real-time. You can send the results as soon as the meeting is done.

Access desktop remotely

Sometimes, your employees will need to access their files stored in their desktop PC. Before, they have to travel from one place to another just to access those files. Nowadays, they can use an app that allows them to access company networks and use their desktop PC remotely. In that way, they don’t have to travel for 45 minutes just to see a file.

How to make it work in your organization?

To utilize mobile technology within your organization, you should have a mobile device policy that emphasizes the needs of the company and the workers.

Then, adapt some changes to leverage “bring your own device” policy so that your company can save on hardware costs.

Talk about what device that suits your employee’s needs. You may consider laptops because they are more portable than desktop computers. Your employees can carry them anywhere. However, tablets are evolving. Some models can work as a desktop or laptop. Furthermore, smartphones can handle more than just basic productivity tasks.

It’s also vital to know how to handle your mobile workers. Then, focus on how to secure your corporate data and how your workers can access it remotely. Make sure that they can access the necessary data and apps regardless of the device they’re using or the network they use to access. It’s also essential to determine the data usage policy. Employees who need to shoulder their data expenses are less productive. You may have to consider a corporate mobile data plan.

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How To Boost Workplace Productivity Using Mobile Technology


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