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Dela Buzz is dedicated to keeping you inspired through great design, and informed on industry topics. Managed and created by ANDESIGN:a full service product design firm. Covering everything from DIY design, product reviews, and trending innovations, Dela
DIY GUY: Crafting An Inspo Board
2017-03-20 19:47
Sometimes inspo is hard to come by…. Inspo is everywhere. A rule of thumb, just do it, whatever it is you do! On the daily! This past week over at ANDesign Lab, I took some photos of… Read More
Can Facial Recognition Be Dangerous?
2017-03-14 00:23
FACIAL RECOGNITION – In 2017, our faces are more html than biological. New facial recognition software can do everything from pinpointing your ethnicity, to your emotio… Read More
2017-03-10 01:57
We recently posted about the ANDesign Lab team going to Shenzhen, China. There, they met with clients and manufacturers alike. They also debuted their brand new China office and we got the i… Read More
Manufacturing Designs W/ ANDesign Lab
2017-03-06 20:40
ANDesign Lab is a full service Industrial Design firm based in Newport Beach in Southern California. Though ANDesign Lab conceptualizes and designs at their headquarter in the United St… Read More
Maximalism: Jason Rhoades
2017-02-23 21:24
What is Maximalism and what is an installation artist? Many artists tend to choose Los Angeles as a safe haven of diversity. While J… Read More
Manufacturing Your Design Career
2017-02-04 01:55
“What a day. What a time. Design and all it stands for and how it’s helped me succeed. Here’s how I’m manufacturing my career.” On Thursday, February 2nd 2017… Read More
Small Business Trends : Office Plants
2017-01-31 21:40
Looking to get more creative? It starts with your work space! Office Plants are revitalizing especially working in a high pressure, deadline driven creative environment. I looked at th… Read More
2017-01-21 01:10
FCC approves $170 million for New York broadband WiFi expansion. At long last, the FCC can move forward with reforming its rural connection subsidies for the broadband era. If you work in me… Read More
AeroMorph – Shape Changing Material
2016-12-30 00:57
Could this futuristic inflatable fabric change industrial design? Massachusetts Institute of Technology is always at the forefront of technological advancements. MIT’s tang… Read More
2016-12-28 01:27
Battery Life The shortcoming of  battery in 2016 devices was a real deal breaker (and recall enforcement). We got to see a lot of tech gone wrong this year. So rounding up a particular… Read More
2016-12-23 19:32
The future of Artificial Intelligence is now. Artificial intelligence is here and alive (almost). But the real question is how soon will we as a society be adapting to it? We’ve alread… Read More
2016-12-10 00:07
What is the PANTONE Color of the Year? A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude… Read More
Millennials: Largest Group Of Individuals
2016-12-06 22:18
You may think Millennials are materialistic, stubborn, narrow-minded and ego-driven…But that isn’t necessarily true. Millennials want to work for companies they can be proud of… Read More
2016-11-30 22:14
No matter what stage your startup is in, you’ll want to start or continue to grow your social media audience. The more people you reach on social media and through advertising, the bet… Read More
2016-11-29 00:25
Remember when you used to be skeptical about online shopping? After all, we’re still weary about where we enter our credit card info. But when did the internet-of-things start taking o… Read More
Branding Begins W/ YOUR Name
2016-11-07 23:59
The wrong name for your brand can do worse than just fail to connect with customers; it can also result in time consuming, expensive, unconquerable legal and business hurdles. Finding the ri… Read More
2016-10-08 00:00
Every brand is a digital company now, which is exactly why you should stop thinking of them all the same way. From 3D printing to virtual reality, all companies are adapting to new technolog… Read More
Temples Of The West
2016-09-07 19:00
David Best is an American sculptor most notably known for the use of recycled goods, primarily well known for building immense temples out of recycled wood sheets (discarded from making… Read More
Best Airport Purchase Ever
2016-09-01 20:09
As you may know, Delabuzz is the in-house blog for the industrial design firm ANDesign. Earlier this month, our CEO and principal designer Andrew Namminga went to Shenzhen to check up with t… Read More
Eurotrip W/  Rian From ANDesign
2016-08-27 00:33
Ask any backpacker why they love traveling and you will wind up with a long-winded story about their life changing experiences. Ask an artist that and you’ll get a… Read More
Instagram On Windows 95
2016-08-26 18:37
Can you imagine searching through the Instagram explore page while using your very first computer? Woah. The way these kids nowadays are born into their Instagram accounts, would have b… Read More
A Portable Color Guide By PANTONE Studio
2016-08-16 17:00
Transform your inspiration in a connected studio workspace all in the language of PANTONE. When your core consumers are print designers and the world is becoming increasingly digital, you lo… Read More
3 Keys To Desk-job Health
2016-08-14 19:36
Here are 3 things you’ll definitely do, but might forget to do consciously, during long days at the desk. 1. Breathe – for your respiratory system. I can’t stress this enou… Read More
Can Art Change The World?
2016-08-08 02:10
With the record Rio De Janeiro, Brazil has, it is no surprise that spectators are skeptical about the Olympics being held in the city. But can art truly help a city stuck in its own politica… Read More
Graphene — How It Will Change The World
2016-07-29 23:55
In simple terms, graphene, “is a thin layer of pure carbon; it is a single, tightly packed layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice,” accor… Read More
What The Hell Is An Autonomous Suitcase ?!
2016-07-27 23:56
ATTENTION ALL FELLOW TRAVELERS: The First and Only Robotic suitcase is here!  COWAROBOT R1, moves on its own, frees your hands, and makes travel less of a drag! If you ever want to pu… Read More
World’s First Zero-star Hotel
2016-07-21 20:59
Ever heard of an open-air hotel? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like…but give it a look before you give it your dismay. Think about their mission statement  … Read More
No More Normal TV – 2D To 3D Converter
2016-07-20 23:59
Phew. Finally. The initial thought of how awesome watching regular television in 3D first occurred to me while watching a live game…”How cool would it be to be watching so… Read More
This Is LA: TURF War
2016-07-11 19:58
Materials & Applications‘s mini-golf project: TURF by nine architects, designers and artists considered topics relevant to Los Angeles today— including all aspects of&nb&hell…Read More
Thingiverse Today: 5 Things To 3D Print
2016-06-10 23:27
As you may know, DelaBuzz is a blog incubated by ANDesign, an industrial design firm. So we have access to a gang of 3D printers. Today we’ve picked a selection of our favorite… Read More
2016-06-07 23:53
As if we didn’t already have too many adverts thrown in our faces… West Hollywood is looking to spruce up their beloved Sunset strip with a temporary digital billboard at 8775 S… Read More
How To Fix A Damaged Headphone Cable
2016-06-03 19:40
Two weeks ago my girlfriend came home with a kitten. I could not have been any more excited. However, he’s a bit of a biter. So much so, that he chewed through a cable on my monitorin… Read More
“The Most Surreal Furniture”
2016-05-31 21:09
The work of Sigmund Freud was profoundly influential for the surreal, particularly his book, The Interpretation of Dreams (1899). Freud legitimized the importance of dreams and the unco… Read More
Daydreamin’ W/ Google
2016-05-26 20:37
As if Google wasn’t already in the news; Or virtual reality for that matter.  With the merge of new technologies for virtual and augmented reality hitting the markets sooner-rathe… Read More
2016-05-22 20:21
Have you ever tried to look up a specific image, but encountered thousands of ubiquitous, similarly defined images in search? Well, Shutterstock, global powerhouse for royalty-free work, jus… Read More
Industrial Design : Office Essentials
2016-05-18 00:03
In order to fulfill the dreams of our clients, and create timeless product, we need all the right equipment suitable  for industrial design. Even down to the players, but that… Read More
2016-05-13 17:00
Smart phones, smart watches and smart homes; what will be next? Well, obviously smart guitars. Mind Music Labs has created Sensus, the world’s first ‘real’ smart guitar. It… Read More
Office Getaway : ANDesign In Africa
2016-05-09 19:36
The second financial quarter is already underway…we understand the stress that comes with running a business. Believe us. Working in the creative industry isn’t as easy as it ma… Read More
Crowdfunding Culture
2016-04-27 00:01
As many may know, through our sponsor company, ANDesignLab, a full-serviced industrial design agency, we’ve analyzed innumerable crowd funded campaigns in order to curate some of… Read More
2016-04-22 19:37
Everyone by now has heard of Coolest Cooler, the second largest Kickstarter campaign and biggest fail. Coolest comes complete with a high-performance blender, waterproof Bluetooth speakers… Read More
Samsung’s Smart Contact Lens
2016-04-20 14:00
After watching the pop culture influence of sci-fi and secret-agent scenes all my childhood, I wondered why a smart contact lens did not exist yet. A decade ago imagining a small computer wi… Read More
2016-04-15 17:46
3D printing is old news with how accessible and more affordable 3D printers have become. Despite this, 3D printing is revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing fashion designers the… Read More
Playstation 4 On Desktop
2016-04-12 21:29
It’s been a long time coming. Sony debuted the Dualshock 4 controller for it’s most recent gaming console, the PlayStation 4 at the end of last year. However, as of the beginning… Read More
The Getty Villa: A Place From Another Time
2016-04-08 17:00
Ever wanted to take a stroll through the gardens of an ancient Roman country house? At the Getty Villa in Malibu, California, you can literally do just that, without having to pay the small… Read More
2016-04-04 20:30
Have you ever stared out of a moving car and seen the world differently? Blurred. How ’bout conversely, when sitting in a standstill car and seeing the car beside you move…… Read More
Designing L.A.
2016-03-30 22:06
When the city is populated with as many creatives as LA is, options for cultivating creativity are limitless. Downtown Los Angeles is becoming one of the most vibrant and exciting urban cent… Read More
Design L.A.
2016-03-30 22:06
When the city is populated with as many creatives as LA is, options for cultivating creativity are limitless. Downtown Los Angeles is becoming one of the most vibrant and exciting urban cent… Read More
DRU : Pizzas & Robots
2016-03-23 01:23
Domino’s Pizza has unveiled what is being called the “world’s first commercial autonomous delivery vehicle,” which debuted by delivering pizza to people in Australia… Read More
2016-03-18 01:01
Marty McFly’s dreams are finally coming true with the new HyperAdapt 1.0. Although, hover boards now do exist, they aren’t exactly the hover boards predicted in Back-to-the-Futur… Read More
2016-03-16 01:08
What started as a website and digital gallery to catalogue the history, design and uses of some of humanity’s most violent gadgets has now become a captivating book. The book, Violence… Read More
2016-03-09 19:28
Zine-making is an experience for people existing outside of the mainstream; proving printed matter still matters. Zines embody a DIY spirit, especially when self-printed, that unit… Read More
2016-03-02 00:00
Hollywood native, fashion enthusiast and friend to the stars, James Goldstein, has officially announced that he’ll soon donate his famous Beverly Hills mansion to the Los Angeles Conte… Read More
2016-02-25 23:26
If Apple gives the FBI a software that allows them to bypass security, Apple fears their customers privacy are at a foreshadowed risk.  What do you think Apple should do? By creating s… Read More
2016-02-12 20:41
Have you heard of RocketHub, Patreon, Crowdfunder – no? Don’t worry, neither have I. It’s not surprising that very few people know about these “other” crowdfund… Read More
2016-02-05 18:49
Beautiful Things – LA Have you heard of Artists & Fleas? No, not those fleas – like a flea market for artists. My friend, who is a big fan of the event, kept going on and on… Read More
2016-01-29 18:00
A record breaking 1,726 exhibiting companies representing over 6,000 brands were present for the National Association of Music Merchants’ (NAMM) annual tradeshow. It was amazing to see… Read More
2016-01-22 18:42
Did you know ANDesign Lab has an office in the manufacturing capital of the world? ANDesign Lab is one of the few industrial design firms equipped to handle the manufacturing process for its… Read More
2016-01-15 20:45
The tech industry is booming in Southern California, but competition between Santa Monica and Orange County to be the new Silicon Valley is fierce. So who will be crowned victor in the &ldqu&hell…Read More
2016-01-05 20:40
TVs, and wearables and cars, oh my! CES, the largest technology conference of the year is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited. Key players in the tech industry, such… Read More

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