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You may have seen our Facebook statuses regarding the ‘Five Day Film Challenge’. If not, we’ve been disqualified. And here is why, an email we received:


‘Dear Ryan, Gemma, Tom, Emma and Harry

Many thanks for entering it’s Liverpool 5 Day Film Challenge.

Your film was of a high quality with a well thought out story.

However, after careful consideration, we have decided that we cannot include any films in the shortlist for the screening event at FACT or LMH’s tenant conference and awards event which contain guns or knives in a violent context as this is not appropriate for ‘family-friendly’ viewing.

The competition’s Terms and Conditions states that submitted films ‘must not show inappropriate or dangerous behaviour’.

So, on this occasion, your film hasn’t made it to the shortlist.

However, we hope that it doesn’t deter you from entering similar competitions in the future.

Best wishes



Well. That seems a little unfair. Here was our reply:


‘Dear Elena,

Thank you for your email regarding the competition. We can’t say we’re overjoyed about the news. We put a lot of hard work into this project, just to be eliminated for an ‘apparent’ use of violence.

We stuck to the guidelines. All elements were included in our film, Lover’s Grim, subtly and obviously. We have reviewed our video several times and fail to see any violence or anything that families wouldn’t see on any day of the week. We were careful not to include violence, sexual references, cussing/bad language, any forms of abuse including but not limited to: drug/substance abuse, alcohol abuse, verbal abuse or bullying.

The ‘dangerous’ activity that you refer to, is a 2 second clip at the end of the film, which doesn’t show the knife being used in any way. It is but a suggestion. I fail to see how a subtle suggestion could lead to any negative effect, as the film does not show the object being used in a dangerous way. People see cutlery including knives, forks and spoons every day of their lives, and this has never been blamed for any bad behaviour. If that was the case, humans would be banned from eating anything unless they were using their hands; hands of course can be used in a ‘dangerous’ way.

It seems a shame to eliminate a film of a high quality, a film which makes Liverpool look like a beautiful place with the use of scenery including images of the skyline/horizon, the entrance to China Town, the beautiful cathedral (and the sound of it’s bells) and the fantastic graveyard where the whole film takes place. This film would bring more quality to any future competitions, due to it being very well-made, and in reference to this film, would help any aspiring film-makers to take the competition seriously in the future. If people are made aware that FACT (a place where many films are shown, some both gruesome and horrifying) and LMH do not accept creative freedom, then it will put people off making these films, and make them feel restricted in what they can do. I believe the whole point of film-making is to be artistic and experiment, something which we have been eliminated for.

Again, thank you for your email, I hope you can see our point of view and will reconsider.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Murphy

(Noire Studios) .’


Of course, it’s unlikely they’ll put us back into the competition, but we felt we had a reason to reply, and some points to get across. Either way, we made a decent film with basic equipment and a short deadline. Portfolio stuff.


To the artwork…


Emma Louise Pickering:



‘Demons Need Love Too’ is a lot deeper than it sounds. Emma’s mental process when creating this was that bad/negative thoughts (or ‘Demons’) can only survive if you let them (or if you accept/’Love’ them). The sulking demon in the picture is wanting you to love him, because if you don’t, he will cease to exist.


Ryan Williams:



Another random zombie, this time stamped with our newly acquired ‘Noire’ stamping machine thing. Yay for zombies! Yay for stamps!


Noire Inspired Artwork – Sue Gordon:



Look at these excellent ravens! Beautifully done! Kudos if you can guess what the white parts on the bird have been created with. Any ideas?


Thank you…


to EVERYONE who liked and shared our video, and those who watched it, commented on it and enjoyed it. Sorry if we’ve let anyone down due to our disqualification. But have no fear. We’ll continue to make films and continue to improve. Watch this space.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



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