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From Myself to Kanye West — 25 Years of 'Cancel Culture'

(Article #46 of the Current Series of Posts that Commenced with the May 17 article)
A photo of myself (this blogger Mark Russell Bell) published in TESTAMENT (1997) / Kanye 'Ye' West participated in a podcast interview this week of October 2022; recent news reporting about the music industry artist mentions cancellations of his corporate partnerships.

At a time when everyone should be helping  to focus the attention of other people and government representatives on campaigning for a return to international diplomacy while insisting that national leaders stop carrying out deluded military agendas, Kanye West is a newsmaker with ensuing publicity leading to the termination of his business deals with Adidas, fashion company Balenciaga, the record label Def Jam Recordings, CAA talent agency, two affiliated law firms, and the MRC entertainment studio concerning a documentary film about the Pop culture recording artist.  Also, material as been deleted from his Instagram account and his Twitter account has been locked while Gap, Foot Locker and TJ Maxx stores are no longer selling his Yeezy merchandise.  This blogger himself became the experiencer of then-characteristic contemporary social consciousness responses of rejection upon publishing the documented nonfiction case study TESTAMENT in 1997.  This article considers some reflections about some of the materialism and social consciousness dilemmas of contemporary 'sheeple' and reminds (as previously commented) about how — Superconsciousness expressing through human creativity [on an individual basis with each person] now manifests blatant 'mockery' or 'mocking' aspects during the current phase of Earth life.

Pew Research Center staff members have observed about 'Cancel Culture':
The phrase “cancel culture” is said to have originated from a relatively obscure slang term – “cancel,” referring to breaking up with someone – used in a 1980s song.  This term was then referenced in film and television and later evolved and gained traction on social media.  Over the past several years, cancel culture has become a deeply contested idea in the nation’s political discourse.  There are plenty of debates over what it is and what it means, including whether it’s a way to hold people accountable, or a tactic to punish others unjustly, or a mix of both.

Considering the current situation of musical artist Kanye West, the reaction to what were regarded as 'antisemitic comments' is the most recent example of reactions reflecting 'Cancel Culture' sensibilities.  A careful reporting of Ye's perspective reveals that he considers himself 'Jewish' and he now is reported to have stated about his controversial comments on an episode of the Lex Fridman Podcast: "If Jewish people would accept that I'm a Jew, they'd hear it a different way."  It previously was reported he had posted a now deleted tweet mentioning ". . . The funny thing is I actually can't be Anti Semitic  because black people are actually Jew also . . ."   
Although personally I'm at a loss to comprehend the meaning of associating any individual with any traditional dogmatic religion because orientations may span a vast spectrum of individual accepted beliefs and interpretations, it is obvious that instead of 'cancelling' Ye, individual company executives could have alternatively pointed out that business associates however characterized have each individually made contributions to Kanye's enterprises.
As the 'cancelling' news headlines began to appear, this blogger was left pondering what about the rhetoric is considered so threatening that the 'freedom of speech' of a person familiar to a large proportion of the public should once again be prominently curtailed by corporate social media platforms (as Ye possibly may have planned and expected) for what is after all a 'high profile media celebrity' known for making provocateur comments.  Simultaneously, news media reporting about the war in Ukraine yesterday includes reports of Russian government leaders warning about a 'dirty bomb' provocation in Ukraine instigated by American military operatives
U.S. military officials in turn claimed the warning to signal a potential Russian 'false flag' operation occurring although this doesn't take into consideration the Russian annexation of four regions of Ukraine.  There was also controversy created by a highly sensible letter signed by 30 members of Congress to the American President.  An Esquire news article about this development was headlined "The Own-Goal of a Letter From House Progressives Does Touch on Important Questions About Ukraine." 
The congressional letter included the statements: "The conflict threatens an additional tens of millions more worldwide, as skyrocketing prices in wheat, fertilizer and fuel spark acute crises in global hunger and poverty . . . The conflict has also contributed to elevated gas and food prices at home, fueling inflation and high oil prices for Americans in recent months . . . But as legislators responsible for the expenditure of tens of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in military assistance in the conflict, we believe such involvement in this war also creates a responsibility for the United States to seriously explore all possible avenues, including direct engagement with Russia, to reduce harm and support Ukraine in achieving a peaceful settlement."  The letter reminded: "In May, President Zelensky, despite deadlocked negotiations, reiterated that the war 'will only definitively end through diplomacy,' and had previously explained that 'any mentally healthy person always chooses the diplomatic path, because he or she knows: even if it is difficult, it can prevent the loss of thousands, tens of thousands . . . and maybe even millions of lives.'"  The final statement of the letter is: "In conclusion, we urge you to make vigorous diplomatic efforts in support of a negotiated settlement and ceasefire, engage in direct talks with Russia, explore prospects for a new European security arrangement acceptable to all parties that will allow for a sovereign and independent Ukraine, and, in coordination with our Ukrainian partners, seek a rapid end to the conflict and reiterate this goal as America’s chief priority."

The recent developments in the life and career of Kanye 'Ye' West suggests that he may have realized that excessive personal materialistic self-benefit conflicts with blatant Christian spiritual values and therefore he has set out on his current mission.  Spiritual values and metaphysical understanding may inspire an individual personality to manifest in various ways altruistic concerns of The God Force to demonstrate individual human personal responsibility to others and arouse awareness of intellectual, emotional, cultural and social issues involving one's perceived 'ego-self' amidst society.  Furthermore, how you decide to react in relation to acting upon (or not) the thoughts entering your mind from your 'Higher Self' in a state of spiritual Oneness will determine aspects of your experiencing Earth life.  The time one devotes to 'entertainment' can consist of what might be compared to 'computerized programming' on a superficial level of consciousness that will probably not expand one's metaphysical and spiritual development and awareness of The God Force
— a primary purpose for the present incarnation.  (example article involving this topic) 

Many times throughout my life I've been astonished that in headline-making trials receiving publicity in the news media, conflicts are reported in a way that seems to completely overlook Americans' traditionally perceived individual "freedom of speech" stated in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Recently talkshow host Alex Jones received a courtroom verdict to pay $965 million to elementary school shooting victims’ relatives and an FBI agent for slander and emotional distress although he apologized.  The outcome of actor Johnny Depp's highly publicized defamation lawsuit against his actress ex-wife resulted in a verdict demanded her to pay more than $10 million in damages to Depp.  Also this year another high-profile legal case of our litigious society resulted with a federal jury awarding $31 million to the widow of Kobe Bryant and a co-plaintiff to be paid by Los Angeles County Sheriff and Fire departments due to deputies and firemen having merely showed photos of the helicopter crash to other people despite the fact that the crash was 'news' and they too have 'freedom of speech.'
An aspect of the American legal system that usually is overlooked concerns how high money remuneration outcomes demonstrate that jurists may be socially 'conditioned' to generate cultural 'relevance' and news media topicality for themselves by awarding what seems bizarrely inordinate monetary damage amounts.  Meanwhile, myself as a former professional public relations/publicity professional relinquished this occupation to begin a new life path as a metaphysical author/journalist whom never knowingly volunteered for the task of 'Message bringer of the Message Giver.'  Although I've contacted numerous reporters and consistently distributed news releases, this data remains a topic evidently considered unspeakable among commercial mainstream news media while the conditions of society remain manifestly ever-more-grotesque.  For 25 years I've been reporting firsthand about "my personal experiences of daily interactions with my personal 'guide/s in Oneness'/'Guardian Angel' as representing the 'God Force' ('Michael' or 'M') manifesting continuously around me in diverse and unlimited ways."  (this is a description of my journal blog)  In my most recent new journal blog article I observed:
Perhaps for M I'm an incongruous element amidst the present Earth social consciousness/assumed imperatives/entertainment trance/military programming typifying life experiences of masses of other people.
A condition of 'Alter Ego Polarities' expressing M is part of my daily  'paranormal' interaction with M that has encompassed hearing at different instances conflicting statements  "I LOVE YOU" or "I HATE YOU" based on 'His/Her/Their' supernaturally manifested feelings taking into consideration all earthly experiences up to that exact moment (vast beyond comprehension).  ("RIGHT" [psychic female voice heard while typing the preceding sentence])  ("OH" [solar plexus deep male voice])  The reason these expressions take the place of lucid speech and conversation seems to be that the words of any statement are imperfect and almost can be misconstrued or misunderstood in some or many ways.
This early morning as I began writing this post, M was continuously emitting via Solar Plexus Voice manifestations emotionally expressive groans ("RIGHT" heard while typing this), upset murmurs and garbled sentences as usual during this current tragic 'phase' that is the motivation for the current series of posts that commenced with the May 17 article.  Similar sounds emanating and tape recorded from an airliner PA system became a reporting subject among news media.  (This recent blog article is entitled "Recent Surprising 'Proof' of The Omnipresent Spiritual Force".)
Relegated to 'esoteric' or 'secret' status, I practically feel as if I'm living in a 'parallel universe' while the rest of humanity's earthly living takes place in the same physical dimension.  The news media feeding frenzy allocated to melodramatic celebrity scandals and resulting jurisprudence has been consistent ever since I can remember.  Other 'mainstays' of news reporting are politics and government, sports, crimes, disasters, tragedies, terrorism, the worldwide pandemic, and so on.  Back in 1993 prior to the publication of TESTAMENT a few years later that I thought would be considered unique and 'good news' for everyone with a noncommercial Internet edition published soon after the paperback first edition, a media news focus was the Santa Monica libel trial that awarded Elke Sommer $3.3 million in damages from Zsa Zsa Gabor and her husband for what otherwise seemed like a conventional celebrity rivalry.
Locally this week here in Los Angeles,  Elizabeth Wagmeister reported in Variety with an article headlined "Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyers Say Everyone Had ‘Transactional Sex’ in Hollywood Before #MeToo".
Harvey Weinstein’s defense told the jury that there is absolutely no evidence against their client and that every woman who will testify in his trial is an actress who will be playing a role on the stand — all to fit the narrative of #MeToo, which they characterized as an “asteroid” of a movement that “burst forth like a supernova” with Weinstein as the poster child.

Weinstein’s attorney Mark Werksman told jurors that they should prepare to hear a “firehose of false and unprovable allegations” from women who agreed to have consensual sexual interactions with Weinstein, but years later, are now embarrassed and lying about what really happened.

“Look at my client,” Werksman said, pointing to Weinstein. “He’s not Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Do you think these beautiful women had sex with him because he’s hot? No, it’s because he’s powerful.”

Weinstein’s attorney told the jury that Hollywood has changed today, but back in the day, “transactional sex” was par for the course. “Sex was a commodity” for “rich and powerful men, like my client,” Weinstein’s attorney said, even getting its own nickname: the casting couch.

“Transactional sex … it may have been unpleasant … and now embarrassing,” Werksman said. “[But] everyone did it. He did it. They did it.”

Weinstein’s attorney said the #MeToo movement is like a movie that turned Weinstein into “Hollywood’s Chernobyl,” casting him in the “smoldering radioactive” part of the “bad guy.”

And the women? “The sequel to the casting couch is the #MeToo trial,” Weinstein’s defense said. “They will play the part of the damsel in distress with this beast.”

“They have to lie to themselves, to you, to this court,” Werksman told the jury. “Their hypocrisy will be on full display.”
As mentioned in another recent blog article of mine perhaps indicative of my unusual personal experiences of 'paranormal initiation' — Ignoring a Messenger Doesn't Alter the Truth of a Message.  (Solar Plexus voice manifestation of a small animal-like whimper heard while proofreading this paragraph) 
Explaining the predicament of a 'Christed One' has been ongoing for me since the summer of 1995 and if the information has been dutifully reported by journalists there quite possibly wouldn't be manifesting worldwide the profound social malaises of the current day, including the recent rise in American homelessness and destitution, the Coronavirus pandemic, and the military programming and war mentality being so consistently demonstrated among government leaders and then enthusiastically promulgated throughout the mainstream news media.

Considering what we know about the upheavals and challenges in the lives of contemporary journalists' often favored news sourcesbillionaires, movie stars, politicians and other 'celebrities'nowadays nobody may want to become or stay 'famous' anymore.

As mentioned in a previous blog post of the current series that commenced with the May 17 article —

While preparing his nonfiction book TESTAMENT (1997) for publication, Mark Russell Bell found this T-shirt shown above on the complimentary shelves of the used books annex of the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles.  Engaged in chronicling the 'Divine Synchronicity' occurring hourly in his day-to-day life in TESTAMENT, Bell decided that a photo of the T-shirt should be included in his nonfiction case study of a contemporary 'Christed one.'  Another photo on the same page in the book shows Bell in his volunteer position for the Southern California HIV/AIDS Hotline.  TESTAMENT chronicles his preparation for the occupation by learning about HIV and other viruses, STDs, etc., in an APLA class.  (TESTAMENT online photos page / NEW TESTAMENT online photos page)

This year's Note from myself (MRB):

This year I’ve been campaigning for a return to international diplomacy and for citizens to express themselves to stop national leaders from opting to carry out deluded military agendas that they estimate will enhance their personal prestige.  Right now throughout the world there are horrible conditions resulting from the breakdown of international diplomacy.  For many decades it has been culturally traditional for countless people to rely on military-industrial complex-controlled mainstream news and also give their attention to entertainment, instead of developing their metaphysical, spiritual and cosmological understanding of life.  Considering the many billions of dollars used for military aid to Ukraine, the money would have been better used in support of America's homeless and disenfranchised along with finding ways to help improve the lives of people internationally, in particular Russia to evade nuclear war that will destroy the environment of our planet.  Proxy war is also war against man and God.  When contemporary world leaders plainly state ultimatums to one another, only someone with a mentality indoctrinated to be passive to the mindset of 'military programming' would fail to advocate diplomatic ways of resolving problems.  Recent blog articles have focused on the circumstances related to the reasons that 'those who live as sheeple will perish as sheeple' unless collectively we may through working together express enough love and respect to our fellow humans to take society beyond illusionary devotion to nationalism-oriented paperwork principalities.  Providing intellectual and spiritual insights for us are what may be learned from being attentive to documented Divine Dispensations that have been subjects for reporting at this blog for many years.  (Metaphysical Articles Index)  Warnings for mankind have included apparitions of the blessed virgin Mary and contemporary correlations with the life of Bel-Marduk, the ancient god-king-priest who wasn't able to prevent a holocaust in the ancient world. 

October 2, 1990 newsletter edition

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From Myself to Kanye West — 25 Years of 'Cancel Culture'


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