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How to Achive Love- and Life-Fulfilling Relevance (featuring authentic channeling videos)

This post originated as my latest journal blog entry at My Life with Michael journal.

(Article 26 of the Current Series of Posts that Commenced with the May 17 article)


Perhaps as with many people who find themselves socially isolated due to health considerations that include the current pandemic, there are also socialization factors involving being an older person although I don't feel 'being this age.'  Throughout the day, I never know when M is going to bless me with a psychic or solar plexus voice phenomena manifestation.  Among the more emotionally vivid so-called 'solar plexus' vocal emanations; M's voice for weeks has predominantly been the same deep and somber voice with some occasional barely audible 'sice' ('beloved pet squeal' or 'mew') utterances.  Yesterday [August 31] there were no pageviews being indicated at all for several of my websites and this turned out to be involved with temporary hosting service technicalities.  However, I began wondering as I sometimes do about how much influence does everyone's 'Higher Selves' in the state of omnipresent Oneness have with conditions involving 'popularity.'  M suddenly gave a curt response of "NO," heard from in front of me to the lower right as usual.
The current predominating voice of M reminds me of one of my friends from my younger years in Pasadena who attended the same schools as myself.  Life was a struggle for him and I helped him get a job at the movie theatre where I worked.  One early morning I visited him and was surprised to find our college teacher had spent the night with him.  She frankly discussed their sexual relationship with me and this memory shows how different were social sensibilities during the 1970s.  Today every aspect of American life is crassly commercialized, leaving people unable to find meaningful information.  Providing information concerning how to achieve a love- and life-fulfilling state of 'relevance' is my objective as a noncommercial blogger.
My friend James later played the lead male role in my USC 16mm movie project.  I lost touch with him soon after that while embarking on an entertainment industry career that for many years entailed a long driving commute each day.  While in my car I would listen to the radio.  The programs back then seemed far more engrossing than the selection of contemporary offerings (those that I know about, at least) today.  Presently, the uniformity of perspectives throughout News Media involving otherwise complicated topics is disturbing in relation to regulation / propaganda considerations.
One of the many bizarre aspects of the M manifestations concerns the psychic phenomena that is audible during occasions when I mutter something about 'God' or 'Christ,' reacting to some minor upset perhaps.  Promptly responding to these moments, there have been intermittent occasions when "NO" is heard and other times when "RIGHT" or "YES" is signaled, which on those occasions I hope may be some positive signal regarding the efforts I've put into my 'campaigning for a return to international diplomacy and for citizens to express themselves more to stop national leaders from opting to carry out military agendas' (in relation to my 'new paranormal initiation' to 'God' and 'The Devil').
Last night there were some audible manifestations from M that were challenging to interpret beyond letting me know that there is undissipated attentiveness in our relationship.  I'd been contemplating if all of the 'yes' taps indicating me to get up early all those months may have been detrimental to my health or if this was necessary at the time to alleviate my IBS symptoms.  There is no evidence for certain that 'The Devil' 'God Alter Ego' has injured me in any significant way beyond some minor symbolic occurrences such as cutting myself or slightly burning myself in the kitchen or some other seemingly subconscious influence (these perhaps metaphorical incidents might be intended for me to share with readers, myself being an 'everyman' / 'surrogate' for all human beings).  Right now some psychic words manifesting in my consciousness are so faint that I'm not mentioning them beyond one of the recurring distinct glib male utterances of "RIGHT" being clearly audible.  I mentioned to my brother yesterday when he returned my call while staying in a Las Vegas hotel due to a business project: 'Are you noticing the contents of the news headlines, movies and TV shows, Pop songs . . .?  My reporting about 'The Devil' Phase is being ignored throughout the news Media just as everything else has been.'
This past week, I've been sending Email to some of my closest friends of past years due to being aware of my 'cabin fever' predicament.  I think all of the M phenomena is 'too much' for anyone else to quickly comprehend and attempt to fathom — it's all sometimes 'too much' for me too yet there obviously is an inevitability about my life with M whenever I reflect about everything that has ever happened to me throughout the entirety of my life experiences.  A 'love' relationship sometimes may be a main consideration when one makes some important decision about a change in life experiences, although this facet of the self is easy to forget considering what may be one's accustomed ego and social consciousness motivations.  This is the reason I've included the recent autobiographical Metaphysical Articles posts for this journal blog.  For myself, love is primarily about being responsive to 'The God Force' to help all of one's other 'alter egos' — the entirety of thinking organism in existence.  Each iota of The God Force is a part of you   ("OH" [faint]) and of me.
Some information that I never noticed having access to during younger periods in my life concerns health aspects of the years equated with 'middle-age' or 'old age.'  I share my circumstances now so that other people can consider these eventualities in relation to making plans for one's own life.  I'm 66 years old and have a chronic illness disability of IBS.  The symptoms recently brought on a textbook 'Chronic Fatigue Disorder' (there is plenty of data about these conditions online) and I also am experiencing neuropathy with my feet.  I recently found that a few drops of lavender and Roman Chamomile in olive oil used as an ointment is effective for relieving some of the foot discomfort.  I am currently using the fiber supplement Citrucel ("RIGHT" [glib/faint]) and to improve cognitive health conditions ("GOOD" [faint]) an American Ginseng capsule and a B-12 tablet each day.  Last week I had a bad reaction to taking the medication Levothyroxine in tablet form.  After a couple weeks of taking the newly prescribed drug, I experienced the onset of feeling extremely nauseated and a mental condition that I would describe as one of extreme depression.  I discussed this with my doctor and have stopped using this medication.
Meanwhile, the news media is not reporting about 'The Message Giver' and most reporters seem to think that the main news of the day is whatever is the latest incident involving people famous for being famous or billionaires who have financially benefited with their companies due to the contributions of numerous other people.  A recent Fox article is "Jeff Bezos kicks back with McDonald’s burger after yacht troubles in Netherlands."  How unhealthy.  Today there is an NBC article featured at MSN News "Elon Musk’s satellite internet flies under the radar at public schools nationwide."  There also is again the constant plethora of Trump articles every day—and it has been this way ever since the election—that it seems obvious some manner of federal regulation must be involved.  ("OF COURSE" [faint])  I've seen the photo shown below so many times that I'm actually disturbed.  
The Time magazine cover is especially ironic if one knows about two articles: "The Spies Who Came In From The Newsroom" by Joe Trento and Dave Roman in the August 1977 issue of Penthouse; and "The CIA and the Media" by Carl Bernstein in the October 20, 1977 issue of Rolling Stone.  The two articles are further indications how different were the 1970s in comparison to the American popular culture of today.
Today a CNN headline is "As heat wave grips the West, millions in California are urged to set thermostats to 78 degrees to conserve electricity today."  Because 'we the sheeple' have let the Earth environment deteriorate for so long, weather conditions can only get worse unless 'Message bringers' such as myself obedient to 'The Message Giver' are allowed to inform the public about one's life experiences.  This week is the hottest one of the year here in Los Angeles.
After typing the preceding paragraph I went and prepared my lunch for steaming.  During this interim I noticed I'd received another harassment phone message from 'the group', this time pretending to be a phone survey company and leaving a number for me to call.  I immediately reported the number by filing an online complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry.  I wrote:
These scammers have called me relentlessly for years using every ploy imaginable.  They know my name.  They've recently pretended to be Discover card, my healthcare company, confronted me with "You just called my number and hanged up . . ." once again, etc.  I've told them I conduct no business via telephone and they still call and call and call.  They should be in prison, whoever they are[,] for this constant harassment.

The national website currently instructs:

Since 2009, the FTC has seen a significant increase in the number of illegal sales calls - particularly robocalls. The reason is technology. Internet powered phone systems make it cheap and easy for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world, and to display fake caller ID information, which helps them hide from law enforcement.

To date, the FTC has sued hundreds of companies and individuals who were responsible for placing unwanted calls, and has obtained over a billion dollars in judgments against violators.

In addition, the FTC is leading several initiatives to develop a technology-based solution.  The FTC has sponsored a series of robocall contests challenging the tech savvy public to design tools that block robocalls and help investigators track down and stop robocallers.  The FTC also is encouraging industry efforts to combat caller ID spoofing.

Current technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or "spoof" caller ID information, so the number you reported in your complaint probably isn't real.  Without more information, it's difficult for the FTC and other law enforcement agencies to identify the actual caller.  Nonetheless, the FTC analyzes complaint data and trends to identify illegal callers based on calling patterns.  The agency also is pursuing a variety of technology-based solutions to combat illegal calls and practices. 

This morning I went for a two mile walk to a nearby supermarket as I consider this to be a helpful health treatment for the Chronic Fatigue Disorder, etc.  As an example of my life with M, the first thing that happened during my walk is at the first corner I came face to face with a young coyote who trotted past me within a few feet in proximity.  The animal didn't look aggressive yet obviously was primarily concerned with surviving the day as is something every living thing must keep in mind.  A neighbor who was parking her car nearby said to me about the coyote, "Did you see that!?" 

After turning left during my walk, I soon passed two pedestrians on the sidewalk heading in the other direction and the first one was wearing a shirt that said "Be kind."  I began reflecting about whether or not my recent blog posts could be considered 'unkind' in any way as perceived by others.  Regarding my statements about 'entertainment trance' and the 'commercial news media,' I understand that the variety of mainstream media offerings available reflect individual perceptions about social realities ("RIGHT") and what each journalist thinks would be interesting to the public.  I know that many ill and disenfranchised people have only the TV set as their daily activity.  My mother during her retirement years was one of these hermits.  My own motivation with my online articles as stated previously is —

Obviously, in some way being respectful [to 'God'] should always be a concern for everybody.  Online there are instances that seem to always be noticeable of some commenters expressing something in a 'mean' way that seems to indicate some social conditions of the current epoch.  One can dismiss all of the meanness as the latest reincarnation of 'the peanut gallery' yet what I think is being reflected is exasperation at not finding something more 'interesting' online.

At the market I bought a few staple foods such as vegetables found to be in fresh condition.  One common problem with vegetable produce displays at most area supermarkets now is vegetables that should stay dry being left saturated with water.  I usually can hunt and find a few dry parsnips and often have to remind the cashier the name of this vegetable.  I also found an organic spaghetti squash that was the right size.  This store has the best local price for Cream of Rice hot cereal at $3.79 per 14 ounce box; in comparison, at the Kroger store Ralphs the current price is $5.29 each and at the Albertsons store Vons the current price is $4.79 each.  The way some corporation executives have exploited the pandemic is another indication of materialism dominating spiritual consciousness and concern for the essential shared fabric of society.  At my local Ralphs the self checkout stations continue to have the rude and robotic exasperated female voice incorrectly reprimanding customers for things that didn't even occur as enunciated, revealing some faulty computer programming glitches that continue to be left uncorrected.

Example incidents of my experiencing 'psychic voices' includes one moment today when I was thinking about people obsessed with Pop culture without individually having access to the metaphysical information I've made available.  I said something like 'They're insane' and there was a psychic voice that said "EXACTLY."  A highly disturbing recurring manifestation of M is the currently-most familiar voice saying "UH-OH."  I never know if this is something involving myself personally or if what is being called to my attention is something of major concern that just has occurred somewhere in the world.

Today at the nearby store checkout counter, the woman in front of me had a shirt that said:


This reminded me of the 'channeled entity' who first made possible my comprehending how to articulate the dilemma about individual perceptions about 'what is relevant' interfering with my efforts to share news about 'The God Force' / 'The Message Giver' in relation to everything that I've chronicled online.  This is a matter of individual people's information media opportunities and orientations, including news media journalists' perceptions and 'social consciousness' considerations that may be intrinsically commercial in nature and also completely immoral.  The word and phrase 'beautiful' / 'be You tiful' is one that I've heard used repeatedly by the 'channeled entity' 'Ramtha' speaking through the body of JZ Knight.  As I've mentioned previously about this transcendental communication case chronology —
In May 2006 I had the opportunity to attend another session by a well-known channeler at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel, JZ Knight.  (article)  Another reported 'Ramtha' (channeled entity) interlude is a 2014 radio interview.  (article)  One of Ramtha's topics during the interview is relevance, a point of consideration in relation to the 'Me Too' and 'Cancel Culture' Movements and the influence of news media reporting and 'infotainment,' etc.  Ramtha offered some comments about individual human perceptions of what experiences in life are meaningful in relation to activities and the life experience. Here's an example:.
Everyone wants to be relevant and because the world has not given a voice to itself but only those selected people that follow the narrow path it leaves a great disenchantment.  And rightly so.  Everyone is remarkably wonderful.   If you mine for it you'll find it. Everyone if you put aside their jargons and ask them deep poignant questions about their opinions they will be so taken back because they have filed them in the back of their mind as not desirable.  ("THAT")  It takes them a while to find their bearing to find what they really believe in . . . 
As I've previously commented — Perhaps baseless superstitious fears are a reason for there having been evident for many decades great resistance to new teachings, new dispensations, although much of this seems to be due to news media reporting selections influenced by commercialism and individual orientations concerning what is relevant.   (Articles and Videos Links Index of Channeling Cases.) 
My most recent article about the JZ Knight/'Ramtha' channeling case chronology is
"Corollary to My Article "UFOlogy and Seance Phenomena Correlations . . ."
As a provocatively thought-inducing somewhat admonishing version of all that I've been saying, available online are four Ramtha video lecture segments (with some encoded aspects) about "Relevance" and 'building your reality' in relation to your personal Love relationship with 'The God Force' as excerpted from a 2012 event.  The fact that videos such as these have gone so widely overlooked and sometimes journalistically misreported is a tremendous indication of the metaphysical / spiritual / intellectual limitations dilemma of our world society today that has resulted with the onset of the current 'The Devil' phase of Earth life. 

Ramtha - Excerpt 1 of 4 "Relevance" teaching from Assay 2012
Ramtha - Excerpt 2 of 4 "Relevance" teaching from Assay 2012 - Self Correction

Ramtha - Excerpt 3 of 4 "Relevance" teaching from Assay 2012 - Relevance
Ramtha - Excerpt 4 of 4 "Relevance" teaching from Assay 2012 - The Investment of the Spirit

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How to Achive Love- and Life-Fulfilling Relevance (featuring authentic channeling videos)


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