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Jane Roberts/'Seth': Developments in the Sessions 1964-1968 (from The Seth Material)

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In The Seth Material (1970), the transcendental communicator bringing messages via a Ouija board to Jane Roberts and her husband Rob Butts is quoted as having said on December 8, 1963:

You may call me whatever you choose.  I call myself Seth.  It fits the me of me, the personality more clearly approximating the whole self I am, or am trying to be.  Joseph is your whole self, more or less, the image of the sum of your various personalities of the past and of the future.

The preceding Ouija board message had been: "To God, all names are his name."

Rob had been the one asking the questions.  A week later, Jane began speaking for 'Seth' during sessions in a trance state.  Seth used the name 'Ruburt' when referring to Jane.  The trance dictation sessions for Seth became a familiar part of the couple's life.

The details about the sessions progressively become more elaborate.  Jane mentioned: "Seth gave us a detailed account of two past lives and began a reincarnational history of Rob's family.  The material contained some excellent psychological insights; using them, we found ourselves getting along much better  with our relatives."  Then, an experimental seance guided by Seth on January 2, 1964 confronted Jane and Rob with phenomena that included their seeing alterations in their own mirror images.  After the seance, Jane found herself appalled and upset: "Actually, for the first time in our lives we found ourselves experiencing events that we couldn't explain, and doubting the obvious evidence of our senses—an uncomfortable spot for anyone."
It hadn't been a month yet since we began with the Ouija board.  Our ideas of what was possible were being turned topsy-turvy.  We decided to hold one other session to see what Seth had to say about the affair, and again we considered dropping the experiments, book or no book.

The next night we held what we thought might be our last session.  After it, we knew that we were committed, and to us the session really marks the beginning of the Seth Material, the end of the preliminary data.

For the first time Seth really "came through" as a definite other personality, laughing and joking.  Rob just couldn't believe that he was speaking to me, in any ordinary terms.  But more than this, Seth's long monologue on the nature of reality captivated and intrigued us.  We had no idea that it was actually a highly simplified explanation, cleverly geared toward our own level of understanding at the time.  It made a tremendous impression on us nonetheless.

Jane mentioned: "It was at this session that Seth suggested we hold sessions twice a week, saying that a schedule was far better than spasmodic activity." 

The following are two early quotations of Seth.
The present individual in any given life  could be called a fragment of his entire entity, having all the properties of the original entity, though they remain latent or unused.

The study of time will teach you about the nature of fifth dimension also.  Our imaginary wires composed of solidified vitality are fluid, I hope you understand this, even while they are solidified.  For solidity is illusion.

Jane reflected —

For a while I think I spent half the time trying to psychoanalyze Seth and the other half trying to analyze myself.

A 1968 session recounted in Chapter Seventeen is introduced with Jane recalling: "By now I was used to Seth.  The sessions, so strange at first, were a familiar part of our lives.  There was a lot I didn't understand—there still is . . . we settled down for our usual Monday night session . . . I sat in my rocker.  Rob sat on the couch as usual, taking notes.  According to Rob, Seth's voice was unusually powerful that night.  My opened eyes were very dark, and Seth seemed to be watching Rob rather closely."  Seth spoke about what was being communicated to them:

"You have been given a sketchy outline, but we have time to fill it in," he said, smiling.  "For that matter, the outline itself is scarcely completed. . . . We want to deal with the nature of reality as it exists within your camouflage system and within other systems, and to study the overall characteristics that pertain to it, regardless of any given materialization.

"Some of this material will automatically answer many questions with which you have been concerned—problems with which your scientists have been dealing.  We will discuss the interrelationship that exists between all systems of reality, including certain points of contact that include them all.  These various points can be mathematically reduced, and will, in some future of yours, serve as contact points, taking the place of space travel in some cases."

This material ran several pages, as Seth discussed the future content of our sessions.  Right after this we took our first break.  Neither of us realized, even at this point, that the session would be any different from the usual.  As soon as we resumed, however, I suddenly felt a powerful surge of energy flow through me, so that inside it "I" seemed almost lost and swept away.

I couldn't tell Rob what I was experiencing, of course, but he began to suspect that something was happening.  Seth became very emphatic, watching Rob closely for one thing.  For another, Seth began to stress each word.

"If you keep these channels open and free, you will get material that is as undistorted as possible," he said.  "Ruburt's range is an excellent one, and the plane of reality in which I have my existence is far beyond those to which persons in the physical system usually have access. . . . You and he must see to it that Ruburt does not color his reading experiences through reading material that is distorted.  This [kind of material ] has its purposes, and it does do some good, explaining reality in terms that people can understand, for the props and fantasies are familiar ones.  There is no necessity for them here, however."  He continued, suggesting that I stay away from books that "deal exclusively with conventional religious subjects, interpreting reality in those limited terms."

At this point, Rob became aware of the new and rather odd energy in Seth's voice as his delivery grew more powerful.  My open eyes were very dark.  Rob began to look up whenever he could snatch a moment from note-taking.

Seth said, "We will make an effort in the future to give you both some direct experience in concepts.  These experiments will run along with, and closely follow, the vocalized expression of the concepts involved.  They will give you some small glimmering of the unfortunate yet necessary loss of meaning that occurs when any concept must be communicated in physical terms.  This will be a different kind of in-depth learning, a rather unique and original development that will be as devoid as possible of stereotyped symbols, which are usually almost automatically superimposed on such experiences.  Do you understand?"

"Yes," Rob said, but he spoke almost automatically; the delivery had quickened, and he was having trouble keeping up with the notes.  Later we were to read that above paragraph over many times when—as you'll see shortly—I found myself almost "in over my head."

Seth's voice continued to get stronger.  "I am the Seth that I say that I am, but I am also more.  The Seth personality that is part of me is the portion that can most clearly communicate with you.  Do you follow me?"

Rob nodded, "Yes," he said again.

"The Seth portion of me has been intimately connected with you both, and so, in that respect, have I.  This is closely related to the definition of a personality energy essence, from which, of course, all personalities spring."

The voice became even more powerful.  Rob thought of asking Seth to slow down, but he wasn't sure what was happening, and thought it best not to interrupt.

"There is a particular corner within Ruburt's personality, also deflected into your own, that allows him rather clear access to informational channels most difficult to reach from your system.  During this session, and at this moment, the contact is particularly good.  There is also access to energy far beyond that which is usually experienced.  Ruburt sensed this in the past, and feared to open these channels until he felt himself suitably ready.

"There exists what could almost be compared to a psychological and psychic warp in dimensions, and that corner of Ruburt's personality is an apex point at which communication and contact can take place."

Then, to Rob's surprise, Seth told him to end the session.  Rob was to follow the procedure given, recently, to end my trance.  (Just lately I had begun going into particularly deep trances compared to earlier ones, and Seth had suggested that Rob call out my name three times.)  Seth said, "This evening you have reached somewhat beyond the personality by which I usually make myself known to you.  Even if I continue to speak, end the trance."

Rob called me several times, getting no response.  Then he touched my shoulder and I jumped rather violently.  This interrupted the  trance state.  I didn't know what was going on either.  The powerful energy kept flowing through me.  If I stood up as if I'd go flying through the wall, propelled by this force.  My head felt huge, as if my ears were out several feet.  This last sensation wasn't new; I'd had it in some Psy-Time experiences.  But trying to contain that energy was something else.

I shook my head, "Wow.  If I ever had any doubts . . . whatever's going on, it's not coming from me, not from my own personality."  Later in my own notes I wrote, "tremendous energy seemed to flow through me, with the definite certainty—that God—that this was coming from beyond me, and was automatically translated into words at my end.  I feel this as significant a development—almost—as the original Seth session.  The sense of contact was undeniably there.  The feeling I had was that I really was in touch with some all encompassing reality."

The excerpts below are from the transcendental communication transcripts of two following sessions as presented in Chapter Seventeen of The Seth Material

"There are reasons why these particular connections have been made.  There are events that unite us and that have served as turning points in the development of our various personalities.  In some strange manner, what I am now is linked to what you are."

"This communication, while taking place in your time, is nevertheless responsible in other dimensions for what you would call future developments in your own personalities which you can, in turn, contact.  I look back on you as the selves from which I sprang, yet I am more than the sum of what you will be when you are finished with the dimensions and times that I have known.

"For I have sprung entirely away from you and would be alien in your terms.  That you can even contact me is a most remarkable development.  Yet had you not been able to contact me, I would not be what I am."

Here the voice was very distant, high and clear, so unlike the usual Seth voice that Rob was still rather taken back.  "I am more, however, than this portion of me that you contact, for it is only one portion of me that experienced that reality."

"I have done my best to give you an understanding as a basis for future sessions.  Seth as you knew him will also be Seth as you know him, for whether or not I speak as myself or through him, he is still the intermediary and the connection between us.  More, he will still appear as you have known him.  There are necessary emotional elements that are uniquely his own.

"My personality structure is far different—very rewarding to me but unfamiliar to you. . . . I do not want you to feel that I have taken away a friend.  I am also a friend.  In many ways I am the same friend.  Other portions of me are concerned elsewhere, for I am aware of my own existence in other dimensions and keep track of them and direct my many selves."

"I have told you who we are.  We are Seth, and whenever we have spoken we have been known as Seth.  The entity had its beginning before the emergence of your time.  It was instrumental, with many other entities, in the early formation of energy into physical form.  We are not alone in this endeavor, for through your centuries other entities like us have also appeared and spoken."

"You grow through my memory as a tree grows up through space, and my memory changes as you change.  My memory of you includes your probable selves, and all of those coordinates exist simultaneously in a point that takes up no space. . . ."

This article is continued with "Jane Roberts/'Seth': Developments In the Sessions 1971 (from Seth Speaks)".

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Jane Roberts/'Seth': Developments in the Sessions 1964-1968 (from The Seth Material)


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