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The Thomas Jacobson/'Dr. Peebles' Channeling Case

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The authors of the nonfiction channeling case study To Dance with Angels: An Amazing Journey to the Heart with the Phenomenal Thomas Jacobson and the Grand Spirit, "Dr. Peebles" (1990) recalled that they first became acquainted with 'Dr. Peebles' listening to the KABC-Los Angeles radio show "Open Mind," a Saturday late night program hosted by Bill Jenkins.  "Linda was fascinated by Dr. Peebles from the first time she heard him . . . I was impressed, too . . ."  The couple left Saturday nights free so they could listen to the show with Dr. Peebles being the standout recurring guest among an assortment of unusual people such as UFO contactees, astrologers and psychics.  (Examples of the voices of Dr. Peebles and channeler Thomas Jacobson are provided with audio recording links in a recent blog article.)

Thomas would go into trance, see, right there in the studio, and bring forth Dr. Peebles.  Now Thomas is an engaging guy, very bright and articulate and interesting, but this guy Peebles was spectacular.  He always appears with a rush of words delivered in a loud, clear, ringing voice that rises and falls in eloquently expressive patterns, almost musical in its color and richness.  It is a late-nineteenth century or early-twentieth-century voice, one that you would associate with the lectern or pulpit, cultivated during a time when a lot of store was placed on projection and elocution, a time before modern electronics and power amplifiers.

Thomas sits there, in a trance, for two hours or more while Dr. Peebles takes the calls and waits out the commercial breaks, kids with the host and keeps the radio audience alternately awed and chuckling.

The Pendletons decided to observe Dr. Peebles in person and schedule an appointment for a private evening channeling session.  There was a two month wait for "this appointment with spirit" for themselves and four other people they knew.  The location was a house in seaside Palos Verdes on April 8, 1987.  The channeler Thomas Jacobson was age 38 at the time and took the group to his study.  "This was not a séance.  The room was well-lighted, snug, comfortable . . . There was just this very nice-looking guy sitting there in a sweat suit with his eyes closed and hands folded on his lap, nothing moving but his jaws and lips, talking like God . . . Spirit has a great sense of humor and great wit . . . Spirit kidded us, lovingly chastised us, praised us, taught us, counseled us—individually and collectively—and tried his best to make us understand ourselves . . . I will say that he nailed us one hundred percent and forever changed the way we think about ourselves, our lives, our reality."

We did not directly encounter Dr. Peebles again until June 1, at which time we had intended to state our interest in writing about him and to request his permission and active cooperation.  But he already knew about it, and he had some ideas of his own to contribute.  We set up a series of interviews and went to work.  The result is what follows [in this book].

The Pendletons' research eventually acquainted them with the dates of the birth and death of James Martin Peebles: March 23, 1822 - February 15, 1922.
This Peebles was from a family that originated in Scotland, settled in Northern Ireland in about 1670, then emigrated to Massachusetts in 1718.  He was a leader in the Spiritualist movement in this country and abroad, authored about a dozen books, served briefly as consul to Turkey, had a friendship with Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain), and was regarded as an eloquent and persuasive orator.

One of three sons of a Congregationalist minister, Thomas Jacobson was born in Ohio and grew up in the small town of Rochester, Michigan.  He first planned a music career and his primary instrument was the clarinet.  He left college to join the marines and served for two years with the marine band at Parris Island, South Carolina.  He later worked as a policeman and salesman, eventually realizing that he needed to find something meaningful in life.  Thomas was 28 when he became a member of a group seeking enlightenment through meditation and 'direct inspiration through trance states.'  The teacher was a trance channeler and Thomas recalled: "Dr. Peebles had told me [through another medium] that he would be coming through me when I was ready.  I just said 'Sure' . . . I wasn't even convinced at the time that he was coming through him [the other channeler]."

'Ordin' was the first 'spirit personality' to come forth through Thomas.  Among the others was the female 'Miriam.'  At first Thomas was reluctant to have Dr. Peebles coming through himself:  "I wanted it to be some other spirit, not Dr. Peebles, because William was already channeling Dr. Peebles.  I didn't want the comparison . . . But over a period of about a year he kept coming on stronger and stronger, so I just quit fighting it."

The following are some excerpts from a question and answer 'Dr. Peebles' channeling session transcript presented in the third chapter of the book.
DON: When you are present, Dr. Peebles, expressing through Thomas, are you actually here with us?

DR. PEEBLES: Oh very much, yes.

DON: You are sensibly aware of the environment?

DR. PEEBLES: Well . . . some difficulty there, Don.  I—it's—I'm really locked into this body, and so I don't visually see you as you see each other.  When I'm out of this body I don't visually see you as you see each other.  I see energy patterns and waves, like heat off hot tar, but with color and change and movement—panorama, panoramic.  In my channel I see blackness.  However, I work with other spirits, and I am able to sense you through some of my channels . . . oh, you might call them psychic, sensory ah . . . ah . . . doorways of his brain, of his mind.  This is where the channel can be very valuable, very important, very significant.

DON: We have noticed in the past when you have been counseling an individual that often they will be across the room from you, while Thomas's eyes are closed—and they are perched on the edge of their chair and almost wringing their hands as you speak to them, pursing their lips and preparing to break in, to speak while you are speaking, and we have seen you pause, evidently aware of their desire, and give them permission to speak.  Is this . . . is that an example of the psychic sensitivity?

DR. PEEBLES: Yes.  It is not because of any physical vision.  It's because between all life there is connection, there is synchronicity, there is a field of energy that is disturbed or affected by every movement and every thought—and the thoughts, the emotions behind the physical wringing of hands or pursing of lips is much stronger and . . . the thoughts and emotions have a much more dramatic effect on the field of energy than physical movements.  And so in turn, it's like I'm on the end of the rope over here, and the rope is being shaken—and I can feel it, you see.

DON: Well, on a scale of zero to ten, with man at zero and God at ten, where on that scale is the spiritual realm?

DR. PEEBLES: Well, the spiritual realm of teachers—what humans perhaps too often would call master—is the nine, the realm of nine.  Ultimately, from the absolute highest perspective, we would have to take exception to your scale and remind you that everyone is always part of ten, everyone is ten, right now, no matter what their self-image, you see.  But from the place you're looking, the way you ask the question, the locality of the teachers that we are, and others, it is of nine.

DR; PEEBLES: The truth of the universe is that all things are one.  All things want to learn and thereby they expand.  As does the universe.

Following the June 1 session with Dr. Peebles, the Pendletons completed the first four chapters of their case study book by June 19, stating in the fifth chapter: "Meanwhile we have been conducting deep interviews with Dr. Peebles on a twice-weekly basis, gathering old tapes from radio and public appearances and copying them, transcribing these miles of tapes, reviewing the material, talking daily to Thomas by telephone (usually several times each day), conducting interviews both personally and by telephone with dozens of interested individuals . . . We have dined  with Thomas several times since June 1 and attended (and taped) three of his public appearances."

An unusual experience was mentioned by Don Pendleton as having occurred on June 19 in the context of him and Linda being amazed at their progress with the book:
We think we're getting help.  We have good reason to think that, and I even got the first direct evidence of it at three o'clock this morning when I staggered out of bed with something trembling on the tendrils of the barely conscious mind, went to the study, and with eyes hardly open scribbled in a strange handwriting the epigraph to this section of the book.  [as follows]
"There's nothing theoretical about thought.  It's the realest [sic] thing in the universe.  Thought moves and thought does.  It moves against and into.  It is a force, a thing, a reality."
—Source uncertain . . .

Don mentioned that upon waking again a few hours later and looking at the writing, he found differences from his customary handwriting and commented that he would never say "the realest thing."  He  recalled having only been marginally awake and a postscript at the bottom of the page "q.-p. psychic beehives," heavily underlined, was taken to mean that Don "should query Dr. Peebles about psychic beehives, whatever the hell that is."

The incident influenced Don in articulating "a theory about how channeling works" through Thomas Jacobson —
. . . he surrenders his articulation centers to an expression of thought that is not of his own origin.  The expression of thought is not Dr. Peebles—but the thought is.  

The Pendletons explain:
Now, Dr. Peebles had told us that mind and soul are one and the same.  It is our souls that produce the thoughts that trickle through the dense matter of our brains to find expression in the matter universe.

He has told us also that Thomas is taken out of the body and held and nurtured while Dr. Peebles is present in that body.

Don Pendleton commented: "And I happen to believe that 'Dr. Peebles' is somewhat more than he has led us to believe he is.  I'm going to say it, Doc, and you can chide me later.  I believe that Dr. Peebles could be what has been referred to in Judeo-Christian literature as an archangel . . . I specifically asked him; he specifically declined to respond.  It is the only time I have ever known him to evade a question."  Presumably, the answer involving that question perhaps was untimely without all essential factors being known to the authors.  (For a perspective of transcendental communication from the Direct Voice communicator 'Mickey' who was regularly heard in the presence of medium Leslie Flint, read the blog article "Tapping the Force: Leslie Flint Recordings and Links".)

Don asked Dr. Peebles about the "psychic beehives" postscript to the automatic writing incident, saying, "Does this strike anything in you?"  Dr. Peebles related the metaphor to "my friend, Henry."
"The psychic beehives he talked about are his own symbols for my investigations when I was on Earth.  I was very fascinated by the possibilities of the psychic world and the psychic mind, and much of my work and research was dedicated to trying to formulate and categorize, organize, methodize the psychic possibilities so as to help people discover their own spiritual world."

"You'll find yourself waking up in the midst of your dream state and writing out a paragraph and a page that will give you your direction of writing for the entire week to come, sometimes for a month.  Henry, with your permission, is going to be a conduit for that, for he speaks the language of your mind.  He enjoys metaphors, he enjoys the art of suggestion, and he enjoys humor, and he's very sedate.  He says he respects you very much and you respect him very much.  He's very—he's a noble man."

"Henry was helping you to remember an ancient life in Tibet, where you were a priest of that culture, and this was in an ancient language, a mystical language . . ."

". . . it's a little poem, a little parable, of that culture that, I believe, was your own writing a long, long time ago, as a high priest."

Don wrote: "Linda, to her satisfaction, has found 'Henry'—Colonel Henry Steel Olcott—author, attorney, philosopher—who, with Helena Blavatsky and William Q. Judge, founded the Theosophical Society in 1875 and served as its first president.  Olcott and Peebles were longtime friends and associates . . . In one of the very rare books Linda has unearthed, Dr. Peebles speaks glowingly of his warm friendship with Olcott . . ."

Here is another passage from the fifth chapter.
If you have searched for love and found none, so turn with that pain to Dr. Peebles only to have him lovingly reproach you for having created within yourself conditions that numb you to the possibility of recognizing and responding to the love that is all around you, then you may go away complaining about the "generalizations" he handed you as a gift of love even though he has instructed you quite specifically as to the techniques for coming alive that put the creation of love and happiness back into your hands.

You wanted him to send you a lover.

He is telling you that he would gladly do so—indeed that all of life everywhere in the universe is devoted to that search—but to send you a lover while you are numb to love would be an exercise in futility.  He is telling you that all of life is sending lovers into your life every day in every way, yet you are not responding.  "Open your eyes and receive, my dear; we cannot open them for you, nor can we remove the numbness with which you have so carefully insulated yourself from the experience of love."

I have heard him say it fifty times in the past two weeks, in words to that effect, to a variety of people both male and female, in response to a variety of questions.  You must create your own reality.

You are doing so even when you shrug away wisdom in the further search for comfort.

The sixth chapter of the book begins:
As all great teachers of the past and present, Dr. Peebles relies heavily on metaphor, simile, analogy, and allegory in dealing with ideas that may be difficult to express in a more direct manner.

Within an  interview transcript in the seventh chapter, Dr. Peebles is asked about Earth and its biosphere as "sort of a living system . . . intimately responsive and, uh, interactive with the whole . . . Could you comment on that and perhaps relate it to the entire universe as a larger entity of somewhat the same nature?"  The response from Dr. Peebles begins "Yes; it is what we call synchronicity and the oneness of the universe" and concludes with the statement "And you are part of all life around you."

During the same conversation Dr. Peebles also commented: "There is a life force that is the intelligence of the universe, within plants for example, within the biological activity of the body . . ."  Other subjects discussed include sexuality, reincarnation, the expression "old soul," and the relationship between man and nature.  Here are some excerpts —

The nature of reincarnation, why one can in fact live so many lifetimes—hundreds and thousands—is because experience is the greater teacher.  Everyone knows what they should do for the most part, but, uh, it's another story to do it.

. . . an old soul is nothing more than a very slow learner.  [Laughter.]  Yes.  You could use that as one of the quotes in the front of the book.

I would say from our vantage point, consistently, one of the first areas of healing, resolution for individual breakthrough, individual growth, and experience of love, and for planetary healing, is the relationship between humans and the rest of nature, starting with animals.

[in response to the question "How many channels are you working with, at the present—working through?"]  Ah, well, let's keep it in North America for now.  That will keep it simple.  I work around the world through various channels and in North America, let's see, there are twenty-five different channels I come through.  There are others who are stretching for my presence and those that I work with and represent, and that's wonderful, but there's some more stretching to do before becoming effective channels.

It is mentioned concerning the Dr. Peebles transcript featured in chapter 7 (that includes observations about sexuality) "Thomas turned beet-red when he read the transcript of portions of this chapter."
Here are some of the overview paragraphs presented by the authors describing the teachings of Dr. Peebles in chapter 10.
Dr. Peebles comes to us as a graduate [of the 'school' of Earth], and he brings three "simple" tools as aids to our studies:

•  The first is Loving Allowance for all things to be, in their own time and place, beginning with your self.
•  The second is Increased Communications with all of life everywhere, and with respect.
•  The third is Self-Responsibility, for you are the eternal creator of your own experience, never the victim.

Evil, as a force or power, is notably absent from the world according to Dr. Peebles.  Whatever devils or demons may exist are created by human consciousness in this school of hard knocks—and everything that we perceive as evil is ultimately resolved in Spirit as an errant aspect of consciousness.

The book includes quoted perspectives of people who've interacted with Dr. Peebles during the radio broadcasts or public channeling sessions.  One of these private session attendees wrote:

This marvelous medium, Thomas Jacobson, in tandem with the wise and wonderful Dr. James Peebles, creates a living flesh-and-spirit catalyst for transformational growth.  The operative principles offered do work when earnestly applied, and there is a palpable love that emanates from both Dr. Peebles and Thomas.

In 1987, just prior to the observance of the Harmonic Convergence, I chanced to hear Thomas Jacobson channeling Dr. James Peebles on KFOX radio.  I was immediately struck by his power of insight and genuine compassion as he probed, counseled, and inspired troubled souls seeking guidance.

Immediately I resolved to attend a public channeling session at the Gathering Place, and for the next months I closely scrutinized this wonderful phenomenon of spirit possessing flesh and commanding the undivided attention of a roomful of strangers and admirers.

My earlier life of violence and imprisonment had prepared me to recognize a scam, but my "mean-streets smarts" and intuition told me that this fusion of Thomas and Dr. Peebles was genuine and positive and alive.

I can relate to Dr. Peebles's own history of some three hundred and fifty lives on this planet, learning and relearning the lessons of spirit and consciousness.  He has inspired me as perhaps no other entity could.  I love, respect, and honor this brilliant soul and his teachings.

Following my release from prison in 1963, I had become active on the political left and, subsequently, developed an elitist, "servant of the people" mindset.  I believed that I was better than others—different, handsomer, more creative, tougher, and brighter than anyone else.  My life was confrontive and I battled all who dared to differ with me.  It was an ages-old impulse that came easily and quickly, and it had gotten me into a whole lot of trouble.

In one of my private sessions, Dr. Peebles identified for me a life in Greece several thousand years ago where I was a prominent military authority.  In that life, I was responsible for the deaths of many who resisted my desire to impose Greek culture upon the world.  "You weren't cruel, just convinced," Dr. Peebles advised me, but intuitively this cut me to the quick and I wept, for I recognized that Grecian experience as the genesis of my intolerance of other points of view during this lifetime—and the recognition came at a very deep level of cognizance, so deep that there was no mistaking the carryover into this life.
At a public session on February 25, 1988, 'Bob,' the father of a man who'd recently committed suicide, asked how the two of them had been connected in the past.
Dr. Peebles immediately replied.  "You were brothers.  I believe you've dreamed of this, as well—uh, brothers in the distant past and you delighted in going through thick and thin together.  You saved each other's lives I don't know how many times!—ah, through thick and thin."

There then followed a large outline of their past lives together as Dr. Peebles elaborated many life cycles in which they began to draw apart and lose this very close friendship—a movement totally related to power issues—"who's in control?"  Then both began a cycle of loneliness, seeing others and avoiding them as mere performers in an act rather than as family members—then blaming others for the sense of loneliness—with much anger and frustration.  In one interesting series, Collin [the son] became Bob's father in the earthly environment and then his son, for a "balancing of the scales," and this brings us into current time.

Dr. Peebles continued: "There was a bit of conflict in this [present] life, but especially you are comrades of the deepest nature as souls who really just want to be strong and provide for the other and prove your love."
In another public gathering on June 24, 1986, Dr. Peebles spoke about individuals in context with the countries of the world and the ongoing predicament of creating one's reality.
Well, your governments—your governments that represent you nationally—are a reflection of what all of you have asked for and sought.  That is a desire for safety.  This is shared by all humanity, regardless of nationality, because all human beings have, remember, temporary illusions of separation.

What does that mean, temporary illusions of separation?  What is the impact of that reality?  Well, with separation there is a fear—there is an automatic belief that there are those things that are different from you—otherwise you wouldn't be separate from them, would you?

And if they are different from you, are they compatible?—must you not think about them?—must you not ponder them before you can be intimate?—and in the meantime, until you make that decision to be intimate, must you not protect yourself from possible threat in case they are not comfortable to your energy?

Well, that starts with the illusions of separation, which is an illusion, but it is a lived reality.  It is carried out as a reality in each and every day, and I don't mean Chinese on the other side of the world, I mean you: listening to these words.

The illusions of separation, then, is a personal experience—whether it be in Iran, Russia, Washington, D.C. and the White House, or in the country land of Minnesota.  It is a shared phenomenon upon which all governments are built.  All governments are built upon religion.  All religions are built upon not only the hopes but especially the fears of mankind; which predominantly there is that of survival: to survive, to continue.

How will you then create peace on Earth?  It is through peace within yourself.  How often have you marched?  How often have you written to your senators?  How often have you wanted in your mind to increase your communication for greater peace on Earth?  How often have you felt indignant at the increased terrorism and the nuclear warfare?

And then someone in ragged clothes the next day walks by you and asks you for a quarter; and you are offended; and you leave them.

You speak of love by healing the planet Earth; you speak of peace by eliminating weaponry; and then you ignore your brother next door.  To understand the nature of terrorism, to understand the nature of nuclear war, do not look to Washington, D.C.; do not look to Moscow; look within your own heart.

Understand your weaponry, understand your fears, so that you can empathize with Moscow and you can empathize with Washington, D. C., instead of the massive illusions of separation.  For only with the empathy can there begin to be union.

But then there's a new problem.  How do you define union?  Union is not collective agreement.  Union is allowance—indeed, fascination—with disagreement.  Lack of allowance of disagreement, and the force to create agreement, is lack of union.

Celebrate, celebrate—for you are eternal.  You cannot fail, and all the challenges of Earth are nothing but schoolbooks in a big school—a big classroom—called planet Earth, where you are guaranteed graduation, eventually—sometimes rather slowly for a few of us—us elderly souls of the planet Earth—wise but still reincarnating, aren't we.

To Dance with Angels is a book with 14 chapters, Introduction and Afterword.

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The Thomas Jacobson/'Dr. Peebles' Channeling Case


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