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What Do People Ignorant about 'Channelers' Find Unbelievable?

Those who scoff at 'channeling' and 'channelers' are ignorant about what they are denying.  The evidence for this is the complexity of the perspectives offered in recordings and transcripts; along with the in-depth case study books that are readily available.
I've noticed that even some of the regular readers of this blog may be skipping the articles about 'channeling.'  To date, blog statistics reveal that none of the articles with the most pageviews are about contemporary channelers whose lives are extensively documented.  Readers knowledgeable about this topic such as myself can only conclude that people not interested in learning about channeling are either completely ignorant about the phenomena or they have reached a conclusion based on incorrect reports and preconceived notions.
Two recent blog articles that provide a beginning point for readers—including so-called skeptics, disbelievers and denialists of channeling (so that they might reconsider their orientation)are "Some Observations about 'Channeling'" and "Channeling Cases — Articles and Links Index".  As I mention elsewhere at this blog: "Readers should never limit their data sources to mainstream commercial media known to avoid any facts perceived as possibly alienating audience and advertisers."
I've reminded in recent articles (1, 2): "Transcendental communication transcripts include commentary about the need to elucidate metaphysical truths in a metaphorical way due to the limited understanding of people on Earth" while ". . . transcendental communication can be limited by the beliefs of those experiencing the contact and thus reflect those beliefs."  Also to consider as mentioned in a recent news release is how something that may be surprising to contemporary people first witnessing what has been termed "Deep Trance," "Overshadowing" or "Total Takeover" channeling is that these visitors from the ascended realm are not without a sense of humor.
Transcripts and recordings of transcendental communicators show perspectives of life often including idiosyncratic choices of wording while there is agreement in regard to many metaphysical aspects of reality in the ascended state of existence.  The pronoun "we" has been heard intermittently among many prominent channeling cases.  (See "'We' and the Mediums of Oneness").

 This diagram presents information about different levels of the ascended realm of existence.  The page is a teaching resource used by 'Paul' channeled through Ray Brown.  The unusual partnership is renowned for facilitating spiritual healing in the United Kingdom.  (Click twice on image for larger magnification.)

Concerning 'Dr. Peebles' as channeled by Thomas Jacobson, the voice and personality is glaringly different from the channeler's.  The video links below provide recordings offering examples of the voices of the channeled 'entity' (with a sequence of three videos) and the 'channeler' in his usual state of consciousness.  When 'Dr. Peebles' comments about what you have chosen to experience in this lifetime, consider what aspect of yourself is being signified.  During the three videos of the audio recording, Dr. Peebles speaks about such topics as the importance of forgiveness and what is the actual motivation for someone judging another.  Also heard in the video of the audio recording is Dr. Peebles saying: "Of course you have things to learn.  That's why you're here . . . The nature of reality is such — you are striving to see your Oneness . . . my dear friends, we love you.  You are surrounded by the Spirit.  We follow you down the street when you're talking to each other.  We have a great time watching you and we thank you for being human beings."

During the video of Eldon Taylor's interview with channeler Thomas Jacobson "Provocative Enlightenment Presents: Our Labor of Love with Thomas Jacobson", the medium and channeler was introduced as having begun channeling 'Dr. Peebles' in the late '70s.  Thomas recounted considering life after death and mediumship: "The only solution I saw logically in this finite moment of time back then was if I could become a medium then I'd know."  A transformative moment in his life occurred after conducting research for two years and taking meditation classes.  He was considering ending his research.  ". . . And then all of a sudden I had that physical involuntary contraction in my solar plexus but this time it became the — like a pump pumping hugely a rush of air up through my lungs, my esophagus out through my voicebox creating sound . . . I knew I wasn't doing this and now I also did argue with myself at the same time maybe perhaps it's some other part of me.  But even if it is, I'm still blown away because this isn't my conscious self.  I'm not doing this."  Thomas decided to continue his research.  " . . . finally what happened was that Spirit was able to gain more presence around and through parts of my body and I on the other hand as the other half of it was increasingly able to surrender to an exceptional and even extraordinary degree so that they could have a genuine increasingly lasting effect upon my brain — through my brain and my body."   'They' eventually became 'Dr. Peebles.'
Thomas commented during the interview:

When I would hear Spirit — Dr. Peebles talking to people — when I had a private session, Dr. Peebles — all I knew — I knew the person's first name for the sake of scheduling.  That was it.  Dr. Peebles would come through and 80 — 70 per cent of the time more or less the person sitting in front of me was a total stranger.  And Dr. Peebles without — would speak to them for anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes nonstop about their soul.  About who they are.  And he'd begin with a rendition of some of their past lives and how each of them related to each other.  How one life led to another and why.  And then how those lives accumulatively led to this life and why.  And how that in turn led to some of their circumstance[s] of earlier in this life and their present condition situation.  And what their challenges and potentials are present/future.  And always with the aptitude of great love, great service, great encouragement always.  Always wanting to lift people and encourage people.

A case study book about Thomas Jacobson channeling Dr. Peebles is To Dance with Angels (1990) by Don and Linda Pendleton of Southern California.  Notes provided on the book jacket inside flaps identify James Martin Peebles as having been "born in Vermont in 1822 and died nearly one hundred years later in Los Angeles.  Clergyman, physician, author, and world traveler, he was highly active on Earth and, from the other side, has remained keenly interested in human destiny, regarding communication with Earth as 'my greatest recreation, greatest pleasure, and most extraordinary growth."  The Pendletons are quoted: " . . . it became a book that had to be written.  We could not have kept this information to ourselves."
To Dance with Angels includes commentary of 'Dr. Peebles' about a new age—the Age of Aquarius—that is documented to have been announced by numerous channeled 'entities':

". . . at the turn of the century you are upon a new age.  There is no need for anyone to feel disconcerted or offended by that concept, but instead to celebrate the new with awareness that the new always incorporates the old, without exception but with a new twist, a new slant, another review."

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What Do People Ignorant about 'Channelers' Find Unbelievable?


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