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Paranormal Phenomena As Divine Revelation

This image from a video shows Deborah Moffitt with some of the apports (materialized objects) that appeared within her home.  In 2015 Deborah brought to publication Unwelcomed, the case study of the strange events that manifested in the presence of her family.  Links to interview recordings of Deborah are collected at, including the radio show "Coast to Coast AM."

The subject of eight preceding blog articles, "the true story of  the Moffitt family haunting" in Southern California is chronicled in Deborah Moffitt's Unwelcomed.  The events occurred in Rancho Cucamonga and places visited by the family between 1987 and 1992.  The book encourages readers to reflect about metaphysical aspects of life and research further to consider links with other documented cases of paranormal phenomena.

Some vast number of people across the world contemplate the nature of God within organized religions—commonly these are inherited traditions—perhaps without ever realizing that 'paranormal' case studies offer another way of expanding one's spiritual awareness of life.  Concerning the case study of an extensively documented 'talking poltergeist' case that took place in Enfield, This House is Haunted (1980) by Guy Lyon Playfair, audio recordings blatantly confirm the paranormality of the voice manifestations; as do recordings of Direct Voice phenomena heard in the presence of medium Leslie Flint, another English case of transcendental communication.

Here are two videos offering examples of transcendental communication: "Enfield Poltergeist Real Voice Recordings (Bill)" and a Leslie Flint Direct Voice recording "Brother Boniface [about] What is God"; while a recent blog article offered an article and video link index of channeling cases.

Only in hindsight may one consider that it would have been beneficial if Moffitt family members had decided to learn about other cases of 'paranormal phenomena' instead of accepting the manifestations to be that of a demon; nonetheless, the family must be typical of a large proportion of the public conditioned to respond to so-called 'unexplained phenomena' from entertaining novels, movies and television shows without intellectual merit.  An Unwelcomed photo caption divulges: "The entity often referred to us as fools."  Deborah also acknowledged: "One thing I can say about the entity was that it did have a sense of humor."

Rancho Cucamonga is part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.  The name 'Los Angeles' is Spanish for 'the angels.'  In 1995 I returned home to my Los Angeles condo after observing diverse so-called 'talking poltergeist' phenomena in Oklahoma only to continue experiencing phenomenal events.  Experience brought the knowledge that made possible further understanding the significance of anomalous phenomena documented in numerous books yet often ignored by people unable to develop a perspective of esoteric data, including observable links between cases.

In the Moffitt case study book, some messages displayed in photographs of Mirror Writing Messages are particularly revealing in light of the other 'talking poltergeist' case patterns:

gary is me I am him (p. 295)

Bill is me (p. 304)

andre is me (p. 305)

As indicated by the blog article of last week, there is chronicled in the 'talking poltergeist' case of the early 19th Century known as the 'Bell Witch' (nicknamed 'Kate' by the Bell family) occasions when similar remarks were heard from the voice of an unseen entity.  M. V. Ingram's An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch was published in 1894 and included eyewitness reports that included the following excerpts of disembodied communication.

Then it said, "Bennett, you will try to kill me if I visit your house."  "No I won't," replied Porter.  "Oh, but I know you," replied the witch, "but I have been to your house.  Do you remember that bird you thought sung so sweet the other morning?"  "Yes," replied Porter.  "Well that was me."  Then continued the witch, "Bennett, didn't you see the biggest and poorest old rabbit that you ever saw in your life, as you came on here this evening?"  "Yes," replied Mr. Porter.  "Well that was me," said the witch, and then bursted into laughter. (p. 267/8)

"Now," says Kate, "I am your stepmother."  Father replied, "Kate, you know you are lying; my stepmother is a good woman, and the best friend I have.  She would not do so many mean things as you are guilty of."  "Now," replied Kate, "I can prove it to you."  Grandmother Johnson had an unruly servant who would go wrong, irritating her very much, and the old lady was constantly after Rachel, raising a sharp storm about her ears.  Father said the witch at once assumed the voice and tone of his step-mother, and got after Rachel.  "Tut, tut, Rachel, what makes you do so," imitating grandmother exactly. (p. 283/4)

Another documented 'talking poltergeist' is known as the 'Gef' case that occurred to a family living on the Isle of Man.  The strange occurrences commenced in 1931 and lasted for seven or eight years.  As mentioned in a previous blog article — in addition to a mongoose, Gef is reported to have identified himself as "a ghost in the form of a weasel," "a large stray cat," "the fifth dimension," "the eighth wonder of the world," and "the Holy Ghost."  On one occasion, Gef also found a way of intimating that he was also his host family's dog.  And what about the synchronicity of the "mutational mutterings" of the parrot encountered by Harry Price during his investigatory visit to the Isle of Man (as mentioned in his 1936 memoir Confessions of a Ghost Hunter).

At this point, the reader should be reminded that an anomalous message found written on a wall in the Moffitts' house was designated to be from "the holy trinity."  The Mirror Writing messages with the word "die" perhaps remind that one's current human incarnation and circumstances will end; however, as heard in the Leslie Flint direct voice recording (above) as individual and separate personalities "we have when on Earth a physical body and when away from the physical through death we have an astral body.  And when away from the astral planes we have a spiritual body."

Here are two excerpts from Unwelcomed concerning the mother-in-law Lee experiencing a confusing telephone call among other unusual phone call circumstances —
I heard her ask a few questions. then she hung up the phone slowly.  When we asked her who it was, she replied that it was a plumber.  He said that he knew about our problem and that he'd be right over.  The problem was that we hadn't called or told anyone about the spontaneous waterfall on our staircase.  Later we found a message on the mirror that said "that was me on the phone."

Lee went to several doctor's appointments only to find that they had been canceled.  The strange part was that the ones they had made the appointments with swore that they received calls from the ones who arranged it to cancel.  One day we got a call from Betty out of the blue.  She told us that Gary was a fraud and we couldn't trust him.  When we got another call from her the next day, she seemed to have no memory of the conversation the day before.  When we brought her up to speed on the contents of the discussion, she firmly denied having called the day before.

Like the Moffitts, there have occasionally been situations during the last 21+ years when it was challenging for me to differentiate between unusual chance occurrences and veritable anomalous interactions.  One of the things that has consistently amazed me over the years is how many of my friends and acquaintances have spontaneously made some suggestion during casual conversation that turned out to be the solution to the quandary of the moment.  For example, last month I had caught some manner of gastroenteritis that didn't seem to be going away.  One morning people who were chance acquaintances kept recommending me to get an antibiotic.  Later that week, my doctor prescribed the antibiotic Amoxicillin and this turned out to be an effective treatment.
A longtime experiencer of 'paranormal events' such as myself recognizes the extent of the influence that 'synchronicity' has concerning an individual's life.  An example of this predicament is spotting a T-shirt or bumper sticker presenting some trendy message that happens to coincide with something you are experiencing or feeling.  One might realize that if you had been delayed by something for only a matter of seconds, the message would not have been seen.  The moment indicates that your thoughts and those of the message giver are each influenced by an intermediary organizing Force.  It is this Force that is the source for psychic phenomena and, for example, through a fortune teller's subconscious mind directs the shuffling of the deck of cards being used.  Synchronicity is a facet of existence to be understood as metaphysically revealing; however, not every encountered 'message' one notices in daily life may be meaningful to the onlooker and instead should be considered merely as the self-expression of the message giver.

Deborah Moffitt chronicled in Unwelcomed various symbols left by 'Mr. Entity' along with materialized 'apports' as well as familiar objects found displaced that correlate with incidents described in other paranormal case histories.  These materialized objects include triangular or pyramid-shaped rocks, a bell, and a pendulum with a face motif.  She wrote: "A triangle with a tail seemed to be the dominant sign."  The anomalous mirror writing messages are reported to have included foreign languages.  Here are some comparable passages from the 'Gef' Isle of Man case.
. . . he ['Gef'] has also, more playfully, thrown stones, sand, pins, and other objects at the backs of members of the Irving family and at visitors.  During our own visit to Doarlish Cashen we were shown, and took away with us, several such apports, including certain small wooden objects which are apparently Indian chessmen or draughtsmen, made of boxwood, and possibly turned on a native Indian lathe.

Many of the events related by Irving can be classified by those experienced in psychical research as belonging to the class of 'poltergeist' phenomena.  Amongst these are . . . the thumping, scratching, rapping, and banging noises which he makes behind the panelling and in the rafters of the house; and the movement of furniture.

May 19th.  [1932]  Gef throws a small bell into the kitchen, saying that he had taken it off some harness in a stable at Shenvalla, three miles away.

July 26th.  [1934]  Gef, in high glee, sings three verses of "Ellan Vannin," then two Spanish and one Welsh verse, then says prayer in Hebrew and a sentence in Flemish.

Similar to some of the startling mirror writing messages, Gef at times showed a wry wit and is quoted to have made such statements with intriguing intimations as (to Mrs. Irving): "Maggie the witchwoman, the Zulu woman, the Algerian woman, the Honolulu woman!"; "Ask Harry Price whose was the invisible hand that scattered the violets about the room at night.  You know, Olga and Rudi Schneider."  Gef was quoted about Price: "He's the man who puts the kybosh on the spirits!"  Also mentioned in the case study book about the Gef case: "In response to questions, declares he [Gef] has been in Africa, and has seen the Sphinx and Great Pyramid."  For more details see the article "'Gef': A Modern Sphinx as an Esoteric Lesson about Oneness".
The Moffitt family may not have moved to a new residence if they'd read this passage from an 18th Century 'talking poltergeist' account from Scotland ("Donald Ban and the Bocan"):
In the end Donald resolved to change his abode, to see whether he could in that way escape from the visitations.   He took all his possessions with him except a harrow, which was left beside the wall of the house, but before the party had gone far on the road the harrow was seen coming after them.  “Stop, stop,” said Donald; “if the harrow is coming after us, we may just as well go back again.”

Unusual parallels to the assorted paranormal manifestations described by Deborah Moffitt may be found in other case studies of transcendental communication.  For example, the wheel diagrams shown in photographs in Unwelcomed may lead consistent blog readers to recall the title metaphor of the nonfiction book The Wheel of Eternity (1974) by Helen Greaves (the topic of three blog articles).  K. G. Cuming commented about Helen Greaves in a Foreword to that book: ". . . she has been used by Higher Powers as a means of bringing the light of understanding to earthbound souls . . . The more one studies the many purported communications from the Life Beyond . . . the more one realises the consistency of accounts from differing, independent sources."
Another facet of the Moffitt family haunting is that Lee's religious objects (porcelain statues of saints) had their heads and left arms ripped off.  These incidents can be compared with a passage in medium Daniel Dunglas Home's 1864 autobiography Incidents In My Life.  A letter by William Howitt included the following testimonial of an incident that occurred at a seance conducted by Home.
“Then the spirits went to a shrine of bronze idols, belonging to the lady of the house, who bought them in India.   Some of these are very heavy.  They pitched them down on the floor, and with such violence that the clash might have been heard all over the house.  The larger of these idols—perhaps all—of that I am not uncertain—unscrew, and the screws work exactly the opposite ways to our screws; but the spirits unscrewed them, and pummeled their heads lustily on the floor, saying, through the alphabet, ‘You must all do your best to destroy idolatry, both in India and in England, where it prevails in numerous ways.  Idolatry of rank, idolatry of wealth, idolatry of self, idolatry of mere intellect and learning,’ &c., &c."

In his book Home lamented Spiritualism being ridiculed by the ignorant: "We ought certainly make some allowance for those ignorant persons who sit quietly at home, saying that such things are impossible, without ever having taken the trouble to try to witness them, or to get together even the first elements for forming a judgment upon them.  These are not so unjust and dishonest as that other class . . . who, in the interests of what they consider their position in the scientific world, have no scruple in telling falsehoods, and in denying what they have seen, and in deceiving still further the former class of merely ignorant persons."

Viscount Adare’s book Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr. D. D. Home (1869) provides transcripts of transcendental communication spoken through the entranced medium.  Seance No. 25 includes the following response to the question, “As it is so difficult to influence men are you not constantly endeavoring to do certain things and failing?”
But spiritual influence has much more to do with the affairs of the world than what you  dream of.  All inspiration, poetry, improvising as in the case of the old Troubadours,—all that is owing to it—everything in fact, is set in motion by spiritual interference.  To those who pray earnestly for and seek for light and truth, light will certainly be given; our greatest difficulty is the folly of men’s hearts, and their blindness.  There are thousands of men who pray that rather than that Spiritualism should be understood, men should believe it to be the work of the devil; to advance themselves one day only, they would retard the progress of the world for ages.  Every prayer has its effect, and every aspiration and wish is a prayer; it is not necessary to go down on your bended knees to pray.

Passages in Unwelcomed describe contradictory conversations and at times bizarre behavior from Deborah's father-in-law Bill Sr., including brief interims when it seemed he "became possessed by the entity."  Contemporary orientations concerning 'possession' is often associated with a 'demon' — a term that might be defined as any spiritual manifestation interpreted in a negative mannerIn the book Testament (Tape #13, Side #1) presenting the documentary-style case study of my own experiences, one of my most unexpected experiences is described:
My most desperate moment occurred in a sudden perceived change from the state of warmth, peace and joy that had accompanied my spoken revelations to others about reincarnation and Judgement Day.  I no longer felt connected to this greater Presence and abruptly felt myself separate and alone in a familiar yet barren physical reality.  I was convinced that the Spirit had been controlling my thoughts and actions for a brief period due to a motive I was still trying to ascertain and I understood it could do this again at any moment for any purpose.  I called my brother and told him, “The possession is over.  I want to die.”  I was worried this Spirit that had been called witch/alien/poltergeist could be demonic and the love and goodness that I had recognized was my illusion.  Soon, my brother and friends James and Fiona showed up at my condo with a large black man from a mental facility.  During my stay there, many bizarre things occurred as Michael continued to reveal Himself to me.  In order for me to be released from the facility, I had to find a psychiatrist and begin therapy.  My brother located one experienced in the paranormal.  I was released after five days although this had seemed like a much longer period.  At this time, I began going to the gym and became a volunteer at Aids Project Los Angeles.
I've talked about the incident and aftermath during radio interviews (including "Night Search").  The important consideration here is the question of where do our thoughts come from and if we can be influenced by our "higher self" without knowing it at the time, one's concept of the "self" becomes something more complicated than previously imagined.  

One of the previous blog articles chronicles parallels between the case studies presented in Unwelcomed and Testament.  There are some ironies concerning my having worked as a publicist at Paramount Pictures prior to becoming a metaphysical author.  Medium Brian Hurst wrote the Foreword to Unwelcomed and mentioned having resided in the vicinity of the Hollywood studio.  The grandfather of Deborah's husband is identified in the book as Andre Cuccia, who was a "member of one of the Cosa Nostra families in California.  Cosa Nostra is better known as the Sicilian Mafia."  Concurrent during part of the time period of the Moffitt family haunting, I was employed as a publicist at Paramount Pictures and one of the films was "The Godfather, Part III" (1990).  This was prior to my unusual spiritual awakening and at the time I thought little about the fact that my work was helping to glamorize a fictionalized criminal lifestyle ("Sicilian Mafia") in the minds of impressionable viewers.

One of the mirror writing messages to appear was "no juice."  I knew the meaning of this expression because another Paramount movie I'd helped publicize was "Juice" (1992).  As stated in the film’s production information, violence is powerfully seductive in the tough world of four young men coming of age on the streets of Harlem: “Without ‘juice’ (respect) they have no status on the streets.”

There were many movies with paranormal or metaphysical themes that I contemplated while 'positioning' and writing publicity materials for Paramount movies, including "The Addams Family," "Almost An Angel," "The Butcher's Wife," "Coneheads," "Dead Again," "Fire In The Sky," a couple "Friday the 13th" films, "Ghost," "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," "The Indian in the Cupboard," "Leap of Faith," "Pet Sematary," "Scrooged," several "Star Trek" films, "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie," "Vampire in Brooklyn," "Virtuosity," "We're No Angels," and a reissue of "The Ten Commandments."  While working as a publicity writer for Paramount, in my spare time I was researching and writing about the paranormal.  These experiences provided me with a unique perspective upon finding myself experiencing a bizarre sequence of events beyond anything I’d seen on the screen.  Today I am an example of how an individual can discriminate beyond superficial cultural programming fostered by commercial media.  Beyond this, one of the quandaries of contemporary life is the 'bad news' that seems to dominate the commercial news media.  When one considers the billions of people in the world, it is proof of moral progress for most of humanity when one considers that criminality statistics are proportionately small yet undoubtedly these numbers are meaningless if you find yourself a casualty.  All too often cases associated with the 'paranormal' are overlooked regarding the 'good news' that at times is so clearly perceptible.

Since becoming a blogger commenting about paranormal and metaphysical subjects, I've noticed that many photographs of paranormal manifestations are assumed to be hoaxes by contemporary people who haven't taken the time to closely investigate and research particular cases.  After discovering some prominent 'spirit messages' while transcribing my Oklahoma interviews, I learned about Electronic Voice Phenomena ('EVP') and now recognize (as I've mentioned previously) that EVP may be obtained anywhere with all varieties of recording devices.  Listen closely to unedited radio or TV broadcasts/recordings and you may be surprised.  While watching people speak, I've also noticed instances when people make unconscious utterances such as "no," thus negating what they are consciously stating.  This is further evidence of the spiritual Force constituting a shared subconscious among all people.

Concerning the mirror writing message photographs presented in Deborah's book, the piecemeal nature of the extant photos is unfortunate yet allusions to individual karma and reincarnation are reported in the book as well as her recorded interviews.  Among the unusual names included in the mirror writing are 'Baal' and 'Meta' with the latter seen in the sentence "debbie can stop meta not me."  I found a contemporary definition for 'Meta' online:

A term, especially in art, used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential.

Deborah wrote in the book that simultaneous with the rituals used by "supposed experts in the field of the paranormal" as they tried to get rid of 'Mr. Entity,' there came such mirror messages as "I want a blood ritual."  There are two possible responses to this situation from my perspective.  The first is to remind that travesty can also be a form of metaphor as transcendental communication can be limited by the beliefs of those experiencing the contact and thus reflect those beliefs.  The second is that in relation to transcendental messages about sacrifice, at times metaphorical implications may have been overlooked.  There is an aspect of life that is indeed a 'morality ("CON")test'—this utterance in parentheses was an EVP message heard while I was transcribing the audio tapes for Testament—and the 'christed one' or 'initiate of spiritual wisdom' is needed to make a sacrifice of oneself (relinquishing the demands of the personal ego) to help expand the consciousness of others. 

Deborah Moffitt has made statements during interviews that there has been no anomalous phenomena since the circumstances involving Gary's final departure from the family's house.  However, when one considers the noticeable parallels between paranormal cases, concepts such as 'Synchronicity' and spiritual Oneness/'Nonlocality,' and instances of EVP that are audible during her interview recordings, a different awareness becomes possible.

During a 2014 interview, 'Ramtha' channeled through JZ Knight commented about 'demons': "It is an admission of superstition.  The sooner we get rid of 'demons' the sooner we close the books on the back story . . . People always cower in the face of fear and superstition.  When you get rid of that, now we can start living in exciting times." 

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Paranormal Phenomena As Divine Revelation


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