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No Medium Was Needed for These Paranormal Mirror Writing Messages

Photos of the Mirror writing include cryptic symbols (4-18-89). 

The following are some of the messages found mysteriously written in soap on the bathroom mirror as shown in photographs documenting the Moffitt family 'poltergeist' case that occurred in Southern California 1987-1992 as chronicled in Unwelcomed (2015) by Deborah Moffitt.  Ellipses indicate unreadable portions as lightbulb glare prevents some words from being legible.  The photos were taken under expedient circumstances and more than two decades would pass before Deborah decided to publish a book about her family's haunting.

talk to me


Lee Die (1-13-88)

danger in Room (1-14-88) 

nini fire and death (1-25-88)  ['Ni-Ni' is a childhood nickname for Lee]

no escape (1-27-88)

I Hate Lee

board or burn (Deborah commented in Unwelcomed: "The entity wanted us to use a Ouija Board for communication.")

fools (2-22-88)

andre give me your blood freely if I have to get it it will be painful ask lee (6-30-89; 'lee' is cursive while the other words are printed)

9 we love bill you will see (9-89)

bring you gifts . . . bringeth more gifts . . .

Lee die first . . . hide in bill he can kill Lee (5-25-89)

the little boy is innocent he doesn't know me (written on the microwave exterior 6-27-89)

Bill will . . . a cripple unless he . . . us

gods [or god's (top of word not shown)] fairy tale andre ritual or I destroy (7-89)

. . . marcel will suffer pew . . . henri will scare . . . blood ritual . . . (7-8-89)

andre will stick the spear into marcel's heart (7-9-89)

I got your chain and the cross I can enter him without his cross

. . . nutsy is . . . satan andre nuts . . .

Andre is a vessel of hate andre must . . . this rit . . . of treason crazy

Andre hates Lena more than I do fireworks Thursday not tomorrow

. . . whore Bill is me die yes from Congo

u feed us Satanico 4 (4 is encircled) . . . Lee die

andre is me andre will do my job rogo is a homo


he must pay for his betrayal you don't know the real andre (7-11-90)

Stop protecting lena bring me marcel (7-14-90)

andre once f**ked madame dubarry left handed whore . . .(7-90)

debbie can stop meta not me

lena is mine / he promised her to save his soul / we were brothers in the holy . . . (90)

. . . nini is mine now (90)

gary is me I am him not stable enough all empty vessel I want to stay here

I will not work with an inferior being will defeat him if I must

no integrity no homage no depth no character no substance no word I will stop him in his pursuit

I am ready to leave here when you are marcel we must go on with our life you are now mine my servant

goodbye my family

Among many mysterious and bizarre paranormal phenomena experienced by her family, Deborah described the Mirror Writing Messages as "one of the most amazing, confusing and unique phenomena I have ever experienced."

The Mirror Writing aspect of the case correlates with 'talking poltergeist' cases such as those that occurred in Centrahoma, Oklahoma (as mentioned previously) and the Enfield, England case (1, 2) that was chronicled in This House is Haunted: An Investigation of the Enfield Poltergeist (1980) by Guy Lyon Playfair.  The following passages are two excerpts from the book.
Then there was the writing that regularly appeared on the bathroom walls and mirror.  This was usually some inspiring message like "I AM FRED" or just "SHIT," but one day a most unusual word appeared, which was written in soap on the bathroom mirror.  It was clearly spelt Q, U, L, I, T.

And what was Brenda Burcombe supposed to think the day her pork pie disappeared?  She had bought one for her lunch and taken it home, leaving it on the kitchen table.  Soon afterwards, it just disappeared, and Brenda never found it, although she even went back to see if she had left it in the shop.  Later that day, a message appeared scrawled on the Harpers' bathroom mirror:

"I'VE GOT YOUR PORK PIE."  Rose, who knew nothing about Brenda's missing lunch, rubbed the mirror clean when she got home from school, but after she had finished her tea, she went into the bathroom to find exactly the same message on the mirror.

Concerning the Moffitt Family case, the mirror writing messages as preserved in extant photographs are only a small portion of the discussions that occurred.  Deborah explained in the book:
One thing that struck me is that it never wrote in front of us.  It waited until we left the room.  Given even a few seconds a new message would be there when we opened the door.  At first it didn't respond to our questions.  It seemed like it had an agenda.

Running commentary on our lives and conversations became the main topic of his ['Mr. Entity'] communications.

Some days the writing on the mirror was nonstop.  I had to constantly go into the bathroom and wipe the mirrors so he ['Mr. Entity'] had a place to write.

It was estimated that there were taken around 1,000 photographs of the messages on mirror and walls along with the other occurrences.  Most of the photos were "destroyed on the advice by supposed experts in the field of the paranormal."  Deborah has talked about finding the photos after the passing of her husband.  Bill's sports memorabilia shows a collector's mentality and one might speculate that he might've himself been planning to write a book about the case; however, he is described as having been fearful of the phenomena.  As photos are seen from the earliest instances of the mirror messages to the last of them, one might wonder if 'Mr. Entity' is responsible for preserving the extant collection.  After all, one might consider the incident of John Dee and Edward Kelly's Visitor from the Ascended Realm.

Consistent readers of this blog may recall my mentioning the parallel between this case and what has been reported about the 19th Century 'Bell Witch' talking poltergeist case.  Richard Williams Bell wrote in memoirs that the 'witch' (unseen speaking entity) had a high regard for his mother while manifesting a dislike for his father.  The mother-in-law Lee was also a focus of taunting as chronicled in the Moffitt case.  The gamut of mysterious events recorded about the Bell Witch case are chronicled to have occurred between 1817 and 1821 (see previous article).  
One of the symbolic manifestations incorporated a photograph of Deborah Moffitt's mother-in-law.  Lee was a devoted Catholic although she hadn't belonged to a church for many years  (11-1-88)

The outrageous aspects of some of the mirror writing messages and the fact that no family member was seriously injured during the haunting remind me of the "I will manifest all your fears" philosophizing of 'Ramtha the Enlightened One' (channeled through JZ Knight) that also includes intermittent 'verbiage contradictions.'  An extensive list of books and recordings document this complex case of transcendental communication.  Titles of some of the published Ramtha discourse transcripts include When Fairy Tales Do Come True (2003), Parallel Lifetimes: Fluctuations in the Quantum Field (2003, revised edition 2007) and The New March: Developing a Mind Worth Preserving (2007).

Parallel Lifetimes includes commentary relating to metaphysical conditions and symbolism to elucidate how "knowledge is the key to the kingdom of heaven":

In the quantum world our signature is often controlled by an anomaly and phenomenon called the soul, and the soul is the ultimate recordkeeper.  Contemplation is the key to expansion, even in quantum flux.

Think of the soul as a large book with pages made out of light.  On these pages is a secret tongue, and the tongue on those pages is symbols.  If we wanted to break the code, maybe we could start perceiving these symbols as quantum fluctuations.

It looks like hieroglyphs but it isn't.  It isn't the fire words of the Cabala but it is similar because each letter is saying something.  The only way we break the code is when we understand that the formations of these letters are formations of quantum potentials.

Considering this extensively documented case of channeling, Ramtha was quoted in Voyage to the New World (1985):

You are going to learn to the brink of death, Entity, what life is and how precious it is.  Then you will never fear anything ever again.  And I will make you a light unto the world.

All like you will bring forth great fruit that will bring forth an age called the Age of Spirit, [the] Age of Light, on this plane.

. . . God created no devil.  Only man did that as he measured to enslave; to inflict torment and fear on creeds of people to enslave them.

They are taught to fear God, not to love Him.

. . . fear sells, terror sells.   If someone prophesied that the world would go one and gracefully bloom itself into another time period and would continue to get better and better, no one would purchase such words in the marketplace.

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No Medium Was Needed for These Paranormal Mirror Writing Messages


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