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December Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

You’ll never be stuck for something to post on social media again with our comprehensive December Content Calendar Ideas, filled with inspiration and templates for creating social media posts.

Updated every year to include daily, weekly and monthly celebrations in December, this calendar can be used worldwide to find events for content creation, complete with marketing ideas and hashtags.

You’ve probably seen calendars filled with content ideas before, but not like this one!  Our December Content Calendar not only includes multiple ideas for each day of December, but it includes a whole bunch of templates to match. 

And to make it even more fun (and useful) we’ve included the following for the month of December:

  • Multiple celebrations for each day of the month in December
  • Bonus “Unique and Unusual” Holidays for extra ideas.
  • Week-long holiday celebrations
  • Month-long holiday celebrations

Celebrate international, National or local holidays or post about something unique with our unique and unusual holiday ideas, just for fun!  

From International Chocolate Day to Talk like a Pirate Day and Bacon Day, there’s something in this calendar to spark your creativity. Not to mention all the major holidays from Valentine’s Day to Halloween and in between!

How to Use the December Content Calendar Ideas

Here’s are a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of this calendar:

  • Choose the holidays and celebrations that suit your brand. Having some fun with unique and unsual holidays can be a great way to be relatable (and more human!) to your audience. Look at each holiday to see if it suits your “voice”.  
  • This list isn’t exhaustive. Use it as a starting point to think of ideas for content.
  • Please note that the holidays featured, dates of celebration and hashtags may change on any given year. We will do our best to keep it up to date, but please check for changes before publishing.
  • Use a template or add your own images and assets to illustrate the day you’re celebrating. Another alternative is to use a quote. For example, Walt Disney Day is a perfect opportunity to quote the famous man!

Month of December Content Calendar Ideas

Here are our local, national, international (and unique and unusual) holidays for the month of December:                                                                                                                                                    

1st December:                                                                                                                                                                   

World AIDS Day
Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever “global day”. Find out more about World AIDS Day here. With an estimated 36 million people living with AIDS worldwide this calendar day is highly important for continued awareness and support. This year, use #WAD2018 hashtag for sharing.

Eat a Red Apple Day
As they say, #EatARedAppleDay. Celebrate apples!

National Rhubarb Vodka Day
Any drink celebration is a good celebration right?

2nd December:

Starts on December 2nd, 2018 (see Week-long celebrations).

Special Education Day
#SpecialEducationDay – to celebrate teachers, administrators, students and parents the world over. Find out more here.

National Mutt Day
Celebrate your furry friend and find out more here

Fritter’s Day
From apple to banana to zucchini and corn – even tempura – celebrate the humble “Fritter”.

3rd December:

Walt Disney Day
Bring out your favorite Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse quote!

Roof Over Your Head Day
Bringing awareness to millions of homeless people worldwide.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Use the #IDPWD hashtag.

4th December:

World Wildlife Conservation Day
Find out more on the WWF Website

Cookie Day
Bake, eat or talk about all things cookies with #NationalCookieDay

National Dice Day
Celebrate game play around the world.

5th December:

World Soil Day
An initiative of UN, World Soil Day is all about that special upper layer of our earth in which plants grow!   

Repeal Day
Celebrate everything beer, wine whisky and cocktails. Repeal day marks the end of America’s “dry” period with Prohibition from January 5th 1919 to December 5th, 1933. Find out more on their website.

International Ninja Day
Have fun with ninja themes!

National Sacher Torte Day
Yes, apparently there’s a ‘day’ for this unique dessert from Vienna.

6th December:

St Nicholas Day
The original Santa Claus and Father Christmas, St Nicholas gave out small gifts in secret on the 6th (celebrated in Eastern Countries on the 19th).  Hang a stocking, give someone a surprise gift, or raise a glass to St Nic!

Miners Day
A day to mark the importance of miners to our society

National Gazpacho Day
Popular in the US and spanish-speaking countries!

Public Domain stock photo from

7th December:

Bartender Appreciation Day
It’s always a good day to appreciate bartenders!

Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day
Commemoration of the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941 and what it meant around the world. Find out more here.

Civil Aviation Day
Acknowledging the importance of civil aviation worldwide

Cotton Candy Day
Perfect for Instagram, celebrate the day a dentist and confectioner created cotton candy (or candy floss) in 1897!

There is no shortage of beautiful aeroplane and travel images to celebrate Civil Aviation Day on

8th December:

Cappuccino Day
Bring out your “but first, coffee” quotes on Instagram!

National Brownie Day
Brownie lovers across the world unite… and share recipes!

Guinness World Record Day
Celebrate the quirky and wonderful world records.

Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day
#PretendToBeATimeTravelerDay – from Dr Who to Outlander, this is a popular concept that’s fun to create content around.

9th December:

National Pastry Day
Did somebody say Crossaint?

International Anti Corruption Day
An initiative of the UN that may be relevant to your audience. Find out more here

Christmas Card Day
If you still send out Christmas Cards, do it by today!

10th December:

Human Rights Day
Founded by the United Nationals, find out more here

Nobel Prize Day
The day the Nobel Prizes are announced!

Dewey Decimal System Day
Have an audience that loves books? Celebrate the long-standing Dewey Decimal System for libraries.

11th December:

International Mountain Day
Half of the world’s population depends on mountains for water, food and energy.  Celebrate by encouraging your community to share their favorite mountain photo. #InternationalMountainDay.

12th December:

Gingerbread House Day
What’s a Christmas month without Gingerbread, right? Hold a Gingerbread challenge, share photos or recipes. Or just eat it.

Poinsettia Day
Celebrate the plant associated with Christmas in some parts of the world.

13th December

National Cocoa Day
In some parts of the world it’s the perfect time for a hot cup of cocoa. In others, iced chocolate might be the way to go!  Ask your audience what they would choose!

National Violin Day
From country rock to classical music, celebrate the violin.

National Day of the Horse
Check out the Facebook Page for more information

14th December

Underdog Day
Celebrating the underdogs of music, literature, movies and life. Who’s your favorite unsung hero? Find out more here

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
Held on the 3rd Friday in December every year, this is a chance to engage your audience about their Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Or for the Southern Hemisphere, flip this to Ugly Cristmas T-Shirts!.

National Salesperson Day
Who can you celebrate in your team?

Free Shipping Day
This date changes annually but it’s a great opportunity to run a sale with free shipping via your website, email or social media.

15th December

National Cupcake Day
#NationalCupcakeDay is a no brainer. It’s Cupcakes!

Bill of Rights Day
Celebrated and remembered in the US every year.

16th December

Chocolate Covered Anything Day
Need we say more? It’s all about chocolate.

Mouth watering chocolate photos from 

17th December

Wright Brothers Day
Celebrate the day aviation was born, back in 1903

National Maple Syrup Day
A day to talk about all things maple syrup.

18th December

International Migrants Day
Another UN-recognised day of celebration.

“Migration has always been with us. Climate change, demographics, instability, growing inequalities and aspirations for a better life, as well as unmet needs in labour markets, mean it is here to stay” – UN Secretary-General António Guterres

19th December

Crossword Puzzle Day
Use the hashtag #CrosswordPuzzleDay.

National Hard Candy Day
Did you know the first hard candies were prescribed as a remedy for stomach ailments.
Hot Tip: Fun Facts can be engaging!

20th December

National Sangria Day
Do we even need a reason? Well, now we have one.

National Regifting Day
Traditionally a fun day for office workers to re-gift unwanted office gifts. Maybe put a twist on it and pay it forward in some way.

21st December

Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice 2018
The day of the year with the least daylight hours.  It varies between 20 to 23rd December every year in the North Hemisphere and conversely it’s the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemispherea at the same time.  

National Flashlight Day
Coincides with the Winter Solstice to mark the day that flashlights were invented (ie flashlights + shortest day of the year). Use #NationalFlashlightDay

International Dalek Remembrance Day
This one is for you, Dr Who Fans.  It marks the day the Dalek appeared on our screens back in 1963.

22nd December

Forefathers Day (US)
A day for Americans to remember where they have come from and how much their forefathers had to work for what they have today.

Date Nut Bread Day
The real question is… heated? Butter? Cream cheese? And is it really better than Banana Bread?

23rd December

National Roots Day
A day for talking about ancestry and heritage.

If you’re a Seinfeld fan, you’ll know what this alternative Christmas holiday is all about. Share a Seinfeld meme to honor the fictional #Festivus.

24th December

Christmas Eve
Wish your audience a Merry Christmas on Christmas Eve.

National Egg Nog Day
For those of you that partake in eggnog, is your recipe the best in the world? Run a poll on Instagram to see if your audience loves it or doesn’t love it at Christmas.

Find free Christmas stock photography a-plenty on sites like and  And don’t forget to search ‘EasilStock’ in the Easil library to find a range of exclusive Christmas stock photography just like the one found in the template below.

25th December

Christmas Day
Have you been naughty or nice? Don’t forget to create your Christmas content for December.

Graphic made with all free fonts & icon fonts found on  KG Happy – Free for personal use, Drop your Anchor Regular – Free for personal use,  Skinny Jeans – Free for personal use, KG Hard Candy Solid – Free for personal use, Hand Christmas Icons – 100% Free.

Ensure sure you check the licensing is suitable for your own usage.

26th December

Boxing Day
The holiday celebrated on the day after Christmas in many Commonwealth countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

Thank You Note Day
A great day to be grateful and send a thank you note. Or do a virtual thank you note with a shout out for somebody online.#ThankYouNoteDay

National Whiners Day
This is the day you are allowed to whine about being too tired, overeating, having to go back to work or having to clean up.  Or so we hear!

27th December

National Fruitcake Day (US)
The day Fruitcake lovers celebrate Fruitcake.

28th December

National Chocolate Candy Day
A day to eat all the treats from Christmas!

No Interruptions Day
The last work day for the year for many.

National Card Playing Day
Use #CardPlayingDay to post about this.

29th December

Tick Tock Day
Observed to remind us only two days are left in the year!

National Pepper Pot Day (US)
Held to celebrate the pepper pot “soup that won the war” when George Washington asked his army’s chef to feed the continental army a meal to boost morale in 1777-1778.

30th December

Bacon Day
A super popular day around this world of bacon-lovers. Also celebrated on 31st August in some places. Can you have too many Bacon Days?

31st December

New Year’s Eve
Celebrate this year, and the beginning of the new year!

National Champagne Day
Perfectly paired with New Year’s Eve, right?

Make up your Mind Day
A day to encourage you to quit wavering, take a side, follow through with a decision and stick to it. Use #MakeUpYourMindDay to post on social media.

Are you inspired to create content for December from this list? Here’s some more resources to help you out with our week-long and month-long celebrations for December:

Week-Long December Content Calendar Ideas

Some celebrations in December go for more than a single day. Here are a few ideas for week-long December holidays and celebrations:

  • Hanukkah – celebrated between 2nd December and 10 December 2018
  • Gluten-Free Baking Week – December 16-22 (the week before Christmas)
  • National Handwashing Awareness Week: December 4-10 (first week)
  • Human Rights Week – December 10-17.
  • Cookie Cutter Week – December 1-7.
  • It’s About Time Week – December 25-31
  • Halcyon Days – December 14-28 (Always 7 days before and 7 days after the Winter Solstice).

Month-Long December Content Calendar Ideas

Some celebrations and holidays span the entire month of December, so you have plenty of opportunity to feature them:

  • AIDS Awareness Month – celebrated between 2nd December and 10 December 2018
  • National Human Rights Month a time to stand for equality, dignity and human rights of all humans.

That’s a December Wrap!

Now you have bucket-loads of December holiday and celebration day ideas (as well as week-long and month-long celebrations).  Go and create awesome posts with visuals to engage your audience in the Christmas month!

Over to You

What’s your favorite December Day of Celebration? Have we missed any?

Tell us in the comments below.

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December Content Calendar Ideas + Templates


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