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How to Design a Poster : 10 Smart Tips

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Do you want to know about the smart ways to design a poster?

This blog is weaved with 10 smart tips for you.

Posters are effective marketing communication stationeries.

Posters prove to be one of the successful marketing communication materials besides other informative stationeries like brochure or infographics. All these business networking elements are directly audience focused. These communiques aim to motivate the target people with value-packed content in a palatable way. These materials are produced both in printed as well as digital forms.

Even in this technologically advanced age posters and brochures have similar benefits. Posters are mainly required for advertisements. They provide information to the audience on some event or some activities. While designers design a poster they resonate the companies’ views and create an impact on the audience.

How to design a poster?

1. Visualize your target audience : think how your poster will be used

The first and the foremost smart tip to design a poster is to visualize your target audience. An artist can create cool poster designs when he/she understands who will benefit from their ideas. This way a designer can have amazing poster making ideas and can present stunning materials to grab audience attention quickly.


2. Choose the right poster maker tool

Do you know that your posters can be better with the right poster maker tool?

The main aim of creating a poster is to grab the attention of your target audience. But most of the time you might face difficulty in planning an impressive poster of your choice due to lack of resources or lack of inspiration. Select the right poster maker tools to customize your own poster online.

You can use online poster maker like Lucidpress to spawn great designs. Canva is also a popular and free graphic design tool that is a true poster design inspiration for designers. You can customize the images, fonts and colors in its layout for a stunning effect.

3. Apply suitable colors to grab viewers’ attention

Color is the most sensitive element of a poster. A well-designed poster with intelligent application of colors can attract more audience to your cause with less effort. There are occupational signs of each color – a poster for the medical purpose would use subtle colors while an educational or social event related poster would require brighter hues. For any purpose, color is symbolic.

Colors play a vital role in leveraging the target audience, perfect colors create energy and attract the viewers’ mind. Hence, depending on the topic, poster designers need to choose the right colors to influence clients and customers. A professional organization wants their posters to correlate with their brand color. In short, every designer needs to keep in mind that the basic rule of color principle involves the creation of harmonious coordination of both contrast and brightness. Apply bold colors wherever necessary and stick to using lighter shades as an when required.


4. Using negative space in a smart way

Creative poster designs are all about making a better presentation with negative space. Any experienced artist realizes, that, to design a poster the space surrounding an object (positive space) is equally important as the object itself.

In any form of art whether graphic design or a poster, negative space (space around and between the subject of an image) is significant to define the subject. Essentially, negative space is fundamental in striking a balance in the composition. So you need to use negative space smartly and make the poster attractive and appealing.

5. Focus on typography is essential

Fonts are significant when it comes to posters and logos. The mood and emotion in a poster come alive through the use of specific fonts- for e.g. to, portray the seriousness of a topic one can use bold sans serif, to present a poster elegantly one can use an italic serif or script font. Likewise, playfulness or fun element is expressed through fonts that have comic effects – comic sans, etc.

Experts suggest that the ideal and effective way of using fonts is to use two types of fonts – one for the headline and one of the body. In a contemporary poster design, as a poster maker experiments with the typography for more significant impact. The outcome depends on the way you lay out your text and choose the right font. Here visual hierarchy with your text will work wonders to grab your audience’s.


6. Make ‘call-to-action’ the central point

Like every essential marketing communication material, poster designs should also have a ‘Call-to-action’ feature. CTAs kindle the audience to take necessary action (like visiting a store or doing business with a company). The primary aim of designing a poster is to inform the target audience about the launch of any new product or an event. Hence. CTA plays a crucial role in attracting the target audience. Create your poster with call-to-action at the focal point, compose an eye-catching CTA and keep it in the front or center of your poster for an impactful result.

7. Understand the design elements

Whether poster, brochure or logo every single material becomes enticing with the usage of elaborate design elements.

Take a look at the essential design elements required when you design your poster:

  • Presenting a visual impact through proper usage of images and colors.
  • The theme of the poster is essential while designing a poster, focus on the idea
  • Create a visual hierarchy with most important information at the top
  • For any poster, pictures are the central part, give maximum justification to the images
  • The amount of information should be balanced
  • Different posters have varied requirement – advertisement poster design should have striking and eye-catching color usage while you must know how to design a poster for an event


8. Portrait orientation ideal for mobile and web use

In today’s context, every kind of marketing communication stationery should be designed with mobile in mind. Needless to say, mobile views have been increasing daily at a faster rate. In a statistics provided by comScore , users have seen spending on an average of 69% of their media time on smartphones. Besides web use, your latest poster design should be mobile-friendly too. Experts are of the view that portrait orientation works best for both mobile and web use.

9. Work with your scale size

Posters are available in both digital and printed format. As a designer when you need ideas for posters design, think about the scale size. Scale size is crucial because you need to create matters for both formats. Although there is no official standard size for posters, yet for more appeal, you need to determine specific dimensions and rules that can have an equal effect both in a printed matter or digital matter. Worldwide standard size is provided by Printingdeals:

  • Smaller poster 11* 17 inches
  • Medium size 18*24 inches
  • Large 24* 36 inches


10. Choosing the right printer for a perfect offline property

Outreach with a marketing communication material becomes effective when besides Poster design online you also plan for offline properties. But it’s crucial to choose the right printer for printing the best material. Find a top-notch printer for amazing printed posters. But if you want to design a poster and print it like a pro, follow the top print design trends for impressive results.

With the rapid advancement of technology, you have two options for printing your posters. Depending on the purpose and requirement you can go for either digital or litho printing. If you want smaller prints in an affordable price digital printing with inkjet or laser printers is the right choice. However, if you want higher quality prints, then litho printing is the best option. Your choice will also depend on the size and finish ( matte, semi-gloss, glossy) of the poster.

Key Takeaway

Creating a poster is something like magic when you finally deliver it in your audience’s hand, it’s fantastic. When you design this communication material following all the above tips, for sure, you would feel the appreciation coming. Several beautiful ways assist you in designing spectacular posters. Besides making your own posters if you want to have custom designed posters, brochures or logos you can also get professional assistance from experienced graphic designers at Don’t think twice!! Get stellar posters at a pocket-friendly price.

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How to Design a Poster : 10 Smart Tips


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