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No Man’s Sky – My 1st Day

No Man’s Sky was officially released for the PS4 yesterday and obviously I had a copy pre-ordered. This is a game I have been waiting for since it was first announced. All I wished for was to be able to explore the vastness in No Man’s Sky and find undiscovered planets and Species. So, I finally managed to play it yesterday and here I am to describe my experience.

With my luck as it is, I ended up starting on a frozen planet, or at least the frozen part of a planet. This meant that I had to watch out for my Exosuit temperature and ensure that I was keeping warm. This didn’t turn out to be as much of an issue as I had initially expected as walking into a cave or charging my Exosuit, via a resource, stabilized the temperature.

The first thing I focused on after stabilizing my temperature was to rename the star system as well as the planet. Once you rename a star system, planet, or a species, it cannot be renamed by another player. This is an important aspect of No Man’s Sky and a way for players to leave their mark on places / species they discover first.

After gaining some confidence and realizing that I won’t just die on this frozen wasteland, I decided to focus on my first mission, which at the time was to repair my spaceship. This involved gathering specific materials which didn’t turn-out to be too easy to locate. Some materials are abundant and available almost every 5 steps you take, however, other materials are much harder to find. In my case, I required Zinc which I really struggled to locate. Due to this, I decided to explore the planet I was on and by explore I mean follow the question mark signs in my view.

For me, the first question mark I decided to move towards turned out to be a “Save” location. I was able to save my progress here and the game also recorded this as a Sector which was first discovered by me. I am going to assume that even though a planet has been discovered by another player, an undiscovered Sector can still be claimed by you if you locate it first.

I kept moving forward towards other question marks which were in my view and eventually located a Trade Terminal. This is where players are able to buy / sell resources. Since, I was still new to the game, I did’t have anything I wished to buy or sell.

One of the more interesting finds turned out to be a Waypoint. This was one of the question marks I walked towards. The Waypoint directed me towards an “Advanced Species”, indicated by a red hut symbol in my view. I found this to be interesting and though it was far out of my way, I decided to move towards it.

After, what felt like an eternity, I finally made contact with an alien race. Since, this location was so far out, I am going to assume that you should only search for this after you have initially repaired your ship. To be honest, it wasn’t much of an interaction with the alien and I carried on searching for Zinc in order to repair my ship. Eventually, after spamming the right thumb stick, my resource scanner located Zinc and after collecting it, I made my way back to the spaceship.

During my journey I discovered a few different species which inhabited the planet, all of which turned out to be calm and didn’t try to kill me. Lucky I guess. I did realize that I didn’t discover all the species on the planet. I managed to discover 5 out of 7 as reflected in my “Discoveries”.

Once I made my way back to ship and repaired it, I took off. Felt like I had explore enough of this planet. As I pulled out into space, I noticed a large amount of asteroids floating around and after crashing into one of them, I realized they provide a resource which is required to boost your spaceship. So, I destroyed a few of these asteroids by pressing “X” and firing at them, not by crashing into them, and decided to make my way to the next available planet.

As soon as I landed on this new planet, I realized my luck had now run out and the game had really started. I encountered an aggressive species which almost killed me. I did manage to run away and find a safe location to take my next screenshot This was the new planet I discovered.

I found the closest same point and decided to end the game here for the day. I felt that I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st day with No Man’s Sky. This seems to be a game in which I will sink countless hours. I actually can’t wait to get back into the game and hope that this level of excitement stays with me throughout my journey in No Man’s Sky.

Please feel free to share your 1st day experiences in the comments section below.

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No Man’s Sky – My 1st Day


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