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My journey to level 110 in World of Warcraft Legion

*This article contains spoilers for World of Warcraft Legion.

World of Warcraft Legion was finally released last week on the 30th of August 2016. As with any new expansion, World of Warcraft Legion raised the level cap – in this case from 100 to 110. Along with the increased level cap, World of Warcraft Legion also introduced a new hero class – the Demon Hunter.

The World of Warcraft Legion expansion focused on the new continent – The Broken Isles. In addition to The Broken Shore, the World of Warcraft Legion expansion provides 5 primary questing zones. Each of these zones is scalable and thus, players are able explore these zones in any order they like.

Since, the Demon Hunters are the new class in World of Warcraft Legion, I started as a Havoc (DPS) Demon Hunter. My story as a Demon Hunter started in an area known as Mardum, where I was able to gain a little more than 1 level prior to the quest for my Class Order Hall. Class Order Halls replace Garrisons in World of Warcraft Legion. The Class Order Hall for the Demon Hunters is known as the The Fel Hammer.

I must admit that I am not a big fan of this Class Order Hall. I believe that some other Class Order Halls are far more unique and interesting. Either way, from here onwards, the Fel Hammer became my home base. After speaking to NPC’s in the Fel Hammer and reaching level 100, I began the quest to obtain my Artifact Weapon – in my case the Twinblades of the Deceiver.

Each class in World of Warcraft Legion has it’s own quest to obtain the Artifact Weapon specific to that class. With regards to the Demon Hunter, the quest to obtain the Artifact Weapon wasn’t too difficult. It was a scenario based quest meaning that if I logged-out mid-scenario, I would have to restart. However, the quest itself didn’t take too long.

After obtaining my Artifact Weapon, I was introduced to the Scouting Map, which served as the quest hub for my followers (similar to the Garrison in Warlords of Draenor) as well as the point of initiation for quest lines I wanted to pursue in World of Warcraft Legion. I decided to start my journey in Azsuna.

Azsuna was a Naga infest land and served as my introduction into World of Warcraft Legion. This is where I noticed that each zone in the Legion expansion contained multiple chapters. In addition to these story filled chapters, each area within a zone had a bonus side quest which mainly required me to kill enemies or destroy certain enemy equipment until the side quest marker reached 100%. Though these side quests in World of Warcraft Legion required grinding, they were well interlinked with the main quests in that region, thus, making them bearable. The other reason I tried to complete these side quests was because they provided a good chunk of experience.

Throughout the zone exploration I also noticed some star icons on the minimap which turned out to be mini boss encounters where multiple players gathered to take down the boss for experience and loot. These were fun encounters, however, I only attempted these with other players in close vicinity.

By the time I completed the story chapters as well as the bonus side quests in Azsuna, I was already level 104. This began a cycle for me – after Azsuna, I moved onto Stormheim, a zone which is very reminiscent of The Howling Fjord from Wrath of the Lich King. I completed all the story chapters and bonus side quests in Stormheim which got me to about level 106. I then moved onto the zone Val’sharah.

Val’Sharah quickly became my favorite zone due to nostalgia. This zone not only looked beautiful but involved some of the key characters from Warcraft’s history, such as, Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind. I found that the story in this zone moved at a brisk pace and the levels were easier to obtain. By the time I was done with Val’Sharah I had already reached level 109. This was partly due to the bump in experience I received from doing the Halls of Valor dungeon. Yes, I only managed to do my first dungeon at level 109 – the problems of being a DPS class in World of Warcraft!

Being so close to 110, I already knew that I will hit level cap before I complete the story chapters in the next zone, but I still moved forward. This time to HighMountain.

HighMountain, at least from a Horde perspective, is a Tauren occupied zone. I only did about 5 or so quests in this zone before I hit the level cap of 110. I plan to continue and complete the story chapters and bonus side quests in this region and also move on and do the same for Suramar, as after hitting the level cap of 110, Khadgar provides a quest in which you have to reach a “Friendly” reputation with the faction in each of the zones to unlock “World Quests” in World of Warcraft Legion.

After reaching the level cap of 110, Khadgar also opens up the quest chain for Suramar. This quest begins by speaking with Khadgar in Dalaran.

A few other things to take note of:

  • During my journey, I obtained a key story quest which was not linked to any of the 5 zones above. Though it started with me speaking to an NPC is Suramar, the quest occurred in Exodar. This was the manner in which I obtained the first piece of the Pillar of Creation.
  • Other than the required follower quests, I did the follower quests which rewarded me with Artifact Power. I found this to be one of the easiest ways to level up my Artifact Weapon. I am currently working on unlocking all the Artifact Weapon traits.
  • I found the dungeon experience to be quite fun. Even though I only got to do my first dungeon at level 109, I did manage to do 5 of them afterwards. I quite enjoyed the large scale of the dungeons. Halls of Valor is amazing!
  • I was unable to experience any raiding in World of Warcraft Legion as I believe that the item level requirement is 825. I reached level 110 with an item level of about 780.

Overall, World of Warcraft Legion seems to be filled with great content. I have thoroughly enjoyed my leveling experience and plan to continue playing World of Warcraft Legion for months to come!

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My journey to level 110 in World of Warcraft Legion


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