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Video Game Reviews News & Guides – Igcritic Blog
IGCritic is your source for exclusive gaming news, reviews and guides on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii-U, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS and more.
What To Expect From PlayStation In 2023
2023-01-26 21:34
Sucker Punch has not disclosed what it is working on, but has confirmed what it is not working on.picture: sucker punch productions Sony’s San Diego Studio is now a multiplatform… Read More
Discounts On Lego, Resident Evil And More
2023-01-21 21:27
picture: WB Games / NetherRealm This week, suddenly, a storm of excellent deals, discounts, and sales hit the Nintendo Switch eShop. Close the lids, open your wallets, and check out s… Read More
Microsoft’s 10K Layoffs ‘It Hurts’
2023-01-20 21:26
Photograph: Patrick T. Fallon (Getty Pictures) A few hours ago, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer sent a company-wide email to all full-time employees under Microsoft’s gaming divisions. A… Read More
2020-07-29 16:27
Having a companion is always good, but sometimes you need to discover the other side of the world alone. Here are the 11 best places to go when you’re traveling alone. Number Eleven: R… Read More
2020-07-27 16:32
Recently, Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard had a bit of a debacle when traveling with their two Yorkshire Terriers in Australia. Customs officials soon found that the dogs had come… Read More
2020-07-25 16:37
Traveling during the holidays can often be a bit stressful and chaotic. Having useful holiday travel tips can certainly make things a lot easier. Whether it’s car maintenance, booking… Read More
2019-10-11 19:33
A Knight’s Quest is a refreshingly funny puzzle platforming RPG that takes influences from the  classics of the genre and combines them into a vibrant journey of exploration, adve… Read More
2018-11-27 13:32
Even though video games prove to be much longer in length than other forms of media and entertainment, there’s still something quite cathartic about reaching one’s end. An elemen… Read More
2018-11-15 10:49
As much as a lot of us would refuse to admit it, there’s nothing quite like unleashing some aggression. Video games let us easily live out this fantasy many times over, often offering… Read More
2018-10-23 05:41
Whether they’re slimy, huggable, or just all-round otherworldly, us gamers tend to have a soft spot for top notch alien creature design. And although most are portrayed as enemies, it… Read More
2018-10-22 06:16
Wars (be they fictional or fact) easily make for a great backdrop to a video game thanks to their unmatched sense of intensity, brutality and an overarching sense that the stakes have never… Read More
2018-10-15 06:33
For every time the Grand Theft Auto series provides thrill, action and high-octane set pieces, there are just as many missions which sees the series take itself not so seriously. We&rsq&hell…Read More
2018-10-05 15:51
What was that old Shigeru Miyamoto quote everyone seems to rollout each time the release date for a game is once again ratcheted back? “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed… Read More
2018-09-28 06:09
Playstation’s Uncharted series is singlehandedly responsible for delivering some of the most polished, cinematic, and adventurous interactive experiences out there. Not content with si… Read More
2018-09-27 08:50
Have you ever played a video game, serious in tone, heavy with emotional subtext and then watched a stupidly funny parody of it. We have. We love parodies and have gathered here a few of our… Read More
2018-09-09 14:28
What started out as 5 minutes of fun turned into a 3 video conflict. Matching wits with the Akinator can grip you hard. Gathering 6 of the most obscure video game characters I can think off… Read More
2018-08-15 06:17
If ever there was a beloved game franchise that really kept us on our toes with a history of moments that really left us literally speechless, shocked in awe or just generally scratching our… Read More
2018-07-30 06:25
Various times throughout the years, filmmakers have been fascinated with either the amount of energy that goes into the development of a video game or the hold they can have over us, turning… Read More
2018-07-25 06:29
Pirate Games that place buccaneering and mercantilism firmly at the forefront have become a bit niche as of late. However, with Johnny Depp intent on resurrecting everyone’s favourite… Read More
2018-07-23 13:09
Bosses come in all shapes and sizes and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Seriously, most of them are uber hard to put down. IGCritic proudly presents 8 Giant Bosses that would even… Read More
2018-07-16 18:20
Remember when we thought that publisher THQ would never be thought of again? I do. Partially because the publisher was responsible for distributing some of my favourite games when I was a ki… Read More
2018-07-14 10:15
IGCritic now presents 7 sensational singers in video games. Video Games hold many gifts. The gift of joy, of adventure, of story and occasionally, the gift of song. Music can be a powerful t… Read More
2018-07-07 14:09
IGCritic presents these 7 unfit mothers in video games.  Mums are great aren’t they. They raise us, teach us, shower us with love and affection and prepare us for the epic quest a… Read More
2018-07-02 11:17
Whether used as the central combat mechanic in a tactical strategy game or a fantastical role-playing epic, certain tentpole games of the past have made a point of proving that it can someti… Read More
2018-06-25 07:53
In recent times, many have come to think of the term DLC as standing for something more along the lines of Downright Lazy Cash-grabbing as opposed to what is usually intended as a good thing… Read More
2018-06-04 15:42
Of all the Star Wars stories to grace gaming, few have ever had the balls to kick off their in-universe story by letting you choke Wookies as Darth Vader than the industry’s last origi… Read More
2018-05-31 07:58
It’d be safe to say that Nintendo’s experimental hybrid platform has been a rousing success. In part due to its versatile ability to played in two fashions, but also because Nint… Read More
2018-05-22 12:48
Deny it all you like, but video games are a powerful medium. I would say just as powerful as any other forms of entertainment such as movies, music and books. Much like these other methods o… Read More
2018-05-09 12:07
Sometimes our gaming heroes simply don’t present themselves in the form of a knight in shining armor. For some, it’s much easier to swashbuckle, drink and even plunder their way… Read More
2018-05-09 09:38
IGCritic presents The 7 Deadliest Damsels in Video Games. There will always be a princess in a tower, but these days, as it says in the song, sisters are doing it for themselves. In video ga… Read More
2018-04-25 12:58
Let it be said: Telltale are a team of great storytellers. What they’re often not so hot on however, is finding engaging and meaningful modes of gameplay in which to tell these worthwh… Read More
2018-04-25 12:56
Whether in 2D, 3D or somewhere in between, video game platformers are a video game genre that while simple to pick up and play take pride in the fact that they can at times be hard to master… Read More

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Video Game Reviews News & Guides – IGCritic


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