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Blazing Star – Blast Your Enemies to Shreds In This R-Type Classic

Blazing Star is actually a shooting game with scrolling features that is compared mostly to the R-Type shoot em’ up style video game that was made for the Neo Geo. Blazing Star is developed for the Neo Geo home platform video gaming system. If you have played Pulstar, this one is its sequel. In fact, the Blazing Stars adaptations of this game also has a close relation to the R-Type license. In the terms of quality, this shooting game is somewhat similar to typical games of Neo Geo arcade with 345 Mb of ROM. There are even CGI cut scenes during the intro. You can feel an excitement of brief anime style scene flicks with English-Irish captions and voices. Pretty cool stuff is happening in this game and I’m not talking about Blazing Star perennials, the Blazing Star plant and how to grow Blazing Stars type plants or flowers either for all of you gardening type readers out there. I’m talking about a classic Neo Geo video game when it comes to this topic.

Blazing Star

A real image taken from the Blazing Star video game itself…

Blazing Star – The Storyline Plot

One of the most interesting parts of Blazing Star is the storyline plot. In the past, Mutra and Remuria went into a waged war against each other. It seems that there’s no ending of this war. Both planets fall into deep hatreds for each other. They develop many new weapons to also fight against each other. There’s a great weapon that’s called Brawshella. It gathers all beings on those planets to eliminate humans. Among the survivors, there are some pilots who regain their memory. They fight against Brawshella to get their independence. In other words. They want to reclaim their planets and survive different types of battles. Overall, it’s just the beginning of the Blazing Star story.

Blazing Star – What’s The Gameplay Like?

In the terms of the Blazing Star gameplay, you can play Blazing Star with the joystick. There are 2 buttons used to play Blazing Star. You are able to navigate the ship with the joystick functions. Such as button A, which is used for firing regular shots. If you tap it fast, you may trigger a shot variation with more damage power to your enemies. If you hold down this button, you’re actually storing energy to perform a special charged shot. It will fire when you release the button. Button B is useful for performing a ranged shot. You are able to fragment the missile with this button. There are some power-ups during gameplay. These power-ups will improve the strength of your weapon.

Blazing Star – The Secrets

There are some secrets you can obtain in the Blazing Star video game. For example, you can alternate the color of your ship. How can you do this? During the ship selection screen, you must press button A to use a basic ship color. You need to press button B to pick the ship color for the other player. To get hidden colors, you need to press button C+D together. The third color occurs when you press both buttons at the same time. There’s also the stage select secret. At the character selection, press button D while holding right on your joystick. With this, you’re able to access the stage menu selection.

Blazing Star Tips and Strategies

Basically, each Blazing Star ship has both weaknesses and strengths. If you want to play this game well without any frustrations, then you should choose a ship that matches your preferences. There aren’t many tips you can learn to playing Blazing Star. After all, it’s about shooting and dodging skills. Dodging is an imperative key when playing Blazing Star for the Neo Geo. If you can dodge incoming enemy attacks on the screen, well, you won’t die a lot. Which will be great for retaining your sanity lol. Also, you should eliminate as many foes as possible. If not, they will kill you really quick, which could make you lose your mind if you’re Blazing Star player is dying a lot in this game. The goal is to survive as long as possible to beat each stages bosses. This game is basically pretty straight forward. If you can’t beat this game quickly. Keep practicing and you’ll eventually beat it in no time at all. Just be patient!

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Blazing Star – Blast Your Enemies to Shreds In This R-Type Classic


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