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Grand Theft Auto V -- Review

I got this game last month, and now I'm doing a special review on this. I was excited to get this game, ever since I saw the trailer 3 years ago. Now that I have this incredible masterpiece, I'm gonna share you all my thoughts on this.

Now, of course since the game is huge (around 17 gb), it had to be on two discs, just like GTA IV. (I have the PC version of it--it's 14 gb). So, after popping in the install disc I had to wait for about 20-30 minutes. There were suggestions about which disc to install it from; people warned not to install the game from Disc 2. They also suggested on Kotaku that people should install the play disc to a flash drive. I however didn't do either of those things and just installed the game from both discs, no problem there.

I've also made a video, here it is:

The Pros...and the Cons.
Just like everything out there, this game's no exception. It's got it's own share of glitches, the game gets frustrating at times, and there are some...confusing things. I'll point these out.

First, I'm gonna start with the Pros, just to be fair. The graphics do look amazing, the explosions are nicely and realistically detailed, the map is HUGE, and I like the game's concept of having 3 protagonists, instead of one. After all, one guy's just not enough for a big world and game, right?

Trevor is my best favorite character. He's one craaazy guy, isn't he? Obsessed with breaking people's skulls and everything a real psycho does, he's a true GTA character. I think Rockstar finally made the right one that makes sense.

Franklin is another guy I like. The "ghetto homeboy" style, and his 'hood background he comes from, are what make him who he is. I kinda felt bad for him, because his family (aunt) is always mean to him. I also like the relationship between him and Michael--Mike treats him like a son (even though he already has one). Frank reminds me of Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas.

Aaaaand last but not least, Michael. It seems he's already rich, since he's been through a life of crime. He was also featured in the first trailer for GTA V, as well as the later ones.

Enough said about the characters, now onto the other big things. The driving physics are very well done, a lot better than Grand Theft Auto IV's, where unexplainably it's easy to 'fly' off a hilly road and crash into a building or other object. Gosh, that was really annoying! 

The wanted system is also another great improvement. The cops now have what's called a "field of vision", where if you're within their rotating and flashing areas, the whole mini-map flashes blue and red, making it easier for the cops to find you. Oh, and you get a two-star wanted level, which I don't like. In the older GTA games, you just were stuck to your current wanted level (as long as you didn't do any more crime). But, they always knew where you where, unlike in this game. So if you're outside their visionary fields, you're hidden and they can't find you.

The map is also open from the very beginning. There's nothing to unlock so you can roam the whole map. The city, Los Santos, is very cool, looks glamorous, and I like visiting the Vinewood sign. In previous games parts of the map would be locked, and you'd have to progress through the games' story to unlock them.
Satellite view of San Andreas
There were also lots of empty mountains. You might not like that, especially when people complained about that, but for me it's not a problem. In fact, it's good. I like being able to do stunts like driving a car off a steep cliff and falling...until my precious little Sabre explodes into pieces.

Another handily convenient feature is being able to skip parts of a mission! If you happen to stumble upon a very difficult, mission (for me, some missions were next-to-impossible for me to finish), you can skip that part and move on to the others.

There's many more good things to say about this game, but now it's time to point out the bad things.

First of all, it's the cop's reactions. I don't know about you, but it's really funny (and annoying) when the cops pull out their guns and start shooting at you, either for just staring into their eyes, or just insulting them. I made Michael interact with them, at first it was alright but then it started to get a little  out of hand, when he said "When I say you suck, I mean you suck!". Next thing I knew, bullets were flying at me from every angle. I madly rush to one of the parked cop cars, hoping to escape, but alas, it was too late. Michael died before the car could even start.

                                                      Does that sound stupid?

Secondly, the city doesn't really seem that big. For instance, when I'm in Franklin's neighborhood, which is in a poor part of Los Santos, it seems as if the skyscrapers are just a few blocks away. In GTA San Andreas, in Grove Street they're kinda far, and you really can't see them. I wish Rockstar made the city bigger, a LOT bigger, but then again this was made for older generation consoles (the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), so I guess they were pretty limited.

Another con is the game world's buildings aren't accessible, except for places like bars, theaters and car mod places, and safe houses. Before I got this game, there was a thought in my mind that every building has an accessible interior. Turned out that was wrong!

All in all, Grand Theft Auto V is my favorite game. I love the features it has to offer, and I really think you guys should buy this.

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Grand Theft Auto V -- Review


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