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Doomsday Clicker Tips and Guides

In Doomsday Clicker you will see yourself who spent years in developing the technology  that will do total mass destruction of the earth’s surface and expecting Doomsday survivors will have not chance but to turn to you as their leader. As a tap touch game, here you can build underground shelter and then tap some more to expand it with luxurious rooms and upgrade. Here you will notice that the bigger your bunker, the more people you old and the more coins you can make. Just keep tapping and watch as your profits grow to greater and more outrageous extremes. In this game you can enjoy collecting bonuses when unwanted visitors come knocking at your bunker’s door. You can also discover endless quirky surprises while feeling the satisfaction as numbers tick ever higher. Now for your guide, you can check some tips below.

1. Unleash the apocalypse. Once you have lots see that you have more mutants than your previous playthrough, it is time to hit the red button and start over from scratch but with a massive bonus from the mutants that you have. It is actually a good way to reset everything since you will progress a lot fater after each reset but this is only if you reset with more mutants than your previously had. So don’t hesitate to do it when it is ready but ensure that you have some time afterwards as well as building all the room and get back the flow.

2. Just unlock everything first and then upgrade. As you can see the game has very simple concept, you need only to build rooms in your bunker to make money and then upgrade them to make even more money as well as building rooms. As you can see upgrading costs a lot so the first things you should do is to focus on unlocking all the rooms, and only afterwards that is the time you are going to upgrade them to get additional stars.

3. Getting more humans and mutants. In this game you need humans to bring bonuses after each new Doomsday you trigger and you get them by unlocking additional rooms. You can also consider tapping the animals at the top level for you to get new mutants. This will let your bonuses increase as you play . Most of the time there are other methods to boost the number of humans that you get and this is by upgrading your rooms to certain levels.

4. Don’t forget to buy the room perks. You will start on the room perks as not totally useful but don’t worry until you have all rooms or most of them to level 25. And as your rooms’ levels grow, you will see that bonuses from room perks are getting bigger and that is why we recommend to start investing in perks. You can consider buying a few perks every time you get back to the game after a long break and then just spend all the remaining resources on upgrading your rooms.

5. Take advantage with the wheel. In game you can spin the wheel so you can get bonus to your profits. And for you to do it, you need to watch videos. The key here is to watch videos so we can maximize the profits. Just make sure that you have the bonuses active when you are not logged in to the game so you can make more money .

6. Play in balance. Basically you get a room to level 25 before being able to unlock the next room but also keep in mind that this changes drastically as you make progress in game you get the mutant bonuses activated. But before having that, you should focus on unlocking all the rooms and then upgrade them. Just go with getting as many as you can to level 25 and then after that you can work on the more expensive ones at the same time as you work on the cheap ones to get them to level 50 and so on. Whatever you do find the right way to spend your money and this is using your money to make more money.

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Doomsday Clicker Tips and Guides


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