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Crossword Quiz Answers All Levels

If you enjoy crossword puzzles and word picture games, then you’ll love playing crossword quiz, an app game for iPhone and Android. With a combination of words, pictures, and other crazy clues, Crossword Quiz provides hours of fun combined with challenging questions and images. If you’re struggling to get through this game, check out our answer suggestions below. Download the game for free on the app store.

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 1
1: ACROSS: Now renamed this wrestling organization had many arcade hits. Answers: WWF
1: DOWN: images Answers: WOW
2: DOWN: Video game series based on the world’s most popular sport Answers: FIFA
3: ACROSS: images Answers: PONG
4: DOWN: Notorious franchise about stealing cars and commiting crimes Answers: GTA
5: ACROSS: Defense of the Ancients Answers: DOTA
5: DOWN: One of the pioneering 3D first-person shooter games involving demons Answers: DOOM
6: ACROSS: images Answers: HALO
7: DOWN: ____ Tournament Answers: UNREAL
8: ACROSS: images Answers: ARMY MEN
8: DOWN: images Answers: ALIEN
9: DOWN: Live the life of an Italian mobster in this franchise Answers: MAFIA
10: ACROSS: images Answers: X MEN
11: ACROSS: Basketball game series published by 2K sports Answers: NBA 2K

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 2
1: ACROSS: images Answers: WARFACE
1: DOWN: Game based off a fantasy movie that shares its name with a type of tree Answers: WILLOW
2: DOWN: Most popular run and gun action game by Konami Answers: CONTRA
3: DOWN: images Answers: SAINTS ROW
4: ACROSS: images Answers: SWAT
4: DOWN: One of Capcom’s early side-scrolling games whose main weapon is a tonfa Answers: STRIDER
5: ACROSS: images Answers: WARCRAFT
6: DOWN: This MMO has two factions Answers: RIFT
7: ACROSS: Kratos stars in this hack and slash series Answers: GOD OF WAR
8: ACROSS: _____ of the Temptress Answers: LURE

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 3
1: ACROSS: images Answers: PORTAL
2: DOWN: images Answers: RAYMAN
3: DOWN: Black and white 2D sidescroller game where a boy searches for his sister Answers: LIMBO
4: DOWN: images Answers: ACE COMBAT
5: ACROSS: images Answers: SKYRIM
5: DOWN: This game allows you to create and control your own city Answers: SIMCITY
6: ACROSS: You play this game as a soldier who is called Super Joe Answers: COMMANDO
7: DOWN: Free game based off the popular game Breakout Answers: DX BALL
8: ACROSS: images Answers: BOT SQUAD
9: ACROSS: images Answers: HULK

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 4
1: ACROSS: images Answers: FALLOUT
1: DOWN: images Answers: FEAR
2: DOWN: One of the earliest & most popular 3D fighting game franchises by Namco Answers: TEKKEN
3: ACROSS: A psychological horror game about an author with writers block & a creepy town Answers: ALAN WAKE
4: DOWN: images Answers: ASTRO BOY
5: DOWN: Game that helps players get healthier Answers: WII FIT
6: ACROSS: Futuristic sci-fi FPS known mostly for its jetpacks and skiing Answers: TRIBES
7: ACROSS: images Answers: SONIC
8: DOWN: Classic PC game where you explore an island and solve puzzles Answers: MYST
9: ACROSS: Staying up late enough playing games until you see ________ Answers: DAYLIGHT

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 5
1: ACROSS: images Answers: SHADOWS
2: DOWN: Mobile strategy game where you control insects Answers: ANT RAID
3: DOWN: images Answers: SILENT HILL
4: ACROSS: images Answers: PITFALL
5: DOWN: Adventure game that features Samus Aran Answers: METROID
6: ACROSS: images Answers: MADDEN
7: DOWN: The Spanish name for devil Answers: DIABLO
8: ACROSS: Motorcycle racing game where you play in violent illegal street races Answers: ROAD RASH
9: ACROSS: images Answers: DEADPOOL

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 6
1: ACROSS: An inhabitant of the ancient city of Troy Answers: TROJAN
2: DOWN: images Answers: NINTENDOGS
3: DOWN: images Answers: HALF LIFE
4: ACROSS: Waka waka waka Answers: PAC MAN
5: DOWN: Real-time tactics series that takes place during historic wars Answers: MEN OF WAR
6: ACROSS: images Answers: DOWNWELL
7: DOWN: images Answers: OUT RUN
8: ACROSS: A robot named BUD uses plants to traverse the world Answers: GROW HOME
9: ACROSS: Title of game that means to get up from lying down Answers: RISEN

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 7
1: ACROSS: images Answers: ROCK BAND
2: DOWN: images Answers: CARGO
3: DOWN: images Answers: ANGRY BIRDS
4: DOWN: Video game title meaning a lack of light Answers: DARK
5: ACROSS: images Answers: FROGGER
6: ACROSS: Video game character that shares it name with a rubber shoe Answers: CROC
7: DOWN: Player undertakes the role of a Roman governor building ancient Roman cities Answers: CAESAR
8: ACROSS: An alien is stranded on a enemy filled asteroid after crashing his dad’s space car Answers: BOB
9: DOWN: images Answers: BRAID
10: ACROSS: This 1992 game is based upon Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel of the same name Answers: DUNE
10: DOWN: images Answers: DIRT
11: ACROSS: Puzzle game about moving blocks and clearing lines Answers: TETRIS

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 8
1: ACROSS: Borrowing from hardboiled novels this gritty detective seeks to avenge his family. Answers: MAX PAYNE
1: DOWN: images Answers: METAL GEAR
2: DOWN: Codename for fictional elite coalition of nations facing an alien invasion Answers: XCOM
3: ACROSS: images Answers: TWODOTS
4: DOWN: _____ Hearts Answers: KINGDOM
5: DOWN: Classic arcade shooter where you get points for shooting bug-like aliens Answers: GALAGA
6: ACROSS: Aliens make kamikaze-like attacks in this fixed shooter by Namco Answers: GALAXIAN
7: DOWN: A horned boy is considerd a bad omen & locked in an abandoned fortress Answers: ICO
8: ACROSS: 1986 arcade game that expanded upon the popular game Breakout Answers: ARKANOID
9: ACROSS: images Answers: CAT GYM

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 9
1: DOWN: images Answers: NIGHT SHIFT
2: ACROSS: Cyberpunk counter-terrorist stealth shooter game set in a dystopian 2052 Answers: DEUS EX
2: DOWN: Players make their way through mines while taking on infected robots Answers: DESCENT
3: DOWN: Real-time tactical first-person shooter game based on a board game of the same name Answers: SPACE HULK
4: ACROSS: 1991 life simulation game with ants Answers: SIMANT
5: ACROSS: Online & open world racing game with protagonist Alex Taylor Answers: THE CREW
6: DOWN: Maze like first-person shooter game featuring music composed by Trent Reznor Answers: QUAKE
7: ACROSS: images Answers: ZELDA
8: ACROSS: images Answers: THIEF

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 10
1: ACROSS: Classic PC game based on the Japanese Arkanoid arcade game Answers: PARANOID
2: DOWN: Post-apocalyptic survival game that takes place after The Event Answers: I AM ALIVE
3: ACROSS: The number one series of life simulation games Answers: THE SIMS
4: DOWN: A remote asylum is the setting of this weaponless survival horror video game Answers: OUTLAST
5: DOWN: Aliens & North Korean forces are enemies in this graphically acclaimed shooter game Answers: CRYSIS
6: DOWN: images Answers: FAR CRY
7: ACROSS: An earthy action-adventure sandbox 2D game similar to Minecraft Answers: TERRARIA
8: ACROSS: Magical action RPG that takes place on the continent of Ancaria Answers: SACRED
9: ACROSS: images Answers: SKYFOX

Crossword Quiz Answers

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 1
1: ACROSS: Where you go to get your prescription filled Answers: PHARMACY
2: DOWN: picture Answers: HONEY
3: DOWN: Stiff untanned leather Answers: RAWHIDE
4: ACROSS: picture Answers: WRAP
5: DOWN: What Gollum called the ring in Lord of the Rings Answers: PRECIOUS
6: ACROSS: When you’re extra clean some might say you have good ____ Answers: HYGIENE
6: DOWN: A cover for the hub of a vehicle Answers: HUBCAP
7: ACROSS: A breakfast treat that you put cream cheese on Answers: BAGEL
8: DOWN: A metal barrier sometimes requiring a password to get through Answers: GATE
9: DOWN: picture Answers: LICK
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: IRON
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: AZTEC
12: ACROSS: picture Answers: KISS

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 2
1: DOWN: Where you can buy newspapers on the street Answers: NEWSSTAND
2: ACROSS: An official in baseball who watches the game closely Answers: UMPIRE
2: DOWN: picture Answers: UNIVERSITY
3: DOWN: Side by side having the same distance between two lines Answers: PARALLEL
4: DOWN: picture Answers: ROSE
5: ACROSS: The woman who brings you your food in a restaurant Answers: WAITRESS
6: ACROSS: Superman is known as the ‘Man of ____’ Answers: STEEL
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: LOCK
8: DOWN: The edge of states where the beaches are Answers: COAST
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: AISLE
10: ACROSS: A ____ of bread Answers: LOAF
11: ACROSS: Means collected statistics or is also the name of a boy on the Goonies Answers: DATA
12: ACROSS: picture Answers: MATH

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 3
1: DOWN: picture Answers: SANDLOT
2: ACROSS: Aliens are known for creating ____ circles Answers: CROP
3: DOWN: picture Answers: PIECE
4: ACROSS: McDonald’s has a ____ place Answers: PLAY
4: DOWN: If you jump out of a plane without this you’ll be out of luck Answers: PARACHUTE
5: ACROSS: What your watch keeps up with Answers: TIME
5: DOWN: picture Answers: TOWN HALL
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: RADIO
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: WAVE
8: ACROSS: They wear colorful wigs and big red noses Answers: CLOWN
9: ACROSS: When a computer expert breaks past security Answers: HACK
10: DOWN: This seals a bottle of wine Answers: CORK
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: TUMBLER

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 4
1: ACROSS: A color resembling silver Answers: PEWTER
1: DOWN: picture Answers: PLAYGROUND
2: DOWN: Sometimes the police will let you off with just one of these Answers: WARNING
3: DOWN: picture Answers: RESTAURANT
4: ACROSS: A large pit where materials are extracted Answers: QUARRY
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: IDEA
6: ACROSS: What you wear in the kitchen to prevent spills on your clothes Answers: APRON
6: DOWN: Also known as a map Answers: ATLAS
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: GEAR
8: DOWN: When you leave a room Answers: EXIT
9: ACROSS: When the volume is really high Answers: LOUD
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: SIGN
11: ACROSS: A fizzy carbonated drink Answers: SODA

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 5
1: ACROSS: picture Answers: CUBE
1: DOWN: Person who mends shoes as a job Answers: COBBLER
2: DOWN: picture Answers: ERASER
3: DOWN: This item is inserted to extend the length of a table Answers: LEAF
4: ACROSS: A long narrow mountain range Answers: RIDGE
5: ACROSS: What you might say when a rocket launches Answers: BLAST OFF
6: DOWN: picture Answers: FISHING
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: EXERCISE
8: DOWN: A brand of sugar substitute Answers: EQUAL
9: DOWN: What many use to watch their favorite shows Answers: CABLE
10: ACROSS: The edge of a street Answers: CURB
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: LENS
12: ACROSS: A device controlling the passage of fluid Answers: VALVE

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 6
1: ACROSS: You should follow this when making decisions Answers: HEART
1: DOWN: picture Answers: HORSE
2: DOWN: Someone who is skilled in sports Answers: ATHLETE
3: DOWN: A popular dance from the 6pictures Answers: TWIST
4: ACROSS: picture Answers: EARTH
4: DOWN: picture Answers: ELECTRIC
5: ACROSS: Hydrogen. Nitrogen. Carbon. Answers: ELEMENTS
6: DOWN: The combination of four right angles Answers: SQUARE
7: ACROSS: Has a bullseye Answers: TARGET
8: DOWN: When a soccer player scores a point Answers: GOAL
9: DOWN: picture Answers: TUBE
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: AMBER
11: ACROSS: Applying heat to turn hair into spirals Answers: CURL

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 7
1: ACROSS: What you pack your clothes in Answers: SUITCASE
1: DOWN: picture Answers: SHOP
2: DOWN: Interlocking metal links Answers: CHAIN
3: DOWN: picture Answers: SOUR CREAM
4: ACROSS: Liberty. Christ the Redeemer. Great Sphinx. David. Moai. The Thinker. Answers: STATUE
4: DOWN: To move food around with a utensil Answers: STIR
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: PICNIC
6: DOWN: When a chick finally cracks its egg Answers: HATCH
7: ACROSS: To conceal something with a material Answers: COVER
7: DOWN: picture Answers: CUFF
8: ACROSS: Costume consisting of a bodice & an attached skirt of numerous layers of fabric Answers: TUTU
9: ACROSS: To contrive evidence against an innocent person to obtain a guilty verdict Answers: FRAME
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: HALF

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 8
1: ACROSS: picture Answers: DATE
1: DOWN: To make something smaller in quantity Answers: DECREASE
2: DOWN: Also known as a vacation Answers: TRIP
3: DOWN: Being overly emotional Answers: DRAMA
4: ACROSS: Spinal. Umbilical. Cable. HDMI. S-Video. Answers: CORD
4: DOWN: picture Answers: CAUSEWAY
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: CHINA
6: ACROSS: Used for sitting Answers: SEAT
7: DOWN: Very fashionable or up to date in style or influence Answers: TRENDY
8: ACROSS: rYou’re looking for lovenCalling Heaven abovenSend me an ________ Answers: ANGEL
9: DOWN: picture Answers: GRILL
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: WIDE
11: ACROSS: Equal to three feet Answers: YARD
12: ACROSS: picture Answers: ROLL

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 9
1: ACROSS: Keyboard key found on Macs. Also means an authoritative order Answers: COMMAND
1: DOWN: picture Answers: CROSSBOW
2: DOWN: picture Answers: ARIZONA
3: DOWN: picture Answers: DESIGN
4: ACROSS: Crispy potatoes Answers: CHIPS
4: DOWN: A steep rock face Answers: CLIFF
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: SKI LODGE
6: ACROSS: Smooth and even; without marked lumps or indentations Answers: FLAT
7: DOWN: picture Answers: LIFT
8: DOWN: picture Answers: TOOL
9: DOWN: Birthdays Weddings Baby Showers Graduations all usually have…..? Answers: CAKE
10: ACROSS: When many birds fly together Answers: FLOCK
11: ACROSS: A mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride Answers: SALT

Crossword Quiz Answers level 10
1: DOWN: picture Answers: BANANA
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: FOOT
3: DOWN: A larger version of a phone Answers: TABLET
4: ACROSS: picture Answers: MEAL
5: ACROSS: What men use to brush their hair Answers: COMB
5: DOWN: Sandwich. Organization. Golf. Dancing. Team. Answers: CLUB
6: ACROSS: Sometimes found in an oyster Answers: PEARL
6: DOWN: picture Answers: PALETTE
7: ACROSS: A toy made by using only a leaf Answers: LEAF BOAT
8: DOWN: Light. Mob. Camera. Super Hero. Answers: FLASH
9: DOWN: The heart is considered one Answers: ORGAN
10: ACROSS: Three straight lines placed together Answers: TRIANGLE
11: ACROSS: Located at the end of a forearm Answers: HAND

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 1
1: DOWN: A sleeveless piece of clothing you wear on top of a shirt Answers: VEST
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: CLOUDS
2: DOWN: picture Answers: CHAMPAGNE
3: DOWN: picture Answers: SOUP
4: ACROSS: A long accessory often worn around the neck Answers: SCARF
5: DOWN: To predict the future weather Answers: FORECAST
6: ACROSS: A water repellent hooded jacket Answers: PARKA
7: DOWN: Was born of a virgin Answers: JESUS
8: DOWN: They help Santa make gifts Answers: ELVES
9: ACROSS: If you’re bad you get this in your stocking Answers: COAL
10: ACROSS: The jolly man that brings you gifts Answers: SANTA
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: TOYS

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 2
1: DOWN: They keep your hands warm in the winter Answers: GLOVES
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: COLD
2: DOWN: A spice often used in holiday food Answers: CINNAMON
3: DOWN: When night falls Answers: DARK
4: DOWN: picture Answers: IGLOO
5: ACROSS: \You can’t catch me I’m the _______ bread man!\”” Answers: GINGER
6: DOWN: Achoo! Answers: SNEEZE
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: SNOWMAN
8: DOWN: picture Answers: LOG
9: ACROSS: The season of the holidays Answers: WINTER
10: DOWN: Frozen water Answers: ICE
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: GAMES

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 3
1: ACROSS: To tremble when it is cold Answers: SHIVER
1: DOWN: A light vehicle that is usually horse drawn Answers: SLEIGH
2: DOWN: picture Answers: COFFEE
3: ACROSS: When ice freezes into a long frozen spike Answers: ICICLE
4: DOWN: Of extreme force, degree, or strength Answers: INTENSE
5: ACROSS: A cloud like mass of water droplets near the Earth Answers: FOG
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: HOT TUB
7: DOWN: An instrument that rings and chimes Answers: BELLS
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: FLANNEL
8: DOWN: You’ll be out of luck if you don’t get this shot in the winter Answers: FLU
9: ACROSS: A spice often used in holiday dishes Answers: NUTMEG

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 4
1: ACROSS: Many people put them on their house during the holidays Answers: LIGHTS
2: DOWN: O’____ Night Answers: HOLY
3: DOWN: When snow starts to melt Answers: SLUSH
4: DOWN: Used to help keep the fire going Answers: FIREWOOD
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: MALL
5: DOWN: An arrangement of notes and lyrics Answers: MUSIC
6: DOWN: picture Answers: RIBBON
7: ACROSS: When something becomes warm enough to melt Answers: THAW
7: DOWN: A glittering yarn used for decoration Answers: TINSEL
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: CABIN
9: ACROSS: A platform mounted on runners used for traveling over snow Answers: SLED
10: ACROSS: A sweet scent popular among candles Answers: VANILLA

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 5
1: ACROSS: picture Answers: FEAST
1: DOWN: Coat of wool that covers a sheep Answers: FLEECE
2: DOWN: A tool used to help clear away snow Answers: SHOVEL
3: DOWN: One of several items of clothing worn on top of another Answers: LAYER
4: DOWN: You might find your plants like this if you leave them out in the winter Answers: DEAD
5: ACROSS: Not having any companions Answers: LONELY
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: CALENDAR
7: DOWN: A hooded pullover jacket Answers: ANORAK
8: DOWN: When ice starts to turn back into water Answers: MELT
9: ACROSS: A warm material that comes from lambs Answers: WOOL
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: FUEL
11: ACROSS: The man behind the story of Santa Claus Answers: ST NICK

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 6
1: DOWN: Rain when it freezes Answers: SLEET
2: DOWN: picture Answers: COAT
3: ACROSS: When your favorite merchandise is marked down Answers: SALES
3: DOWN: Long wooden board used to glide over snow Answers: SNOWBOARD
4: DOWN: The phenomena of the physical world collectively, plants, animals, people etc. Answers: NATURE
5: ACROSS: When grey clouds cover most of the sky Answers: OVERCAST
6: ACROSS: When you have something in your throat you usually want to… Answers: COUGH
6: DOWN: A sensation of cold Answers: CHILL
7: DOWN: picture Answers: HAT
8: ACROSS: Relating to high mountains such as the European mountain range Answers: ALPINE
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: DAYLIGHT

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 7
1: ACROSS: Relating to the North Pole Answers: ARCTIC
2: DOWN: picture Answers: TRAVEL
3: DOWN: A clear mineral resembling ice Answers: CRYSTAL
4: ACROSS: The month of love Answers: FEBRUARY
5: DOWN: picture Answers: BLACK ICE
6: DOWN: Thick covering of ice on an area Answers: ICE CAP
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: ADVENT
8: DOWN: When a part of your body has nothing covering it Answers: BARE
9: ACROSS: The average weather conditions of a given area Answers: CLIMATE
10: ACROSS: What you put under the tree Answers: PRESENTS

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 8
1: ACROSS: A group of people who love spending time together Answers: FRIENDS
2: DOWN: picture Answers: INDOORS
3: DOWN: Main kitchen appliance Answers: STOVE
4: ACROSS: Heating device that uses pipes and steam Answers: RADIATOR
4: DOWN: picture Answers: REINDEER
5: ACROSS: Far away from other places, buildings or people; remote Answers: ISOLATED
6: DOWN: Main protein on Thanksgiving Answers: TURKEY
7: DOWN: White birds that represent peace Answers: DOVES
8: ACROSS: One of Santa’s reindeer Answers: DASHER
9: DOWN: picture Answers: HAIL
10: ACROSS: What you use to roast marshmallows Answers: FIRE

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 9
1: ACROSS: One of the four periods of the year Answers: SEASON
1: DOWN: This is often put on top of trees during the winter season Answers: STAR
2: DOWN: When you are so cold you lose feeling Answers: NUMB
3: ACROSS: Fluffy white frozen water vapor Answers: SNOW
3: DOWN: picture Answers: SHOPPING
4: DOWN: The fermented juice of grapes Answers: WINE
5: ACROSS: A tiny tree often used as incense and perfume Answers: MYRRH
6: DOWN: Green leaves with red berries Answers: HOLLY
7: ACROSS: Cinnamon and nutmeg are examples Answers: SPICE
8: DOWN: picture Answers: CARDS
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: GLACIER
10: ACROSS: Strong blast of wind Answers: GUST

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 10
1: ACROSS: A ball of snow pressed or rolled together Answers: SNOWBALL
1: DOWN: Cotton covers for your feet Answers: SOCKS
2: DOWN: picture Answers: BOOTS
3: DOWN: A winter cottage used as a temporary residence Answers: LODGE
4: ACROSS: Wrapped up really tight in your blanket Answers: COCOON
5: DOWN: picture Answers: COOKIES
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: SNOW SHOE
7: DOWN: picture Answers: HOT TEA
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: SPIRIT
8: DOWN: Pointed & turned up at the front, long, narrow, hard flexible material used in the snow Answers: SKIS
9: DOWN: The cold winter ____ will make you want to grab a jacket! Answers: WIND
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: BEARD

Crossword Quiz America Answers

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 1
1: ACROSS: picture Answers: DENNYS
1: DOWN: Mexican inspired fast food, Answers: DEL TACO
2: DOWN: picture Answers: NASA
3: DOWN: Graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow sandwich, Answers: SMORES
4: DOWN: picture Answers: BOY SCOUTS
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: TEA PARTY
6: ACROSS: A meeting of members from a political party, Answers: CAUCUS
7: DOWN: ____ Rights, Answers: CIVIL
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: ELVIS
9: ACROSS: These sisters are Olympic Gold Tennis Players, Answers: WILLIAMS

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 2
1: ACROSS: Poet who authored nO Capitan! My Capitan!, Answers: WHITMAN
2: DOWN: City in Florida that had a TV show named after it, Answers: MIAMI
3: DOWN: The only president to resign, Answers: NIXON
4: DOWN: picture Answers: CIRCLE K
5: DOWN: One of the best quarterbacks on the Patriots, Answers: TOM BRADY
6: ACROSS: Politicians must _____ to get votes, Answers: CAMPAIGN
7: DOWN: Capital of Texas, Answers: AUSTIN
8: DOWN: picture Answers: GOOGLE
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: KRAFT
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: BEYONCE

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 3
1: ACROSS: Monument carved into the side of a mountain, Answers: RUSHMORE
1: DOWN: picture Answers: RIGHT WING
2: DOWN: Arizona desert town known for its natural beauty and red rocks, Answers: SEDONA
3: DOWN: picture Answers: MTV
4: DOWN: TV soap opera about a record company, Answers: EMPIRE
5: ACROSS: This channel host the most premium content, Answers: HBO
6: DOWN: Naples, Palm Beach, Fort Meyers, Sarasota, Daytona, Sanibel, Answers: FLORIDA
7: ACROSS: Former vice president turned environmentalist, Answers: AL GORE
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: NETFLIX
9: ACROSS: City in upstate New York known for its art scene, Answers: BUFFALO

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 4
1: ACROSS: The Supremes, Jackson 5, Marvelettes, Answers: MOTOWN
1: DOWN: Leader of African-American Civil Rights Movement, Answers: MLK
2: DOWN: Fast food chain with a red-haired mascot, Answers: WENDYS
3: DOWN: picture Answers: US OPEN
4: DOWN: Sandwich made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut, Answers: REUBEN
5: ACROSS: Tim Burton’s best friend that makes an appearance in most of his films, Answers: DEPP
6: DOWN: It’s gonna be YUGE, Answers: TRUMP
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: BOSTON
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: MANNING
9: DOWN: Shorthand for the Republican Party, Answers: GOP
10: ACROSS: Comedian, vaudevillian & actor that hosted the Academy Awards times, Answers: BOB HOPE

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 5
1: ACROSS: picture Answers: BUSH
1: DOWN: When something has Republican and Democratic support, Answers: BIPARTISAN
2: ACROSS: Colonel Sanders, Answers: KFC
3: DOWN: Victoria Secret model whose first name is also a perfume brand, Answers: CHANEL IMAN
4: DOWN: picture Answers: EARHART
5: ACROSS: Had his own TV show in the s and is in Bad Boys, Blue Streak, and Big Mama’s House, Answers: MARTIN
5: DOWN: Muscle car named after a horse, Answers: MUSTANG
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: TESLA
7: ACROSS: Oh say, can you see, Answers: ANTHEM
8: ACROSS: This instrument manufacturer makes the Les Paul, Answers: GIBSON

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 6
1: ACROSS: One of the most popular genres of music, Answers: ROCK
1: DOWN: The British are coming!, Answers: REVERE
2: DOWN: picture Answers: KEYS
3: ACROSS: This US state is the most northeastern, Answers: MAINE
4: ACROSS: What happens here, stays here, Answers: LAS VEGAS
4: DOWN: The social and political freedoms enjoyed by all citizens, Answers: LIBERTY
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: BIG BEAR
6: DOWN: _____ Canyon National Park, Answers: GRAND
7: DOWN: Site in which you can bid on items you want, Answers: EBAY
8: ACROSS: 40th president of the United States, Answers: REAGAN
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: DISNEY

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 7
1: ACROSS: Motorcycle that is a cultural icon, Answers: HARLEY
2: DOWN: This actor is also known as Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter Pan, Mork, Genie & Patch Adams, Answers: ROBIN
3: DOWN: picture Answers: LINCOLN
4: ACROSS: How does it feel? To be without a homen Like a complete unknownn Like a rolling stone, Answers: BOB DYLAN
4: DOWN: picture Answers: BASEBALL
5: ACROSS: Coastal Californian city close to the border, Answers: SAN DIEGO
6: DOWN: picture Answers: DRONES
7: ACROSS: Most populous city in New York, Answers: BROOKLYN
8: DOWN: This app is used to leave a review or rate a place, Answers: YELP
9: ACROSS: The left side of American politics, Answers: LIBERAL

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 8
1: ACROSS: Rectangular toaster pastry eaten at breakfast, Answers: POP TARTS
1: DOWN: City in Oregon known for food, art and hipsters, Answers: PORTLAND
2: DOWN: picture Answers: ROOMBA
3: DOWN: Historic city that had witch trials, Answers: SALEM
4: ACROSS: picture Answers: ROSE BOWL
5: DOWN: Georgia city known for its carriages and cobblestone roads, Answers: SAVANNAH
6: ACROSS: The last frontier, Answers: ALASKA
7: DOWN: National park known for its 5 mile canyon, Answers: ZION
8: ACROSS: Capital of Colorado, Answers: DENVER
9: ACROSS: Nicky and Paris, Answers: HILTON

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 9
1: DOWN: picture Answers: BURGER KING
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: HAWAII
3: DOWN: This president & his wife Abigail exchanged over letters during their courtship, Answers: ADAMS
4: DOWN: A ski resort town located in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Answers: ASPEN
5: DOWN: State nicknamed gem state” because every gemstone has been found there”, Answers: IDAHO
6: ACROSS: Non-profit dedicated to preventing animal cruelty, Answers: ASPCA
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: EDISON
8: DOWN: picture Answers: OREOS
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: INTERNET
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: GOLD RUSH

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 10
1: DOWN: This Friday is known for being one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Answers: BLACK
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: MONROE
2: DOWN: Second largest of the Hawaiian islands, Answers: MAUI
3: DOWN: City in California known for its wineries, Answers: NAPA VALLEY
4: DOWN: picture Answers: FORD
5: ACROSS: An American musical about crime and celebrities, Answers: CHICAGO
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: ORLANDO
6: DOWN: 44th president of the United States, Answers: OBAMA
7: DOWN: You get a car! You get a car!, Answers: OPRAH
8: ACROSS: Their first GUI computer was named after the founder’s daughter, Lisa, Answers: APPLE
9: ACROSS: Fast food chain known for their roast beef, Answers: ARBYS

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Crossword Quiz Answers All Levels


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