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WordBrain Themes Answers All Categories

themesWordBrain Themes is a unique app game that has you answering puzzles that are based on a certain theme. Use clues to figure out what the words are in order to move on to the next level. There are a lot of categories to get through and you can use our answer suggestion list below to help if you get stuck. Download WordBrain Themes for free on the app store.

WordBrain Themes Answers

Word Newbie
Level 1: Cake
Level 2: Meat
Level 3: Fish
Level 4: Nuts
Level 5: Taco

Level 1: Frog
Level 2: Lion
Level 3: Bull
Level 4: Deer
Level 5: Goat

Word Trainee
At Home
Level 1: Shower
Level 2: Carpet
Level 3: Window
Level 4: Mirror
Level 5: Toilet

In The City
Level 1: Subway
Level 2: People
Level 3: Street
Level 4: Market
Level 5: Museum

Word Apprentice
On The Farm
Level 1: Egg, Farmer
Level 2: Hay, Stable
Level 3: Cow, Carrot
Level 4: Hen, Barley
Level 5: Dog, Cattle

At The Beach
Level 1: Wave, Coast
Level 2: Towel, Ball
Level 3: Bikini, Hat
Level 4: Shell, Sand
Level 5: Ocean, Wind

In The Ocean
Level 1: Fish, Whale
Level 2: Tuna, Shark
Level 3: Sand, Coral
Level 4: Island, Eel
Level 5: Jelly, fish

Level 1: Car, Subway
Level 2: Bus, Segway
Level 3: Van, Tandem
Level 4: Taxi, Ferry
Level 5: Bike, Truck

In The Kitchen
Level 1: Spoon, Fork
Level 2: Fridge, Jar
Level 3: Cup, Garter
Level 4: Bowl, Plate
Level 5: Sink, Fryer

Word Pupil
Level 1: Pen, Coffee
Level 2: Boss, Paper
Level 3: Chair, Desk
Level 4: Table, Room
Level 5: Mouse, Note

Level 1: Nature, Hat
Level 2: Tent, Kayak
Level 3: Fire, Knife
Level 4: Snake, Lake
Level 5: Canoe, Rope

Level 1: Show, Stage
Level 2: Game, Magic
Level 3: Sitcom, Fun
Level 4: Dance, Play
Level 5: Joy, Comedy

Word Natural
In The Air
Level 1: Rocket, Owl, Jet, Wasp
Level 2: Blimp, Balloon, Hawk
Level 3: Superman, Eagle Bat
Level 4: Duck, Zeppelin, Crow
Level 5: Aircraft, Airplane

Level 1: Karate, Hockey, Sumo
Level 2: Boxing, Yoga, Trophy
Level 3: Curling, Pool, Rugby
Level 4: Football, Baseball
Level 5: Lacrosse, Judo, Golf

Level 1: Blouse, Shoe, Collar
Level 2: Fur, Scarf, Vest, Belt
Level 3: Top, Glove, Dress, Bra
Level 4: Sweater, Socks, Cuff
Level 5: Blazer, Sandal, Boot

Level 1: Jelly, Marzipan,Pie
Level 2: Fudge, Molasses, Jam
Level 3: Flan, Cookie, Sundae
Level 4: Pudiing, Honey, Mint
Level 5: Snack, Sorbet, Syrup

Word Talent
Fruits & Berries
Level 1: Kiwi, Plum, Prune, Fig
Level 2: Cherry, Date, Papaya
Level 3: Melon, Pear, Coconut
Level 4: Lemon, Berry, Orange
Level 5: Grape, Apricot, Lime

Level 1: Lawyer, Plumber, Spy
Level 2: Priest, Artist, Poet
Level 3: Fireman, Chef, Nurse
Level 4: Engineer, Reporter
Level 5: Producer, Musician

Level 1: Croatia, France, Usa
Level 2: Korea, Spain, Cyprus
Level 3: Uganda, Cuba, Poland
Level 4: Peru, Cambodia, Iraq
Level 5: Ethiopia, Barbados

Level 1: Choir, Rock, Concert
Level 2: Singer, Disco, Samba
Level 3: Salsa, Vinyl, Record
Level 4: Album, Blues, Pop, Rap
Level 5: Soul, Punk, Funk, Folk

Word Savant
Level 1: Prison, Lethal, Jail
Level 2: Deputy, Abuse, Steal
Level 3: Officer, Jury, Bribe
Level 4: Policy, Fraud, Drugs
Level 5: Criminal, Legal, Law

Level 1: Online, Clock, Video
Level 2: Robot, Math, Battery
Level 3: Keyboard, Chat, Lamp
Level 4: Radio, Switch, Laser
Level 5: Data, Pixel, Circuit

Level 1: Mocha, Tea, Beer, Chai
Level 2: Cider, Schnapps, Ale
Level 3: Espresso, Lemonade
Level 4: Latte, Tonic, Brandy
Level 5: Punch, Cola, Rooibos

Level 1: Piano, Guitar, Flute
Level 2: Trombone, Horn, Lute
Level 3: Organ, Piccolo, Harp
Level 4: Banjo, Sitar, Violin
Level 5: Drums, Maracas, Oboe

Word Expert
Level 1: Space, Probe, Galaxy
Level 2: Tense, Nuclear, Beam
Level 3: Alien, Quest, Planet
Level 4: Humanoid, Wormhole
Level 5: Robot, Movie, Future

Level 1: Test, Notebook, Teen
Level 2: Computer, Map, Chalk
Level 3: Child, Quiz, Library
Level 4: Kid, Homework, Globe
Level 5: Book, English, Pupil

Level 1: Filter, Water, Beans
Level 2: Bitter, Milk, Brazil
Level 3: Irish, Barista, Cafe
Level 4: Robusta, Cream, Drip
Level 5: Roastery, Colombia

Level 1: School, Formula, Ohma
Level 2: Division, Flask, Sum
Level 3: Doctor, Volume, Gene
Level 4: Newton, Report, Mass
Level 5: Lab, Research, Delta

Word Professional
In The North
Level 1: Polaris, Cold, Husky
Level 2: Svalbard, Snow, Bear
Level 3: Skates, Halibut, Elk
Level 4: Finland, Kodiak, Ice
Level 5: Snowman, Frost, Sami

Level 1: Horror, Remake, Mute
Level 2: Footage, Sequel, Pan
Level 3: Fame, Camera, Screen
Level 4: Title, Credit, Actor
Level 5: Shot, Shoot, Actress

Level 1: Food, Friend, Pyjama
Level 2: Happy, Feast, Social
Level 3: Summer, Night, Guest
Level 4: Music, Drink, Fiesta
Level 5: Birthday, Cocktail

Lab Research

Level 1: Quiz, Chess
Level 2: Bingo, Card
Level 3: Dice, Board
Level 4: Pool, Match
Level 5: Solitaire

Level 1: Pyramid, Crypt
Level 2: Museum, Viking
Level 3: Ancient, Ruins
Level 4: Artifact, Tomb
Level 5: Civilization


Level 1: Spring, Wolf, Sea, Log
Level 2: Organism, Ape , Earth
Level 3: Tree, Rain, Wildlife
Level 4: Flower, Leaf, Fog, Ant
Level 5: River, Desert, Fjord

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WordBrain Themes Answers All Categories


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