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Prepare for an improved Mac Gamer HQ!

This comes way too late but… I wish you a great new year! Hope 2017 will rock for you, especially with lots of new Mac games to play!

I have to say, 2016 was a great year for Mac Gamer HQ and myself, so I can only hope that 2017 will be just as good.

2016 was a record year in terms of traffic and content. Our most popular resources ever were published in 2016: 100 Best Mac Games, the release of our Count It app and our brand-new benchmark page are just some examples.

Traffic wise, Mac Gamer HQ received 120,748 visits in December and 1,271,799 total visits In 2016! These are impressive figures that I still find hard to believe.

This proves that there are thousands of people playing games on their Macs out there. My aim for 2017 is to reach even more of them.

Speaking of which, I already have a few things planned for 2017 that should make Mac Gamer HQ an even better Mac gaming resource.

Changes are coming

First things first. I want to officially thank everyone who participated in my survey a few months ago. There were over 800 replies, way more than I expected! Thank you guys, it meant a lot.

Now, I was a little slow working through those answers, but some extremely useful information was revealed. From your feedback, I learned that some things need to improve:

  • The homepage: You guys wanted to have all the latest news right there in the homepage. This is now the case!
  • The frequency of updates: You want more updates, more frequently. Honestly, that is something I’ve been trying to improve for years (sadly, I failed miserably). But now that I’m out-of-work and traveling, I have more time available for Mac Gamer HQ and am already working on this.
  • Lack of different game genres covered: I hear you, sometimes I mostly talk about shooters and strategy games because they are my favorites. But that leaves fans of other genres behind… Along with more news, you will see that many more games are covered, including more indies, RPGs, etc.
  • The popup: I know some of you hate that popup asking you to join the newsletter, especially when you are already subscribed. First of all, if you don’t ever want to see it again, just click here. Also, it will no longer appear on iPhones and iPads. Finally, I’m evaluating more discrete options. Stay tuned.

This was all great feedback and I really thank you for it. By the way, from the 841 answers I got, 716 (85%) said there was nothing wrong with the site. 137 of you went the extra mile and said you really liked it. Thank you guys, it’s always great to hear you enjoy it!

A bold target

All these changes take time but I’m confident they will help Mac Gamer HQ grow even more. In fact, I have a very bold target for 2017 and I plan to give it all it takes to make it happen:

In 2017 Mac Gamer HQ will get 200,000 visits in a single month.

I know, sounds crazy, but reaching 100,000 sounded crazy a few years ago too.

The target sounds cool but the important thing is how we will get there. It is now clear that in order to grow, I will need some help…

Help wanted

This new year I will put a huge focus on finding passionate and talented writers to help me create the best articles this site has ever seen. I am convinced that this the only way Mac Gamer HQ can go to the next level.

I have called for contributors before, but this time is different. I have learned a lot in these past 3 years and building an amazing team will be top priority.

Are you interested in joining Mac Gamer HQ? There are three different alternatives based on your experience:

  • You have experience writing for known online publications: Your contributions will be rewarded with a fee as I can’t expect that someone who writes for Eurogamer or the like works here for free…. The fee won’t be as big as Eurogamer’s (because it will all come from my own pocket), but it will be reasonable.
  • You have some experience writing for personal blogs and the like: Your contributions will be rewarded with a free game. I know, it’s not as fancy as cash but it’s still a way to get free games and reach over 120,000 readers. I would love to be able to pay everyone, but unfortunately, funds are limited.
  • You have no experience writing but still want to support: Not everyone is a writer (or wants to be one) and that’s ok, you can still be of great help around here. As you know, we are working hard on our “Can you run it?” Resource and we need more benchmarks to make it truly great. Want to help out? Benchmark some games and send your results!

If you’re interested in any of these offers, match the loose description, and want to know more, please contact me here.

Forging alliances

Creating great resources is priority number one, but Mac Gamer HQ will also need more friends out there. This is why, if you have Tech or Gaming related website that you own, manage or simply write for, please let me know. It would be great to work together. We can discuss the how and when later.

Also, if you happen to be a student and have access to a university blog or personal page or bookmark page, please let me know too.

Time to get to work

I know I’m repeating myself here but again, a big thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. Sharing your honest feedback is the best you could do for Mac Gamer HQ.

Also, if any of the things mentioned before interest you, please contact me. The adventure is simply starting and you can be part of it.

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Prepare for an improved Mac Gamer HQ!


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