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Taking a look back at Quantum Replica, Hellmut, and Malfortune

I used to call these looks back at games “review followups,” but using the R-word too much outside of actual Rs tends to cause some keyword cannibalism issues with search engines that cause less important pages to negatively impact the rank of more important content, defeating the entire point. Still, I’ve been meaning to go back and take a look at a handful of games that I’ve previously covered, with both Quantum Replica and Malfortune receiving patches with slight changes and improvements shortly after my coverage went up. Hellmut is another game I wanted to revisit, as I noticed that it received a patch awhile back that restored the stage hazards and minibosses that I found myself missing when I first revisited it.

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell

Awhile back, someone contacted me and asked me to consider trying to speedrun Hellmut with some of the new changes (since bosses have more health, and various other changes similarly slow things down). I’ve been meaning to get around to doing so, but couldn’t really find the time or angle to manage it. Looking back, asking me to speedrun it might have been a way of subtly communicating that the minibosses disappearing wasn’t intentional. Either way, Hellmut’s in great shape at the moment. The party mode even has a description in the menu now that explains that it locks the procedural generation so that you can go up against friends in the same dungeon. I didn’t even realize that was one of that mode’s features. The only real downside to the current version is that I somehow lost all of my unlocked characters. I don’t have the time to replay the game a bunch of times to unlock them all again, which means the possibility of speedrunning Hellmut again is officially a no-go.

Quantum Replica

Now that I think about it, I got contacted about all three of these games. In Quantum Replica’s case, a developer got in touch with me after I had some early criticisms to assure me that many of the things I pointed out would be fixed, and they ultimately were. Quantum Replica’s last patch was two months ago, and it added lots of welcome damage feedback and bug fixes. Still, the video above starts in the early section where you’re moving above a fire in order to reach the valves necessary to put it out, and I somehow got turned around and found myself boxed into an area I wasn’t supposed to be in. The only way out was through the fire, so there’s a little awkwardness remaining here, but Quantum Replica is an incredibly charming game nonetheless. After dying in the fire, I loaded up a save and fought the Stormgast boss, which was a low point when I first ran through the game. Pre-boss cutscenes are now skippable, and the added feedback makes it much easier to tell when you and the boss are taking damage. This one is truly an underappreciated gem.


Malfortune is the most recent of the three, and in this case the developer contacted me about a variety of things. Apparently the reflect shield you get by killing Joy wasn’t intended to be quite as game-breaking as it was, so its duration was nerfed a bit in a patch. I also found out that the mystery machine that you can reach by collecting enough collectibles to open a door creates harmony between the warring inface and outface factions, which subsequently makes the fight against the personification of war/conflict easier. Apparently I managed to miss an NPC who mentions this, which was definitely my bad, and the fight against war is one of the easiest fights anyway. I went through most of the game again to see how game-breaking the nerfed reflect shield is, and it’s still surprisingly effective. The timing has changed to make it more likely that you’ll take damage if you wait too long before reactivating it, but it hasn’t lost its talent for tearing through bosses. I was going to include video of multiple bosses, but something about Malfortune’s art style causes my HDMI recorder to freak out and start glitching after 10-30 minutes, so most of my footage ended up being lost. Overall, though, the reflect shield is as entertainingly destructive as it was at launch, and I can’t help but be a little glad about that.

Did you know that Steam games have RSS feeds?

I sure didn’t. All this time, I’ve been finding out about updates by manually checking games one by one every so often, which clearly hasn’t been working out. It turns out that most games have an RSS feed that you can subscribe to, though, so I now get handy notifications for a whole bunch of industry things that’ll make it easier to react to patches/game removals/miscellaneous news of note faster. Some Steam games don’t have functioning feeds for whatever reason, and other games don’t post patch notes, but fewer things should fall through the cracks now. It’s simply embarrassing to not notice a patch that’s relevant to one of my observations for two months.

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Taking a look back at Quantum Replica, Hellmut, and Malfortune


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