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How to obtain all 5 of TRAGO’s endings

All right, so I should probably start with a disclaimer that while I’m confident that Trago maxes out at 5 endings, it’s hard to be sure of anything in a game where you can engage a television screen in conversation to get a different ending. It’s easy to assume that it has only 4 endings based on the ending screen that displays the ones you’ve discovered, however, so I figured it’d be worth going over how to unlock all of them since a couple endings can be kind of tricky. It’s really easy to cruise your way to 3 of TRAGO’s endings, then have no idea what you missed.

TRAGO Ending 1 – Death of the unsuspecting

Ending 1 is the one you’re most likely to get on your first playthrough (and in all likelihood, several after that). Death of the Unsuspecting is one of TRAGO’s three endings that are obtained on Sunday, the final day, and all that’s required to unlock it is to do nothing. You can call people or Drink if you’d like, but Carlos will eventually excuse himself, only to come back moments later and shoot Juca in the head.

TRAGO Ending 2 – Behind bars

The Behind Bars ending is unlocked by successfully saving Juca from being shot in the head by calling the police on Sunday before Carlos comes back and answering a series of questions correctly. You’ll need up to 9 TRAGO points to successfully call the police, and this can make things a little tricky if you haven’t built up that many ahead of time. These points aren’t spent on other phone calls, though, so you only need to build up 9 total, and the easiest way of doing this is to build up 5, cancel out of the drinking minigame, then start it again and build up 4 before canceling out again. That way, you avoid passing out (which earns you a different ending).

Eventually you’ll hear a gunshot—most likely when you’re on the phone with either Jessica or the police at Joana’s place—and can either call the police manually or give the officer you’re talking to your information directly. Now, they’ll ask how many drinks you’ve had, which is easy to keep track of if you only drink 9 shots. Then they’ll ask for the bar’s location (first the street, then the address). This can be discovered either by blindly guessing or by playing a television quiz show on an earlier day, with the correct answers being “Figueiroas St.” and “235,” respectively.

To minimize the chance of Carlos coming back in and shooting you while you answer questions, it’s usually safest to go down to the bottom-left part of the screen and set the speed to its slowest leftmost setting. Once you successfully answer all of the questions, Carlos will be arrested and Juca will be back at the bar by himself (because Joana was strangled to death), where you can either drink yourself into a stupor or take a sip and wait for the shot timer to run out, depending on whether you want to cap off this ending by falling off of a stool or sitting silently.

TRAGO Ending 3 – Saved by the drink

Getting the Saved by the Drink ending is as simple as drinking on Sunday until you pass out. Carlos will decide that killing a drunk isn’t worth the effort and spare you.

TRAGO Ending 4 – Crocodile tears

Ending 4 is where things get a bit more complicated and involved. On Thursday, you have to build up 7 TRAGO points and call Gabriela, at which point she’ll give you some money. This money persists between playthroughs, interestingly enough, so getting a different ending won’t remove it from your inventory. Anyway, on Friday when the cable is out, you have to click on the television screen multiple times until it starts talking to you. Keep responding with “yes” (this might not be necessary for all questions, but it’s safe) until you’ve used your money to buy a movie ticket. Then on Saturday, start by drinking until you build up 3 TRAGO points, then call Carlos. Joana will tell you that he’s at the gym and that the two of them were going to see a movie later, then ask you if you want to go. Now that you have a movie ticket, choosing yes is a viable option and will unlock the Crocodile Tears ending where Joana doesn’t get strangled by Carlos. Still, it’s most likely only a matter of time.

TRAGO Ending 5 – TRAGO

For each ending you unlock, a new liquor is added to the shelf that can be swapped out with your current drink. Apart from changing the color of your drink and the answer to the “what are you drinking” question during the television quiz, different drinks don’t serve an obvious purpose. However, once you unlock all four of them (which appears to require finishing all four endings in a single sitting, as they don’t seem to be saved when you exit the game), you can move them around on the shelf to open up Carlos’ secret money hoard. This has different effects depending on which day of the week you do it on. On Sunday, Carlos will shoot you in the head for getting into his money no matter how you time it. On Thursday, however, Joana will also be there and he’ll panic while she remarks that she doesn’t get paid enough. Open it on Friday, and Joana will be surprised while Juca realizes that he’s rich now. Trying it on Saturday doesn’t seem to do anything but get you stuck, though, forcing you to exit back to the day selection screen and try again, which is kind of weird.

A few of the variations in the video above consisted of me randomly moving bottles around, but there’s a much easier way of doing it. You move the second bottle into the first slot, the third bottle into the second slot, and the fourth bottle into the third slot. That’s really all it takes to open TRAGO’s secret money vault.

You can also open the money vault in the scene where Juca’s alone at the end of the Behind Bars ending, but this technically counts as ending 2 rather than ending 5. Still, his reaction to the money is slightly different, so I figured I’d include it here.

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How to obtain all 5 of TRAGO’s endings


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