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Kult – Heretic Kingdoms: Progress Log #2

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I’m not going to mince words here: Kult is really pissing me off. Attacking has almost no feedback to it, the campfire you heal at randomly stops working without anything hinting at there being another place to restore your health, and everything is generally designed in the most player-unfriendly way possible. I’ve played for two hours and accomplished nothing but whacking at mobs of annoying enemies, and while that’s not uncommon for an aRPG, it’s so much less satisfying here.

Commence the negativity

I don’t have anything positive to say this time around. I’ve played a decent way in, and there’s still absolutely nothing pulling me in. The lore is vaguely interesting, but there’s so little of it, and the characters who deliver it to you have thus far been indistinguishable from NPCs who have nothing to say. There’s no map outside of the minimap, either, which means that figuring out where people and things are is a huge chore. Even the simple act of exiting areas can be painful because there’s a laughably small “exit” area that you have to walk over to leave instead of the game allowing you to leave from any of the screen’s edges. There’s no reason for it.

The vast majority of the gameplay thus far has consisted of kiting around enemies while avoiding drawing too many in at once. They’re all already fairly damage sponge-y, and there’s yet to be any real story justification for any of this. Thus far I’ve been left to spin my wheels while trying to unlock more areas (because some of the quests I’ve picked up can’t be completed in any of the areas I can access).

After the tutorial sequence at the monastery, you’re dropped into the world next to a campfire. This is the only place you know to rest and restore your maximum health (which is required after a lot of combat). Then it randomly stops working for no obvious reason and you’re left wandering around without any obvious method of restoring your HP. This is almost game-breakingly poor design; I actually had to go online to discover that the village I saved has an out-of-the-way inn that you can pay to sleep at, which I probably wouldn’t have found on my own thanks to all of the invisible walls and empty areas making exploration absolutely unbearable.

Here’s a quest that says to find a person who went to the monastery. Thing is, they’re not at the monastery anymore for whatever reason, nor does the monastery contain any hints to their current location. Why even bother bringing up that location if it’s not useful information? It’s actually worse than useless since it caused me to waste my time wandering around the monastery looking for something that I was convinced I was missing. There’s nothing there. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Finally, there are even weird visual bugs. The video above covers the weird way some trees are pasted into the foreground, allowing you to wander behind them in a very game-y and conspicuous way. There’s also some weird flickering that seems to come and go, as well as a weirdly low frame rate that’s between 25-30 FPS and dips down to slideshow territory when I hit left alt to highlight items on the ground.

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Kult – Heretic Kingdoms: Progress Log #2


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