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RPGolf: Progress Log #2 [END]

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I’m going to keep this a bit short in order to save some details for the review, but suffice it to say that I really enjoyed RPGolf despite encountering one or two minor issues. This is one of those games with that nebulously-defined “heart” to it that makes it easy to overlook some rough edges. More bluntly, this is basically the original Legend of Zelda, but you’re golfing and beating up monsters to save golf instead of a princess, and that’s every bit as awesome as it is totally insane.

Buying an expensive club helps

There are a few bars you can buy items from as you go along, and the monster bar is the best one because it sells the Golden Golf Club. This thing gives a big boost to your strength attribute (and with it, melee damage and the distance you can hit the ball), making many Boss fights and tricky courses much more reasonable than they’d be otherwise. It’s not ideal that you have to buy items one by one, but while it helps to pick up some poison-curing antidotes and HP/MP-restoring elixirs to be on the safe side, you’ll grab more items than you’ll ever need from chests as you play.

Penny farthing frog and pauselessness

The dungeons are mostly pretty static, consisting of the same tile set and music for the most part. There are occasionally teleporters or minigames where you have to knock a golf ball around to get it on a platform (sometimes having to do so in a single hit), but it’s not anything too difficult. These dungeons are refreshingly short, and the boss of the one in the video above is a frog riding a penny farthing. There’s a harder version of this thing further in, too, and I love how this makes no sense.

Items are a non-factor during Boss Fights because the menus are kind of confusing to navigate and the game doesn’t pause while you fumble around with them. Thankfully, you can find a healing glove later on that allows you to heal with a press of the B button, making this less of an issue than it’d be otherwise. Boss fights generally boil down to avoiding attacks until they stun themselves, which is the only time they’re vulnerable to your attacks, though there are some optional bosses after you beat the dragon and get the credits that can be more easily damaged.

You can skip at least two of them, too

These post-credits bosses are guarding elemental golf clubs, but I discovered that you don’t technically have to fight some of them at all. Of the four, I managed to sneak past two and keep to the edges of the screen to get to their chests.

Of course, I went back and fought them to legitimize the whole thing, but realizing that stealing the clubs was a possibility meant that I had to try it every time. The last boss I found was the air elemental, but trying to sneak past it caused a weird bug where Leiah got stuck on the top edge of the arena and could only hit the boss when he came up to attack. By this point, though, I had put so many points in strength and defense that he didn’t stand a chance, so it merely delayed the inevitable.

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RPGolf: Progress Log #2 [END]


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