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Deception IV – The Nightmare Princess: Progress Log #9

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Chapter 9 is where Zeno Shin finally dies, and is officially the best chapter for that reason. I’m not experimenting or playing around this time—it’s all heavy damage all the time until Zeno and all of his friends are dead and gone. Nice and quick.

I don’t have a preparation video this time around because I didn’t buy or equip any new traps. After all, doing so seemed pointless after the twins were so easily dispatched. Anyway, Zeno Shin shows up in a new suit of armor that looks equal parts stupid and futuristic and demands to be faced. Apparently the failure of his two retreats has driven him slightly crazy, so he’s currently in a pretty manic state.

This opening text doesn’t really say anything new, but it’s strange that it mentions Zeno tracking down Lae to the amusement park considering he had already been led there by Evelyn. He knew where she was already. No tracking required.

Now that my combo starts with the Rodeo Horse Jet, starting trap combos is easier and enemy resistances and immunities are therefore much less of an issue. My first combination that incorporated all three boulders didn’t work out so well, and I quickly settled on using electrocution to bind an enemy and ensure that the bouncing one can hit them multiple times. There were still some weird kinks to work out such as disappearing boulders at 5:18 and 8:58 (I think they collided with a timed stage element and were canceled, though it’s hard to say for sure), but things went well.

This guy went running and I had to kill him in the merry-go-round room. What’s weird is that he died after half-clipping into the floor. Serves him right for running.

Like chapters 5 and 8 before it, chapter 9 has no dialogue between its first two parts. I’m not sure why the game is designed in such a rigid way in the first place, actually; previous games were much more flexible about how many parts chapters were broken up into. Anyway, I ended up running in the wrong direction (because of that room that looks the same both ways), so I sped things up by setting traps on the way back to my preferred room rather than waiting for everyone to slowly reach me.

The enemies in this part really aren’t anything special, mostly consisting of the same flamethrower-types and mages as always, but this assassin-type enemy is an exception. First things first, his clothes look like a fetish thing, and the “assassins’ association” he’s affiliated with sounds like the hired killer equivalent of a neighborhood watch. He can teleport, though, and he managed to even do so through a closed door. That makes hitting him with traps a little tricky, but I only needed to put him on the rodeo horse jet once to finish him off. It wasn’t too tough.

This being the third wave, Zeno Shin finally joins the fun and starts rambling about how he has new power granted to him by his collaborator, which is no doubt Lady Freise. I can’t get over how stupid his armor looks; he looks like a humanoid robot that was built solely out of kitchen pots and pans for some inexplicable reason.

The initial enemies here consist of a knight, an ice mage, and a healer. This third part would ordinarily be difficult because of the healer, whose health bar and self-healing all but ensures that she outlives the others and is around to heal Zeno Shin, but luring her into my high-damage trap combo suffices to kill her off before he reaches the room. That makes fighting him much easier this time; while his attacks are technically faster than before and his electrical immunity thwarted the end of my trap chain the first time I ran him through it, a quicker activation ensures that the boulder hits him mid-combo on his second time through and finishes him off.

Lae’s fruit salad begins to speculate that the mechanism that draws the pieces of the Holy Verses together is what caused Zeno Shin to keep showing up, and Blueberry randomly blurts out something about soon luring in “the biggest catch of all.” When asked about it, though, she says that it’s merely a feeling she has. I don’t know why subtlety dies the second anime shows up, but most writers can’t be trusted with it.

Blueberry goes on to say that they’ve collected enough pieces to be close to bringing back “the Master” (presumably the devil, but who the hell knows if that’s actually who we’re freeing), and that means that it’s time for another location change. It seems that location changes happen whenever the player starts to get comfortable with an area, which isn’t great. Hopefully the next place is decent.

My trap combo managed to hit enemies a bunch, and that seems to have increased the amount of ark gained. I have no idea what ark is actually good for in this game, though. It was an actual spendable currency in previous games, but the only relevant currencies in Deception IV appear to be warl and experience.

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Deception IV – The Nightmare Princess: Progress Log #9


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