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Announcing the Psychlone Cryptocurrency Mining & Blockchain Computer from Psychsoftpc of Quincy, MA USA

If you haven't been living under a rock lately, you have heard all about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum and of course Blockchain. It is the hot new thing and it seems everyone is getting into it with a passion. Blockchain has the potential to dramatically change document sharing, secure reord keeping and financial transactions. The technology behind Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies allows for a secure database made up of encrypted blocks accessible by members who hold keys. It prevents unauthorized changes to data by validating everything that goes in the blockchain. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies are being traded for investment and also mined which involves solving complex math problems to discover blocks in the chain. Once ta block is found the discoverer is rewarded with a certain amount oif the cryptocurrency. For example, Bitcoin rewards the block finder with 25 Bitcoins currently valued at just over $8000 each.  In order to mine cryptocurrency or develop and maintain Blockchain applications, a powerrful computer or cluster of such computers is required. Currently these machines utilize banks of High Performance Graphics Cards like those from NVidia to perform the hash calculations necessary to mine cryptocurrency and maintain Blockchain applications. To facilitate this process, Psychsoftpc, the High Performance Hand Crafted Computer manufacturer has developed the ultimate Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Mining Computer.
Built with the same attention to detail and passion for performance that is present in the Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputers, the Psychlone Cryptocurrency Mining and Blockchain Computer is all that folks need to get started in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency mining today. No need to build it themselves or figure out which parts to use, Psychsoftpc has done all the work. In keeping with their philosophy of providing service as well as performance, the system is totally turn key, folks just have to unbox, plug in and go. There is lots of information out there on how folks can build their own boxes, much of which is confusing. Psychsoftpc has done all the research and takes the confusion out of the game by providing a complete hand crafted system specifically tuned for Blockchain and crytptocurrency mining.

Psychsoftpc is an artisanal computer company, so they hand craft all of their machines and subscribe to a Just In Time philosophy. They are constantly evolving their machines with the very latest technology and are often the first to put out machines that take advantage of the latest tech because they don't stock parts or pre-build machines which have to moved before they can use the most advanced technology in their machines. So while the other guys can take months to put out machines with the latest, fastest tech, the folks @Psychsoftpc can take days. Thomas Friedman in his book Thank You For Being Late says we must constantly adapt to rapid shifts in technology because of accelerating technological change, specifically the impact of Moore's Law and market forces which are linking the world more powerfully than ever before. Unlike the other guys out there, Psychsoftpc embraces this. They are constantly adapting and improving their machines. They don't release new model names, just improve the machines they build with the latest tech as it comes out.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are the hot new technologies right now and Blockchain will only get more traction as more compelling new applications for it are released. People should ask themselves "Why be a follower when I can be a technology leader?" People can start experimenting with Blockchain and get into cryptocurrency mining now. Create their own Blockchain applications with one of the great Cryptocurrency Mining and Blockchain Computers from Psychsoftpc. To create Blockchain applications or to mine cryptocurrency, folks need a powerful GPU based computer ssytem to solve hashes and find blocks.The Psychlone Cryptocurrency Mining and Blockchain Computer is such a device. And it can be made to function as part of a cluster, providing even more power to the task. Psychsoftpc built their reputation on building the fastest Supercomputers and Professional Workstations around, so they didn't wimp out on their Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Rig. Interestd customers can grab their Blockchain and Mining Rig here from Psychsoftpc and get going today.

Dr Tim Lynch

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Computers Built in the USA With Traditional Massachusetts Craftsmanship by Psychsoftpc

Psychsoftpc makes high performance Virtual Reality ready Gaming Computers, GPU Tesla Personal Supercomputers, Turn Key GPU Tesla Supercomputer Clusters for Big Data & Research & AI, Virtual Reality ready Professional Workstations and turn key Big Data Hadoop Clusters in Quincy, MA Computers Built in the United States With Traditional Massachusetts Craftsmanship by Psychsoftpc of Quincy, MA USA

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Announcing the Psychlone Cryptocurrency Mining & Blockchain Computer from Psychsoftpc of Quincy, MA USA


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