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Cammy Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro Alex Myers

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(machinery clanking) – Hey guys, welcome to the Hit Box on Body Count Fighting. I’m your host Kyle Shire alongside? – Shayan Tamayo. – And today in the studio we have? – Alex Myers. – What’s up dude! – Thank you for having me guys. – Thanks for being here brother. – Thank you for being here. I think it’ll be fun. – Yeah, I’m gonna beat Shayan’s ass, it should be pretty – All right! – He’s been beating my ass all day. – Literally all day guys. I’ve been here since like four, I just been giving him the work, all day. – Yeah. – Giving him the business. – I’m working overtime, okay? (laughter) – All right, let’s do it.

– [Alex] I’m just gonna dive Kick, can you stop me? All right, I’m just gonna. I’m gonna dive kick. It’s okay, I’m letting him. – You’re letting him. – I’m letting him. – [Kyle] I mean this is part of the mind game, right? – [Alex] It is, yeah. – Nuh! – Shayan, please. – Nuh! – Oh! – [Alex] Come on, come on. Now see look what’s happening here. See when I’m actually trying. – [Kyle] You’re just corkscrewing him up in the air. – [Alex] Look at this. – [Shayan] What kind of bullshit is that? – [Alex] Look at this. – [Shayan] He’s just, did you just teabag me? (group laughing) Did you really just teabag me? – [Alex] Yup.

– That was a lightning fast, that was like the fastest teabag I’ve ever seen. – I’m sorry. – [Shayan] Not for nothing like, I wouldn’t mind getting teabagged by Cammy. – [Alex] Yeah I know right? – [Kyle] It’s a privilege. – [Shayan] It’s already almost there. – [Kyle] It’s an honor. (fighting game shouts and grunts) – [Shayan] It’s already like there. – [Kyle] I mean, her whole outfit basically says I’m gonna teabag you. This is like the fucking British teabag maneuver. – [Alex] Let’s go, what do you got? – Uh-oh. – What do you got? You tried, I know. – Oh! Oh! – [Alex] Get out of here. Get the fuck. Oh look at this. You know what’s going to happen right now? – [Shayan] Let me get up let me get up let me get up! (laughing) – So Shayan’s like, you know, he’s uh, you know the best in office. I have to assert my dominance. – It’s true, you might say that he tried so hard, and got so far, – But you know– – In the end– it didn’t even matter.

– It didn’t even matter. – All right. – Those teabags were for power. – They were. – All for power. – It was, it’s all for power. It’s not sexual. – It’s not sexual, just power. These nuts in your face, all power. – All power. – All right let’s go. – As long as she doesn’t have nuts. – As long as she doesn’t, who knows. All right let’s go. – Maybe, who knows? Before we get into the second round, let’s get into why Shayan lost.

– So do I gotta be serious, or what are we saying? – Serious. – You be serious, you be silly, whatever you feeling in the moment man. – Alright, pro tip: so one thing you’re doing wrong is that you’re pushing yourself to the corner too much. Sometimes you have to hold your ground. I feel like you’re just walking away too much. Sometimes Guile has to throw booms while crouching, so you can mix up the flash kick. – [Shayan] Yeah. – [Alex] So like, if I’m scared of, like when I look at this, I’m scared is he gonna boom? Is he gonna flash kick? That’s the mix-up you want.

Position:58% What you’re doing when you walk away, you’re eliminating that mix-up. And then it’s more like, I can just walk you down. I can just walk you down and just jump. Because your anti-airs aren’t as good when you’re walking away. – [Shayan] Yeah. – [Alex] Say you’re down and back like this? And you flash kick me? That is really, yeah, that is hard for me to anti-air. Say you’re walking away though, say you try and use your normal anti-airs, like try and stand medium kick or something, when I jump.

– [Shayan] Okay. – Medium kick. – Yeah. – [Alex] No I mean like the neutral. So go neutral and medium kick. See it’s hard. – Yeah. – [Alex] That’s like one of his best ones. You can do crouch fierce, but like if I do this, I can alter my jump, so you have to be aware of that with Cammy. That’s why the flash kick is so good against Cammy. Try and crouch heavy punch when I jump. – Ah. – Ah, okay. – [Alex] I mean like if I just delay it? Maybe that’s what you can do. – So you’re saying like, as far as the psychological mind-games are concerned, when Guile is in crouch position– – It’s definitely scary. – Like you don’t know what he’s, like he’s like a snake you don’t know where he’s gonna strike. – Yeah, definitely scarier. But like, I have a higher chance of beating your crouch heavy punch than your flash kick. Like try and crouch heavy punch from here. See? – Yeah. So as long as you’re scaring them with the flash kick, I think that is one thing you can really mess Cammy up with. Also, if you are walking back, because sometimes you have to, remember I told you earlier you have to mix up your forward medium kick.

– [Shayan] Yeah. – [Alex] So sometimes when you’re walking away, and mixing up your boom, sometimes its good to do that just to get some free hits in. Because if they’re too focused on the boom, they’re gonna run into that 90% of the time. At least a few. They’re gonna run into those folks. Just be careful of doing it too much because they will jump. People love jumping against Guile because it’s just, he’s so scary on the ground and he has all those booms and stuff.

Position:56% So as long as you’re keeping in mind how much you’re pushing your button, according to how they play, you should be good. – So enough with that flat-topped douche bag, let’s talk about this hot chick that you’re playing. – This hot chick yeah? – This hot chick that you playin’. Alright, what’s her deal? What are you doing that’s working so effectively? – So Cammy is a rush down character. I’m good at rushing people down. You want to get the pressure, you want to really instill your will when you’re playing Cammy. – [Shayan] That’s why you’re good against me. – Yeah exactly right? I just run over you and I have to. That’s the character I played. – You must respect the thong. – I gotta run you over. Respect my thong, respect my teabag please.

– Respect my au-thong-itay. – I like that, let’s make that a thing. – Hashtag au-thong-itay. – You did that, it’s a thing now. – That was a thing. – Yeah, Cammy is a really rush down character. She’s pretty good in the air because she has that dive kick that alters her jump. She’s mostly just rush down good pokes, she has a really good control on the ground. Her neutral is like some of the best in the game. – So what’s a really good bread and butter combo that you really like using with her? So I think the easiest combo with Cammy would be two crouch medium punches, which is this button right here, and then you do spiral.

So her spiral is, let’s see if we can show it on the command list. So you want to use the spiral, which is the very first move. It’s a Hadoukan motion right? But with kick. So spiral is just like this. You hit them with the Hadoukan motion. Hit kick. And then, that’s it. So just crouch when you punch. Into spiral. Just like that. An easy combo too is just cool. Is V-trigger, (astonished exclamations) and then DP D. That does a lot of damage. Those are like the basic combos you want to do with Cammy. Also stand medium punch then heavy punch. You definitely DP’d him there. (laughing) One quick tip for everyone, when you’re trying to do these combos, this is called a link, these are chains. So you can mash the lights, those are chains. This is a link, you have to look for her button to come back. You see the move come out? A lot of people, they have a hard time hitting these links because they don’t know what to look for.

So you just look for her move to come back. And boom. – Oh! – Real easy. You just look for the move to come back in. I remember you saying you had a hard time with that earlier too. You look for what’s called recovery, that’s when the move comes back in. Boom. Boom. – [Kyle] What’s your favorite combo? Or is that giving away too much? – No no no no. We can do that. – [Shayan] Oh! – [Alex] That wasn’t it. Alright hold on. – [Kyle] The best is yet to come. – [Alex] Alright, let me show you my favorite combo. It’s pretty much the one I showed you earlier. – [Shayan] Whoa. – [Alex] We’re playing on a laggy TV. You guys forgive me. I promise this doesn’t happen all the time. I promise baby it works. – [Shayan] It works. (fighting game shouts and grunts) – [Alex] That’s my favorite move.

It does about 50 percent, then you get pressure again, you just dash back in bam. – And you’re just right up close and you’re on it. – Yeah. – There’s just no hope. – So can you break that down for us? Like move by move a little bit so that people can try at home. – Okay, move by move. Let’s say you do jump and heavy kick. Make sure you land it really low. Because you can see as you do higher, it has a harder time combo-ing. So you want to do it lower so that you have a better time combo-ing. Low, boom. (fighting game shouts and grunts) But what I’m doing when I jumped in, after that jump heavy kick, I’m doing a forward heavy kick, which is her knee bullet.

Position:58% Knee bullet, crouch and medium punch. V-trigger, standing head punch into spiral. – [Shayan] And then it’s a critical. – Yeah and her criticals are super. The critical part is just two Hadoukan motions and then you hit light kick. Light kick is the best one because it combos pretty much everywhere. – [Shayan] I didn’t know there was a difference. – [Alex] There is a difference. Say I did, say I did something like this, and I did it too low or I did it too far, it’s harder for the medium kick or the heavy kick super to hit. So light kick will almost always hit. Make sure if you’re trying to go with Cammy to use the light kick super every time you land the super.

– Oh man, well that’s, thank you for that man. – Thank you guys. – That was great. – One more thing before we go I want to touch on this because I saw you doing it earlier, and I really want to touch on it because it’s awesome. How you hold the joystick on your pad. – Oh yeah so, I learned this by watching Daigo do this, – This is legit. – You put your hand straight down and then you hold it up like a wine glass. So you pull it up and then you turn your hand and kind of grip it like this. Make it so like your hand, your fingers are mostly gripping it around your ring finger and then just kind of like get used to the feeling and you’ll be good at it.

This sounds super. – It does sound easier. – This sounds super, not what we’re talking about, but yeah guys trust me. (laughing) – No it does, because then you’re saying it makes it about the wrist and not about the arm. – Oh yeah, so like we were talking about if you play like this, you’re playing too much with your whole arm. But if you play like this, you’re more focusing on your wrist. And that’s how you get really good with execution. Execution meaning you’re landing all your combos. You really want to focus on bringing all the action into your wrist and not your whole arm.

– [Kyle] Excellent man, alright. – [Shayan] Kyle, you need to try that. – [Alex] Try it out, it will work guys. – Alright you guys, that’s about it for the Hit Box. Be sure to subscribe to Body Count Fighting wherever the hell that button is. – It’s over there I think. – This has been Alex Myers, I’ve been Kyle Shire. – Shayan Tamayo. – Thanks for watching. – Thank you for watching. – Later guys. – Later guys. – [Shayan] Sonic Boom! (fighting shouts and grunts) Got punched in the nuts. – In the nuts. – In the nuts. (fighting shouts and grunts).

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Cammy Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro Alex Myers


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