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Dhalsim Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro Commander Jesse

Welcome to Body Count Fighting, this is the Hitbox. I’m your host Kyle Shire alongside… -Shayan Tamayo And once again, we have Commander Jesse in the house to give you some pro Dhalsim tips. Are you excited to show off your, your bread and butter here, your, your best boy? -Oh, I’m ready. -Yes. This is my boy right here. This is a Yoga Master. But anyway, here we go. . Commander Jesse’s famous Dhalsim, bodying the crap out of Shayan’s Guile. . Ah! . Are those the skulls of his enemies or, or do you think those are just like plastic? -Fuck! Oh, it’s already done. Oh, It’s already done. I blinked and it was done. Yeah, yeah, that went by pretty… Those, those little skulls of, of children is… They actually are. I didn’t even know that for a while until Dr. Stan’s told me… -Yes! …that those are the skulls of the children from his, from his like village.

That’s a little creepy. Why, why does he have… It’s like a reminder of where he comes from and like… -Oh! …what he fights for. So those are, so those are kids that died and now he’s sad. And he’s like, “I’m going to revenge those, those little chitlins. -Okay. I don’t know. Oh, I’m pretty sure they’re… I, I don’t know. I don’t even know what I was doing at that point, just getting my ass move. I was just like… fire, fire. -It was like you gave a… -Yeah. This matchup I think is really difficult for Guile.

He has a hard time navigating his sonic booms around Dhalsim because of the way that he can get under a lot of them and he’s able to float above sonic boom all the time. So… He flies above all the haters Shayan, that’s your problem. Yeah, that’s… [CHUCKLES] You’re down here. You look like you want to eat my firstborn children right now. [CHUCKLES] I like how you and Dhalsim have like the same beard, just his is white -Mm-hmm. That’s why I play him, to be honest. Because with all the trailer and they give him his beard and I was like “This is the best looking Dhalsim I’ve ever seen.” That’s nice. And I was like, “I’m playing him, that’s it.” It, it wasn’t even a thoughtful decision, it was more of like in my heart, like I knew that this was my character.

-Yeah. I can’t even explain, it’s weird. So… [CHUCKLES] Can you just show us pretty much like a simple bread and butter combo for people at home to get used to give you some cut with Dhalsim? Yeah, yeah. I mean a simple bread and butter combo is something like crouch fierce into back-medium-kick into medium yoga flame. And it goes like, something like that. That’s a very simple combo that you can get, I don’t know on opponents wake up, yeah, or off teleport. But yeah, it’s is something like this. There it is, very bread and butter.

That’s like, you know, a simple effective combo that you can use. And the EX one like keeps you in the air so you can… Yeah, so like you can juggle like if you’re in the corner and you use… Oh! There you go. What’s like… what’s like your favorite Dhalsim move? Can you give us your… -Oh! My favorite Dhalsim… I imagine there are a lot of them because you play him a lot. I haven’t put in some time. Yeah, just a little bit of time. A little bit, yeah. I spent, I spent a little bit of time playing this character. And in that little bit of time, . one, one of my favorite moves to land is this back fierce when crash counters. -Okay. So it’s the yoga [inaudible] and usually like when I throw him and, and he hits a button on the wake up, like if it, if I counter it right, like that, then I get that juggle into fierce flame and then I can juggle it with the EX flame and the jump EX flame again.

-Mm-hmm. So you can get a lot off of that, but that’s probably my favorite move for sure. There you get so many opportunities by doing it again. . Oh! That was nasty. You see I did like half the life right there. That’s crazy. Yeah and then… yeah, like a lot of people… they’ll only work really if like people are back dashing or hitting a button on wake up. But if you just sit there in couch block… except for me, I’ll just throw you. Is there like a common mistake that you see Dhalsim players making like all the times that, that like bugs at you? -There are common mistakes that I make all the time… -Ah! I’m like, “I got to stop doing that. Oh my God!” Like I watch other Dhalsim players, I’m like, “I got to be more like that.” Like… well, for example like… I have a tendency sometimes where I play a little more aggressive. So, sometimes I think it’s better to just kind of sit back, use all the limbs that Dhalsim has to keep people away.

He has all these great tools to keep people out. And then they just added this guy, he was brand new. Crouching and the kick move. -Okay. So that’s good for low profiling jump ins or it’s good off of a mixer where you go low. . -Oh! -And the people will assume that you’re going to come down with medium kick, so they always block high. -Yeah. So in that case, you’d be able to meet beat them with the stand strong into the new low into a jab. -Oh, nice. -Oh! That’s new, that’s brand new. That’s season… or whatever, 2.1. So, like… how would you explain the use of the teleport or the float when it comes to Dhalsim to players trying to get into him? Well, the V skill, you would jump up…

Jump up and hit a strong medium kick to V scope, the yoga float. And now, with the season 2 changes, it would help a lot in this match up. You can use your EX bar to keep you floating. So, if I’m about to end my V skill, I could just EX Guile and then continue to V skill over sonic booms. -Oh, wow! So I’m able to navigate around Guile’s sonic booms really well in this particular matchup.

It’s very, very helpful actually. So, I can use that, I can even teleport and do it again. -Yeah. Like you can see how much airtime I can get just by using that one bar. So, after V skilling, you teleport back, keep floating again. If I have another… oh no, I think it’s potential actually, but you could see how much time I can spend in the air. . -It’s pretty [inaudible] -That is pretty rad. I supposed he’s teleport to go behind. And… yeah, if I had to, like if, if I’m here and I see, you now, just… I can and then I react to you throwing a sonic boom, I could teleport behind you, hit you with the fierce.

That could be, you know for the game. It’s really crucial. -Yeah. It’s such an intricate character, that’s what I love about him. Like you see… like guys like you playing, it’s, “How?” [CHUCKLES] As a kid, you just press like fierce, fierce [inaudible]. Yeah. Because like I feel like in, in like… Dhalsim has this reputation of being a character that’s always been really annoying. -Yeah. Like whenever I watch Street Fighter or I see comments on YouTube and people are always like, “Dhalsim is such an annoying character, he’s such a scrub like all he does [inaudible].” And I was just like, “No, he’s actually more than that.” Like, you know, like he’s gotten to this point, Street Fighter 5 now where he’s so creative. He has so many offensive options. He has you know the yoga float now, he could lay out a fire carpet, he can get aggressive with it. And he can also play a good defense. So, I think now more than ever, he’s just a really unique kind of character.

-Yeah. And even though like his play style is a little more on the like defensive side, once you actually played Dhalsim, you could start to see how fun he is to play. I really feel like people would enjoy playing him. Do you think it’s just people are intimidated because of how technical he can be? I think so. I know that like… it’s, it’s hard because you can’t afford to have people get in on you. -Yeah. You know, he has all these tools that people love. So, once people are in his face, his only real option at least in the beginning people like panic and they start to teleport back, but people have options for those things. But you have to kind of trust in your defense.

-Yeah. I feel like once people get in on you, once you’re able to establish the fact that you can hold your ground really well, I think it’s, I think it’s worth it. -Yeah. -It’s a lot of fun. -Hold your yoga ground. He your downward darkness. Exactly. You got to just… -Keep the beard. -Believe. Just charge all of the positivity into your beard. -That’s it. And then just float above all the haters. Just stay up here, just float above all, exactly. -Float above all that shit. -Exactly. On that note, Commander Jessie, thank you so much for coming by and giving us some pro Dhalsim tips. -No problem. You’re always a delight. I’ve been Kyle Shire, that’s been…

-Shayan Tamayo. And thank you for coming by the Hitbox on Body Count Fighting. Be sure to hit subscribe, wherever that is. We’ll catch you next time..

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Dhalsim Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro Commander Jesse


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