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R. Mika Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro Commander Jesse

. [MUSIC] Hey guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting, and this is the Hitbox, giving you some pro tips. I’m your host Kyle Shire alongside… Shayan Tamayo. And today in the studio, we have the one-and-only Commander Jesse given us some pro Rainbow Mika tips. How are you doing today? Doing pretty good, doing pretty good. Awesome! Let’s get to Shayan in getting by Commander Jesse playing Rainbow Mika. [CHUCKLES] Those are pretty tight clothes. Those are some tight clothes on Guile, that’s what I’m looking at. -Ah! -Uh-oh! Oh, drop it. I think I perfect it. I did better than Mago. -Oh! -You’re next. -Just kidding! . Hey! Now he’s throwing the light donuts at you, but clearly, you’re not afraid of light donuts. -No! -You like this. You know what I think with your light donuts, here’s my booty pump.

. Oh, just like that. -Just like that. -I was doing so well for like… -Were you though? -three seconds. -I got to… -That’s always hate stuff. You know Mika, it’s all… did you get it one time? -That’s this. -She’s got that death booty. That’s it. . -God! -Ah! I missed the [Inaudible]. I really hope she uses wet ones with that booty bump, -otherwise, that’s not sanitary. -Damn it! -It’s got wet ones? What? -Yup! -Ah! -I’m just saying. Ah! Ah! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Come on! Uh-oh! Shayan thinks she’s fancy, doesn’t he? [CHUCKLES] -No! Stop! -Oh! [CHUCKLES] -Ah! -No! [LAUGHTER] You’re getting double teams. [LAUGHTER] Oh! That was delightful. I feel bad for doing stuff like that. When a guy let someone think they have a shot, and they I just kind of… Was that… that was completely by design. You were like, “Yeah, I’ll… I’ll let you block a few things.” Are you feeling good now? Okay. -All right, fine. -It’s obviously, I lost that one. How… what did I do wrong? Okay. Well, first of all, we’re… we’re at home, I’m going to see what I’ll say.

No! I’m just kidding, I’m sorry. -Okay, so… -All right! Item A. This, this, this match was actually… could be a hard matchup for Mika, just because if you set it up in a way where you’re throwing sonic booms and you’re ready for me to jump in, then it’s really hard for me to approach you. So, I would throw one boom and see how I’ll react. And if you start to see that I start to jump over those, then I would either go to… like air-to-air to challenge me or hold down, charge and then flash kick.

But it seemed like you were walking back and forth a lot, and you’re losing your charge, so you weren’t able to anti appropriately. -Oh! -That makes sense. So this… this matchup is… yeah, this matchup is way more difficult. -So basically, Guile just… -You want to play the lame… you want to play a little more lamer, yeah, you want to be able to kind of keep me out. Like, it’s almost similar like a show up like Ryu and Ken. They would just throw fireballs, and then as soon as I try to approach, they just uppercut me on the way. Yup, and then get the… get the fuck back. Can you show us maybe some of your favorite Mika combos? Yeah, for sure. She has ton of combos. There’s some… actually here’s V trigger, there’s one where she can jump in and then use… oh, this is actually a really good one. Let me see. So if I can confirm this crushing medium kick into V trigger when she comes off the opposite side, then I can get a crouch strong and get a mix-up after that.

I’ll show you. So it’d be like, like this and you hold and EX pitch and then [inaudible] will go flying in the air. And then after that reset, you can either go in front or behind, and it’s a really good mix up. It’s kind of new, Fudo’s using it a lot lately, but you see a lot of Mika players will try to fish in footsy, so if they see it with normal, they’ll confirm that and then EX pitch, go off the wall, crouching strong. And now see how I ended up on the other side that time. -Geez! Yeah, yeah, It just depends on when you forward dash. Yeah, it’s very bewildering. -Yeah. Where are you going? I don’t know what side you’re on. I don’t even know, so good luck. You know what I mean, like… [CHUCKLES] -That’s a really good one. -Nice, nice. Yeah, definitely. That’s more of a newer me. Can you kind of explain her V trigger a little more? Yeah. Well, her V trigger can come off the top, it can also come on the same side or the opposite side.

So you can control that by either by hitting fierce and roundhouse, and then you just get to choose the direction. And you can either hold it or if you just push it at once, you come straight down. -Oh! Yeah. And usually, you’ll see her put one hand up in the air if it’s the… the fast one, and then if… and then if it’s the other one, she’ll put two hands up. -Yeah. So that’s how you can tell the difference.

[CHUCKLES] -Yeah. -So that means if you see the two arms go up, that means you have some time before Nadeshiko drops. Before… before it starts raining ladies. Exactly, exactly, exactly! [LAUGHTER] What’s like… what’s like your… your like favorite kind of a showy move for her? Like what’s the good like… like… I don’t know. Like what’s like the… like I said, like the stars have aligned perfectly and you have this perfect opening for her, like what’s a really good move that you like? -Most damage. -Most damage, yeah. -Most damage? -Yeah. Hmm. Succinct! [CHUCKLES] Interesting, most damage. So I guess, she gets a lot of… a lot of opportunities from her jump-ins because she has… she can do a regular jump and fierce or jump and roundhouse, and she even has the splash, which is hard to deal with. That’s why it’s hard to anti-hurt her at those. You can just get a lot of damage off of just jumping in with a roundhouse.

I mean doing it with the fierce, strong, fierce into critical art. That… that itself does a lot of damage. So even if you don’t have V trigger, you just do some circle… like that. -Yes. -Like that. You know, that will do a good amount of damage right there. And then… . [LAUGHTER] See, that’s about like half life right there. So that’s just a simple like real easy to do combo, and that doesn’t even involve V trigger or anything like that. Do it again a little slower. So you… you jump in with the fierce and then standing strong into another fierce, and then that can cancel critical art. If it goes all together, it will be like this. That’s only four hits, but these four hits do… -Yes. …so much damage. . What’s… what’s one like really good piece of advice that you’d give to someone who wants to master Rainbow Mika, like a pretty kind of a basic thing? I think in the beginning when I started playing R.

Mika, I was really playing really patient, I was trying to look for my opening. And you can still play that way, but they don’t want to watch and do play a lot. I’ve watched his videos. I’m like, “Dude, he doesn’t really wait for anybody,” like he kind of just, you know, enforces you to panic, you know. He’ll jump in, he’ll mix his jump-ins a lot, he’ll jump in and do the splash. He’ll jump in and if it loses, he’s not afraid to jump in again. -No! So I think you just kind of have to know when to be aggressive and maybe when to sit back, but when you get going, that’s when people start to get scared.

When Mika is in their face, that’s when people panic because you don’t know if she’s going to medi or command grab or crush counter with her [inaudible]. So I will say, just try to get in there and be confident with your reads. -Yeah. Like read your… your opponent’s habits. -Yeah. -That’s what I would say. You don’t know if she’s going to fall on you or stick her butt in your face. It’s like learn some boundaries R. Mika, that’s a little bit strange, all right? Freaking rainbow booty bump in the face. Heard of… I don’t care, yeah. Yeah, they don’t care. Uh-uh. -Single fuck given. -Nine! -All right. -Nine! Thank you so much, Commander Jesse, for giving us some of your R. Mika tips. Absolutely! Thank you for… that was, that was, that was… Let’s do this, guys. All right! Let’s figure this out. All right! All right! Double…. there we go. All right! [CHUCKLES] That was the worst fist bump I’ve ever done. All right! Thank you guys so much for stopping by to BCF, to the Hitbox.

Be sure to… be sure to check out [inaudible] they are going to be coming out every week. I’ve been your host, Kyle Shire, alongside…. Shayan Tamayo. This has been Commander Jesse. Be sure to hit Subscribe, wherever the button is. Take it easy. Bye! -Peace! -Later! ..

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R. Mika Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro Commander Jesse


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