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❤~TOP PLAYERS HATE HER~❤ Street Fighter V – Laura Mixup Starter Guide

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Everything going OK? Day 1 was a little rough… I uh…I kinda just relegated myself to uh, unlocking colors because, I couldn’t , ya know… playing online didn’t seem like a very good idea. I got–I actually…y’know, I got disconnected a couple times, but I eventually–I eventually got some colors. I got…I got this one this pink one. And I got this–this is my color, don’t pick it. And theeen, what else we got…uh, K, we’re not gonna talk about that color…but this one’s OK.

Her skin’s a little light but, I can deal with it. *single clap* Alright, so, I was gonna make a super detailed guide for this character. Kinda like “well here’s standing light punch it’s 3 frames blah blah and here’s stand”–it was way too much information, and it was boring anyway. Plus it’s so early in the game, there’s so much undiscovered it’s–it’s silly to go into all that detail. You can read a move list or whatever. I’m gonna do something way more fun, I’m gonna show you how to mix up people properly and efficiently with this character. Y’know…put ’em i the grinder, mash ’em up real good, blend ’em up, cut ’em up tough…it’s done right? Get stuns real quick…that’s what this character’s all about. So…let’s do that. Now typically, you get in with this (cr.MK xx qcf+LP), right? This is-this is like her BNB, it’s a block string (the opponent can’t act in-between the hits), it’s safe, whatever, it gets you a mix up.

And typically what I see is, people hit with this (cr.MK xx qcf+LP), and they’ll follow up with this (st.LK xx qcf+LP)–or this (st.LP xx qcf+LP), right? In case they mash, jump, they backdash, that hits. And then they just mix up with command Grab, right? Now that’s fine, it works, if they try to jump or move out th –actually wait–it’s not fine. It’s bad. I’m just just gonna ignore the fact that you can actually jab her out of that command grab if you’ve got a 3 frame normal. Even beside that, it’s not-it’s not good to just use these two things because, this is super risky, OK? Think of-think of your command grab…like, the offensive version of a dragon punch, or a super unsafe invincible reversal. If it doesn’t work out, you take damage. So…really, the way I want you to think about it, is use this (command grab) as a last resort. This is when they’re conditioned, when they don’t wanna do anything, because you have so many options on them, that they just have to sit there and take it.

Or use it in a, like an unexpected situation, maybe a cross under, they’re expecting, a side to side which way, you Throw them, whatever…whatever, back to this. So…instead, you should base your mix up off normal grab. Normal grab is super crazy good in this game. Now I know what you’re thinking, everybody has normal grab, right? So like, what’s the big deal-what’s the point of playing Laura, if I’m just gonna use normal grabs all day. Well, first of all, Laura doesn’t have a lot of the problems a lot of the other characters in this game have when you’re going for tick throw. Most characters when you try to tick throw someone, this happens (you’re too far), right? You always have to walk up to tick throw or whatever, which means they can always jab you out or whatever, y’know you can only really tick throw off of like, a jump in or something like that.

Laura has tons of situations where she does not have to deal with that. Like this situation, you do this (cr.MK xx qcf+LP), and you grab. And it’ll interrupt any normal they do, they have act-they have to tech the throw, they have to back dash, they have to jump, they have to reversal, they have to do something, right? And this is waaaaaaay lower risk. If you do this grab, the only thing they can do to hurt you is do a reversal or super or whatever. They back dash, they tech, they jump, you take no damage. And speaking of jumping…part of the reason the command grab is so powerful, you don’t even have to use it, you just have to prove that you’re willing to use it.

So, a lot of people are greedy, instead of back dashing, they jump, they try to jump out of your command grab. But if you normal grab, every time you normal grab, be prepared for it to whiff, if they neutral jump, you punish with this (qcf+HP). Every time…whoops. Every single time. Personally, my reactions are really slow, so I just do this every time I whiff a grab, and if I see them back dash, or maybe jump back, or jump forward or something like that, I’ll stop myself. But you can do whatever you want, you probably have faster reactions than me. So yeah, you wanna start with this (qcf+LP -> grab). OK, so maybe they tech your grab and you wanna stop them, so instead of using the command grab, you can use something way easier (safer)… You can just walk back…and let them whiff their tech. Alright so I’m teching that… She’s still gonna do it cause…you can actually see which one it’s doing, it’s really silly cause like, you’re supposed to not know which recording it’s gonna play back. So see, it actually says “#1” in it, so I know which one it’s gonna do.

Alright, so I try to tech, and, you can just react to it (the throw tech whiff). And, if you do that, you’re covering another option, you’re covering reversal because you’re walking back and blocking. So it’s way safer, it’s way more in your favor to use that to punish their tech than whatever else. And if they decide to neutral jump there, you can still hit this (qcf+HP). So just remember to use command grab more sparingly when you know they just have no other option. So normal throw is super good, right? And hers is especially good, her back throw specifically. When you back throw, dash, you have enough advantage to get another uninterruptable throw, they can’t jab out of it. So it’s yet another situation-these’s this (qcf+LP) hitting, or her back throw, are the two most common situations you wanna be in to just keep mixing them up over and over.

This is basically this game’s version of a vortex. And it’s the same situation as before, except walking back to bait there tech in this situation is a little tricky because if they tech early they’ll grab you, so… In this situation you wanna dash, and then back dash to bait their tech–I’ll demonstrate it. So you’d do like this-you have to use low forward (cr.MK) in this situation. You wanna play the mix up game like this, right, and they tech…you have to delay your tech in this game or else you just get counter-hit.

So I’m just timing it how I would in a normal match. So she dashes up, and I tech, y’know…it’ll work, trust me. You can also cancel V-Skill backdash (b+MP+MK) into qcf+LP. Alright so, if you’re running this stuff over and over, y’know this kinda thing, a lot of people stop getting up. Or, some people just tech every time, or some people don’t tech ever time, whatever. If they don’t tech your back throw, you can just dash up and react to them not teching, back dash, and then go for a cross up attempt (with j.MK).

If they block this, typically the best option you have to standing light kick (st.LK). This sets up the same exact guessing game. You do this (j.MK), standing light kick, you can throw right away. You think they’re gonna tech, just walk back a little bit and punish their tech. You can also command throw off this-this is *not* mashable, they cannot 3 frame jab mash out of that. If the cross-up hits, just confirm into this (j.MK, st.LK, st.LP xx qcf+LP).

This (st.LK, st.LP) is a block string by the way (the opponent cannot act in between the moves, they are stuck blocking). And this (st.LK, st.LK) also works, and that is not a block string (the opponent can act in between the moves, allowing them to get hit if they try to act). So if you think they’re gonna move after the first standing light kick, you can just do that (another st.LK xx qcf+LP) if you want and it’ll combo anyway, or you can do this (st.LK, cr.MK xx qcf+LP), or whatever you wanna do. Now, what I haven’t covered is back dash. If you wanna hard read their back dash, just use your standing fierce (st.HP) Crush Counter. If you hit it, you can confirm-I’m really slow-but you can confirm into a fireball, and then you get some pretty nasty mix ups off this. So this is one of the setups for this meaty overhead (MP+MK) setup. If you notice, usually when it (MP+MK) hits, her leg is kinda horizontal, but when this (MP+MK from air reset) hits, it’s way on the ground.

So if it hits like that, on the very last frame, you can combo off of it with a standing jab (st.LP). Now you can do this on like any wake up, but it’s really, really, really hard to time. …I actually got it, whatever…typically–it’s really hard. Anyway there’s an easy setup for it. Anytime someone’s really low in the air, usually off of EX fireball (qcb+PP), is the most common setup. You just do any medium into your V-Skill when they’re really low, and it’ll time it so you can combo off of it. So you do like this (cr.MP xx qcb+PP, walk forward, st.MK xx V-Skill, st.LP xx qcf+LP). So the overhead is normally super unsafe on block… It’s still unsafe if they block it like that, it’s -4, so you can still get punished, but you won’t get punished as hard cause they have to do like a jab punish, but just so you know.

It’s also easier to block since it’s hitting later, right? So that brings me to her EX fireball (qcb+PP) resets which everybody’s…you’ve seen in videos and stuff. The basic 3-way mix-up is, so you can do that, you just do this (cr.MP xx qcb+PP) and you walk forward, you just delay your standing medium kick (st.MK), and you’ll get that timing. If you wanna cross up, you just do an immediate stand medium kick (st.MK xx f+MP+MK), and if you want to stay same side, you do immediate low strong (cr.MP xx f+MP+MK). In the betas, you could actually change the timing of just the medium kick (st.MK) to be front and back, but I haven’t gotten it to work in the full game, so maybe they took that away or changed it a little bit or something.

So anyway, off these setups, you wanna do meaty standing strong (st.MP) if you want to combo because, the way it hits, you can do low fierce (cr.HP) off this for like, pretty big damage. And you can do it from the front, too if you do the low strong (cr.MP) setup. K, same thing, really good. That’s the basics, I mean there’s a lot of fancy stuff that you can do, but that 3-way mix-up is good. Of course, it sucks you have to have a tell, if they see you do this (cr.MP) or this (st.MK) if they know the setup they can predict, but that’s why you have your command throw and other stuff, y’know if you do a cross-under, they’re thinking about the which-way, and they’re not thinking about getting throw or whatever, so use all your options, right? Alright so speaking of her fireball, she has a ton of setups with off of Crush Counter sweep (cr.HK).

Now, her sweep, it’s punishable just like everybody else’s sweep, but usually, when you get it blocked, especially if you’re using it at the proper range, like here, you’re only gonna take their sweep in return, so it’s not that big of a deal, you can just tech roll away. But sometimes it’s not worth it, y’know, some supers, you’ll just get punished, or like Cammy can like, low fierce (cr.HP), V-Trigger (HP+HK) and just destroy you. So, sometimes it’s not worth it, but usually it’s worth the reward cause you get really good wakeups off this. Now if you have no meter, uh, well honestly if you have no meter it might not be worth it to use the sweep (cr.HK), but you still have options. If you have no meter, you dash up, and light punish fireball (qcf+LP) is a standard setup. It hits meaty (opponent stands up into it), even though it doesn’t look like it’s hitting meaty. And you can just stand behind it, walk up, block for a second, do your standard mixup, same thing, same thing as before. Just run that same that y’know, throw, attack, command throw, whatever you wanna do, bait their tech, bait their backdash, whatever you wanna do.

And of course they’re still in blockstun from it too, so you can do like a low (cr.MK) while they’re still in blockstun, thinking they want to move cause they have to start holding up or starting buffering backdash to avoid a possible command grab. Anyway, if you establish this and they keep respecting it, you can just dash them you of the fireball and throw, so that’s pretty tricky. Alright now, if you have meter, then it gets really fun.

So, the typical setup is, you sweep (cr.HK), EX fireball (qcb+PP), dash (f,f), anti-air (qcf+HP). That’s a cross-up, by the way. It’s hard to block than it looks…honestly looking at it now it kinda looks like really hard to block… Now if you can confirm this–I personally can’t confirm them getting hit by it, but you can do that (qcf+HP) off of it, if it hits. You could just people are gonna get hit by it, cause a lot of people will, but whatever. You can do the same resets, remember these ex fireball resets, you can do all that off of it, whatever you wanna do. But…it is a little dependent on distance. If you’re really far away–and I’ll try to make a recording for it to demonstrate this. So, a lot of times you’ll hit a limb, like that, and be really far away.

So if you see this, this gives them way too much time to act. They could throw you, they could jab you out of that. So if you see the distance really far…actually I’ll just demonstrate it with this recording. You just dash up and you do a normal (cr.MK xx qcf+HP)…and it makes it really tight, that was still a cross-up. It’s super hard to block. I think low forward (cr.MK) works the best. You can use like any normal but I recommend low forward. Cause it doesn’t push you forward, and it doesn’t push them back very far and it creates a really tight mix-up. Also, this standard setup, this is reversal-safe, obviously you’re gonna go behind them, they DP (Dragon Punch), they DP the other way so it’s pretty sick. OK so if you have someone in the corner, the distance kinda messes with the mix-up, you can’t do the same stuff, like that doesn’t actually cross-up. All you have to do is just jump forward here. That crosses up.

And that actually looked like a cross-up, a lot of times it doesn’t, like, that doesn’t look like that crossed up, honestly. It works best from a further distance, like max range sweep. I mean that’s where you should be using it from anyway. Now you can actually hit-confirm this one, which is pretty sweet. So if this hits, just do your medium kick (j.MK). If it hits, just follow up with your anti-air grab (qcf+HP). And if you don’t want this to cross-up, you just delay your jump a little bit and it don’t cross-up. So it’s like…you can’t tell which side it’s on. Alright so that’s pretty much all you need to know as far as her mix-ups go, but she does have some other fancier stuff using V-Trigger (HP+HK) with her Crush Counter sweep (cr.HK) I’ll show you.

I mean usually you wanna save V-Trigger for this move (st.MK) cause we all know, once you get V-Trigger the game just becomes all about this move, and Laura becomes like the best footsie character, right? But anyway, if you wanna do this stuff it’s pretty cool. Since her V-Trigger dash (f+MP+MK) goes super far, you can push them out of the fireball in ways you couldn’t if you’re not in V-Trigger. And all these setups work…I’m gonna activate and do this–just V-Trigger dash and do that. So that’s sweep, dash, activate, EX fireball, V-Trigger dash (cr.HK, f,f, HP+HK, qcb+PP, f+MP+MK, qcf+HP)…like if they respect that it’s like impossible to block. And you can also just be in V-Trigger and do this, it works the same way. So if you’re not in V-Trigger, just V-Trigger right before you do the fireball, if not, just skip it. Oh and she also has this…if somebody can find a setup that uses this, I would be very happy.

If you do this (point blank Crush Counter cr.HK), you can cross ’em over with your overhead (MP+MK). But why would you take as like a point-blank Crush Counter punish whne you could just do the…this thing (Crush Counter st.HP xx qcb+MP/HP, cr.HP xx qcf+MP~K). Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video. Get out there…once the servers work…y’know, make some people mad, make ’em rage quit… Don’t~wait–don’t make ’em rage quit. You’ll lose your Fight Money and you won’t be able…to buy all the cool stuff…Capcom is gonna give you, so… Anyway, peace out, I’m probably gonna be streaming soon so check it out (…peace!.

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❤~TOP PLAYERS HATE HER~❤ Street Fighter V – Laura Mixup Starter Guide


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