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M. Bison Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro LPN

Hey everyone, welcome to Body Count Fighting. This is the Hitbox. I’m your host, Kyle Shire, and over there, we got Shayan Tamayo. Hey, what’s up? Yeah. Today, we got LPN in here to give you some pro Bison tips. How are you doing today? -Doing good, how are you guys doing? -Doing pretty good. I’m ready to get my ass kicked, you know, I’m good in the office but I know in life I’m not. Shadoloo. All right. -Does that work? -Yeah, it’s done. It’s done. . You’re wrapped up in his fabulous purple energy Shayan. It’s perfect. Yes. I was blocking up. Wait, up block? No. Like… no perfect. . I don’t care, it’s a moral victory. Your moral victory is making it not a perfect game.

Yeah. That’s where you’re at right now. Look, people don’t perfect it all the time. It’s not me. Maybe you should’ve thrown… got thrown in the fruit stand somewhere. -But I like… -The minimum. . Shayan, knock him over to the left, I want to look at the kookie Brazilian girl some more. . Tell him to back up. I’m backing up. I see the girls. -Yeah, there you go. -Too close. -There you go. -Too close, man. Those are my girls. Yeah, guys, fight in the street. [inaudible] Bison like take them under control. Wrapped up in all the purple energy. He is under control already. Fucking… . -No. -No. . -I think that’s enough… -It’s done. -Yes. -Done. Done so. So I got my ass kicked obviously, because he’s a professional player. -Is that why? -Yeah. [inaudible] there, hang on. Because he’s better than me, obviously, that’s what it is. We’ll talk about…

We’re going to talk… what did you do there, like what did you there and what tips can you give to Shayan, to people out there that want to get better at Bison? Honestly, what I did a lot that he didn’t capitalize on was I jumped in a lot. Bison has one of the floater jumps in the game. So if he were to be able to get his anti-airs done with the shoryuken motion, I think that would lock down one of my strategies better.

Besides that, on wake up, you were pressing the buttons a lot. -Yeah. And every kid in game, they have to crush counter buttons and neutral and mine is standing roundhouse, and because you were mashing it, you weren’t concentrated on hitting the buttons exactly. You were getting crush countered so you lost a lot of health there. So if you just calmed down just a little bit, I know you’re best in the office and everything, but chill out, you know, a little bit. Just hang on tight. Is there any way you can kind of like breakdown a combo for us, kind of like just a bread on the easy one like… Easy bread and butter, yeah, I can show you actually. First one you can do this from a standing roundhouse… Yeah. It’s actually one the stronger buttons, it’s crush counter too, you go right into crouching medium punch… So which one is the standing roundhouse for Bison, just for those who don’t know? Standing roundhouse is going to be his hard kick, the six-button on the arcade stick.

-Yeah. And you’re going to crouching medium punch, you come up to one of his special moves like his scissor kicks. That’s pretty corner area but did not do a knockdown. You want the knockdown, you want to use the psycho ball instead. That one is going to be a back-forward motion with punches as kicks, so this one is basic bread and butters. -Yeah. Another one, you don’t require charge at all, it’s going to be using his psycho inferno. From here, you actually do standing medium punch right into crouching medium punch and you’re going to do quarter-circle back with medium punch, so you’re going to get something like this.

. That doesn’t require a charge at all. So you can actually hit that way walking forward. Just didn’t want to get perfect that’s all. Very smart. The moral victory. But that’s the difference between one of his charged combo and non-charged combos. So that’s a simple one. So like Charged Characters, I know for me, like I’m… I’m okay in general, but I’m definitely not a garbage when it comes to charged characters. Are they difficult to like… because like, you know, you see other players, obviously like Bison or people use Guile or Balrog, like they can chain combos together without charging, while as other new players like our star producer, John, he does this for half the match to charge his attack.

And so it’s like, you should see him, just trying to figure out like… is there a certain time, is there like just to get a feel for it? I mean I believe conventionally, the charge time is only two seconds. -Yeah. Or indicated as charge at all and well, for charged characters, you have more discipline when you play versus a character who has a DP where there’s more range or freedom, so you’re more prone to just, you know, just mashing up, right? -Yeah. You can’t mash up charged to get the whole back for a certain direction for at least two seconds. -Yeah. So when you actually execute the move, there’s more precision to it. So I think charged characters are actually better than motion characters because of that.

But outside of that, I mean the range of freedom, it’s a little more restricted. -Yeah. But I think charged characters will make you play better. So like from a fundamental level, if you want to get good, work with a charged character. -Yes. -Yeah. So if you have like one overall arcing note for someone that really wants to get good with Bison, what would it be? Patience. Go practice your combos, make sure you exceed it at the right time. Don’t… you should always have at least two three favorite combos that you can go to. And pay attention to whether they corner carry, pay attention to your meter and it’s very important in this game because then it goes by so quick. -Yeah. And people lose because they run out of meter, they don’t manage it correctly, you know? You see a lot of comebacks because of like V-triggers.

So start slow, go low. Yeah, there you go. Go forward [inaudible] is actually really good with Bison. Yeah. Well, I’m going to say, that’s all we’re going to have for today on the Hitbox. LPN, it’s been absolute pleasure having you on, giving us some Bison lessons. And, yeah, I’ve been your host Kyle Shire. Shayan the super shy guy Tamayo. -Yeah. And guys, don’t forget to subscribe to Body Count Fighting below. -Bye. -Later. I’m not going to perfect it again. -No, you lose. You lose. -I lost. Because you’re a loser. You’re a loser Shayan. Let me show you the best…

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M. Bison Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro LPN


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