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Urien Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro No Respect

. Hey guys, welcome to Body Count Fighting. This is the Hitbox. I’m your host Kyle Shire. Shayan, what’s up? And yeah, we got No Respect in the studio today. He’s going to give us some pro tips on Urien. -Yeah. -How are you doing today? -I’m doing good. Yeah. All right, so before you get into massacring Shayan, what’s going through your head? What’s going…

What are you going to do first? I’m going to knock him perfectly right. That’s all that matters to me. -Yes, you did. Oh, he’s really good though. . Uh-oh! . Oh! Ah! Ah! Why do I always get stunned against you guys? I always… -Ah! Ah! Heel to the face! . And then you’re all electrocuted and shit, oh no! . It’s like I just got beat by a Calvin Klein model. [CHUCKLES] You really did. You smell better after that body. [CHUCKLES] Ah! . Uh-oh! I got… Uh! What are you going to do? What are you going to do? -Ah! How… but my foot was out. It doesn’t even make sense. . Don’t do that! Oh! Uh-oh! . Oh, there you go! All right. Oh, there you go! -There you go Shayan… -Stop doing that. What else? What else? What else? Oh! Ah! What else? What else? Why are you running away? [CHUCKLES] -You got to go… -No! You got a few good moves in! I didn’t mean to do that! [CHUCKLES] . -You’re being desperate with those DPs. -I know! Like oh no! So, but wait, before we play the next one, any advice between this…

The last game and this one? Stop throwing out DPs. -Okay. -Desperate ones… -Are you talking about the DPs man? From Urien, uh… what are… what are… what are some like staples? [CHUCKLES] -What are the staples? -Yeah. The jump in, crouching fierce to tackle, but I just dropped it. Those random EX tackles, it’s like… it’s very disrespectful. It’s so disrespectful. Well, he’s naked. Yeah, that’s the ultimate sort of disrespect. Like, I’m not even going to put on clothes for this fight. . [CHUCKLES] . It’s okay. I’m just pressing anything guys. . Damn! Why are you even doing this to me? He’s just freestyle fighting you man.

So, obviously kick master Urien, can you teach us maybe some simple Urien combos that people do? -Sure! So his bread and butter is usually his crouching fierce to fireball to tackle… -Mm-hmm. But I just missed that. [CHUCKLES] Boom! Is a… is that like a fierce… is that like a… Hard crouching, fierce, Heavy Punch. Yeah. Then, quarter circle for the fireball, air fireball. So that’s the fierce… fierce, heavy punch, then the tackle is the charge to heavy kick. Are you charging it as the… as the fireball is going out? -As I’m holding down back. -Yeah. -I bring it right back after the fireball. -Mm-hmm. -So I can charge. -Got you! Yeah, or you can do some advanced combos. Or you just couldn’t… Something like that. . Disrespect! Oh! If you can give… if you can give like an overarching note to anyone that wants to get really, really good at Urien, what would it be? Keep pressing heavy punch. Keep pressing heavy punch! Slam that heavy punch! -Slam the shit out of that. -Yes! Just that one button. All right, well, I think that’s going to do it for this edition of the Hitbox, Body Count Fighting.

You’ve been here with No… No Respect or Disrespect? -No Respect! -No Respect! No Respect! No Respect! No disrespect, just… Look, I didn’t get t-bagged, and I’m happy about that. No, it’s true, it’s true. We’ll see you guys next time. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Body Count Fighting below! Bye! -Later!.

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Urien Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro No Respect


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