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Dragonball FighterZ: Vanish – Nakkiel’s Lookout

Welcome back to Nakkiel’s Lookout! It’s been awhile and Dragonball Fighterz has developed in the competitive scene quite a lot, but there are still some pain points in newer and seasoned competitors alike. The thorn in the side I’ll be going over in this episode is one of the universal mechanics in Dragonball FighterZ. Vanish By pressing M+H together, you are able to spend 1 bar to teleport to your opponent and attack them. This can also be used to cancel normals on hit, block and whiff whereas specials can only be cancelled on hit or block. The problem many players have with Vanish is the fact that even if you block the vanish from your opponent, it is possible you will find yourself in a poor situation. If both players are grounded, the landing recovery from Vanish can be cancelled to an attack, which in practice causes the attacker to have a +2 frame advantage.

What this means is that if both players were to use their standing Light jabs, the defender would lose every time in this specific example. It’s a bit of a complex situation to explain quickly but the reason this is important to know is this: A knowledgeable player in this situation is aware of the disadvantage, meaning they are less likely to take specific actions due to the risk/reward. This opens up far more options from the attackers to choose from, which doesn’t sound too great. So…what can we do? Quite a few things, actually! A text guide is provided in the video description for more detailed information, but the short of it is this: What players must understand is that in a very large majority of cases, attacks cancelled in to Vanish are not gapless strings. We are going to generalize the situation for the following examples to the most common one. The defender is grounded. The most common example is your opponent is attacking you and they’ve vanished to try and force a poor situation on you. We mentioned earlier that there is a gap, however this gap is not large enough to down Heavy anti-air the vanish.

Instead, we are going to Reflect the vanish. This eliminates the situation entirely and resets to neutral. If your opponent has vanished themselves in to the corner, this is a punish situation for you. “But Nakkiel, I want to punish midscreen too!” This is mostly character specific, however all characters can LVL3 for a punish + hard knockdown However! Characters like Teen and Adult Gohan, Vegeta, Android 16 and Cell can also use their attacks that have Frame 1 Anti-Air properties to make your opponent…..

Reconsider their choices. It’s important for players of all skill levels to implement these answers to create more consistent results for themselves. While this is not ‘secret’ information, it is still seldomly done and I hope this encourages everyone to begin practicing responses to the situation. As always, thank you for your time! You can find my social media and stream links below, along with a more detailed document on blockstun gaps with Vanish.

I’ll see you soon.

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Dragonball FighterZ: Vanish – Nakkiel’s Lookout


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