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REVELATION ONLINE | Spirit Shaper PVP | Arena 3v3

With this spell nearby enemies become weird little critters. forest animals … And now we invoke the power of YETI !!! and he misses them … that big ass of Yeti xD Hello everyone ! Here SimioK … xD … in a new video a bit special because as you’ve probably noticed, I’m not on Allods or For Honor but on Revelation Online which was released about 3 weeks ago So here is … This game I like well, I will invest myself thoroughly on this game for a good time so I will try to make some videos to show you some gameplay or advanced tutorials … By cons I’m going to do with my hand Heal (it’s a little weird but yes …) In this game there are 2 classes of heal / healer Oculist and Spirit Shaper the oculist is more focused on the support and the dps and the spirit shaper on the heal (the good heal of families: D) It’s still a bit odd for me because I’m not used to playing the role of healer I always played DPS …

Whatever the MMORPG even I still can not digest the fact that I am now Heal’s hand on this game but to be honest, I wanted to test the role of heal because it’s interesting to see a few times … as in most MMORPGs, be it Allods or other … the heal get bawled because of a good big wipe But now I see clearly … that in most cases, it’s not the fault of the heal, but the dps or the tank that do anything … and who die like nazes It’s interesting to see the game from another point of view This is the first time I play a high level Heal if i show you my character, i’m already level ….

… level … (blind mode enabled: D) … down here you can see that I am level 56 … here too we can see … I am a spirit shaper So yeah, it’s really cool I’m doing pretty well in heal in the raid Hard / God Mode also called Expert 2 stars or 3 stars Now we will try to do some PvP in the arena trying not to be farting behind as in my previous arena but at least we won it thanks to our team who brought us And that pop instant, cool 🙂 …. So good On this game, the most interesting is the arena 3v3 Because PvE is super easy what you just have to do is to have a good tank that knows how to do its job properly and who knows how to avoid big boss attacks … and good dps who know how to position themselves correctly and do their dps job … and me, the heal keep the tanks alive it’s the easiest job in the world But hey, here we have a Vanguard (tank) and a Swordmaster (mage dps) so we will try to win and there go go go (+ some chelou sound effects) we wait we slap the group shield we take the opportunity to do a little dps they smash our tank, we’ll take care of it a little we are here for that xD in this case, the spirit shaper can afford to do a few dps there we focus we will avoid slamming our big fate we shield ourselves a little we heal the noob the other one down there is dead è_é here we can see that the enemy team is really naze normally they are supposed to focus the heal (me) we explode them ~ My Gods! ~ xD it was very easy the only one who knows how to play in the other team is their blademaster (dps cac) this little Harambe or Harambae she has me focus parque I’m the heal so good on this game, the pvp is very easy all classes have stun / cc fate and also an anti-cc spell (anti stun) but this spell has a cooldown of about 1 minute so you have to know when to slam it and when to cash the stun without risking dying here we balance them this yellow shield, it’s an anti-stun spell with a duration of 3 seconds which allows them to dodge a few stun attacks Ptain! he explodes it we throw them our bambis our spectral Bambis we treat them a little here we can see that the gameplay is very bright although from the point of view of a heal it is not very interesting to see but as you can see it’s pretty epic their heal breaks our feet we’re going to kill that bitch who has no life left I get focus again we shield ourselves the nearby enemies become weird little critters ..

Forest animals … in this case, the shield / shield of the spirit shaper when he is destroyed And now we invoke the power of YETI !!! and he misses them … that big ass of Yeti xD for the moment we’re doing pretty well we do not die, we do not lose a lot of life and during that time, I can do a little dps —- joder —- means ptain in Spanish, you will hear it often: D good … xD, a very easy part – very easy indeed – 20k in care, not bad, the others also took care a little it was a very interesting little part good for a video presentation to tell you the truth, I had already tried to make but knowing that I am very bad in commentary I had to bet on my pvp skills and to have a good gameplay to make a good quality video so to sum it up, this game is sort of very interesting maybe in the near future I’ll do tutorial video with advanced gameplay and tips most new players do not know on the one hand because of the recent release of this game in Europe and the Americas …

And secondly because of the language because almost all the good tutorials and tips sites are in English and as people are lazy (me first) they do not make efforts to learn English and miss the valuable information these sites offer talking about tutorial videos, videos in Spanish more precisely most of it is useless because they are only content to read the fate and description of objects and give no useful info, whether of the class or object in question that’s why I’m going to take advantage of these shortcomings to make video tutorials and especially videos about the spirit shaper to give advice for heal, etc … because it surprised me to see how much the heal on this game is OP sometimes better than some dps although being full dps allows you to fart behind faster than in heal or off-heal but hey, in heal we are almost immortal so it’s not negligible That’s it: D We will try to make a last arena we’re going to pray for it to pop to end this little video not very long or not too short for a presentation video This gives you a little preview of the next videos that I will put on the channel I will post video tutorials dungeons, etc.

Different strategies … finally …. if I can do them xD sometimes I forget and sometimes life IRL catches up with me and prevents me, somehow, to make the videos at the given moment and it’s a bit boring but I will try not to miss. Well, what I’m doing since just now it’s trying to find the collection points while I tell my life, but there is nothing …

I will wait until the arena pop, wait for this matchmaking to do its job we are running in circles for more than 2 minutes already finally, here is a spot of gold ore, that’s cool on this game, minerals are very valuable they give a lot of craft XP and sell like hotcakes I’m going to see if I’m doing craft videos and how to make money easily to become rich without moving from home xD So good, good good … we find ourselves in a few moments to make our last little arena 3v3 the only interesting arena on this game …

So good, to all And we finally find ourselves in this long-awaited 3v3 arena more than 10 minutes waiting … and there we had … -_- I hope this guy is not broken as the previous ones for this duel I max the heal with the passives of my class we will slam all our shields in case of focus not to die for nothing he focuses me, it’s good we attack, we attack we are looking for the spirit shaper my team is doing well he is the mage, not the right focus where are we looking for spirit? we treat him, he takes expensive we slap the shield here is the heal we stun it wtf bad target, sometimes the aim is bad we treat him, treat him, treat him thoroughly and again the opposing team is doing the m * rde he does not focus me their spirit shaper let them die we will kill him xD it smells of Rage Quit I thought he had left the arena we try to stun we chained him, that’s perfect a little too much in my opinion perfect he’s dead, he stays that one and he dies, perfect not being their main focus allowed me to heal without problems quietly …

Why not, so much the better for me this doggie jumps anywhere now it takes focus their spirit shaper xD who is called Kenti .. here is a nice nickname for a spirit shaper we slap the shield, perfect their stuns become useless their spirt shaper arrives perfect, we dodge it xD, he tried to transform me with the fate of the shield .. … tried to stun me — gibberish in Spanish — we lose their heal, we focus we avoid slamming the fox’s fate with the build I have, the fate of the spectral fox allows me to block their stuns — gibberish in Spanish — there we are forced to slam the fox because in fact is focus we stun them, perfect we treat in area because we are in danger we take care we will try to focus their heal we will break his feet to prevent him from heal a heal that attacks another heal, very funny we do not lose sight of our comrades in this arena, the only one with a brain in the skull is their vanguard he tries to focus me there we can see that the only strong point of the vanguard is their stun, nothing else xD we slap our big stun perfect and it’s over, it’s won easily even if he focuses me, he can do nothing perfect: D GG There you go I hope you liked this little video a bit special view from the point of view of a daredevil heal and noob xD I did a good heal ..

The other he did 117k of heal but 0 damage, he only made heal for my part I did a little dps the other no but hey, very interesting to each his technique Very good ! I hope you liked, do not forget to let go of the little like and see you next time on Revelation Online which will become my main game because …

it’s cool, I like it the only thing that bothers me is that it becomes pay2win because … I did not have it sooner but … Revelation Online is edited by the same company as Allods xD and Skyforge, so good … “My COM” here you are the only thing we can do for now is wait to see how things evolve … I hope you liked, do not forget to let go of the little like and an upcoming video on Revelation Online on the channel “SimioK” Ahhhh more!.

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REVELATION ONLINE | Spirit Shaper PVP | Arena 3v3


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