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Coven of Shivarra Guide – Heroic / Normal Antorus Burning Throne Strategy

Hi! I’m Hazel, and you’re about to be calm, confident and caught up on this encounter. This video is all about the Coven of the Shivarra fight in Antorus on Normal and Heroic difficulty. We’ve got three ladies here, and two of them will be active at any given time. The third one is busy channeling a captive Titan to invoke their mechanic. After two Titan Powers, that shivarra will rotate in and another one will go poke the titans. Between the three ladies and four titans we’ve got a long list of mechanics here, but they’re all quite easy to identify and do. That’s a neat contrast from Varimathras, where there were very few mechanics but they were tougher to execute. Shivan Pact means that the bosses share health, and they MUST be tanked at least 18+ yards apart. Noura is the Mother of Flames, and she’s easy to pick out seeing as her head has a fire.

Fiery Strike is her tank ability. That is a stacking frontal cone attack, so melee should watch out for her front and tanks will want to swap on 2 to 3 stacks. Whirling Saber – Summons spinning swords. Dodge the swords. Problem solved. On Heroic, she’ll cast Fulminating Pulse. That puts out these orange circles on players. If you get a circle, spread out so that you’ve got six yards of room so you don’t toast your friends. Asara is the Mother of Night, and she’s got a cool face veil. Like all of them she does need to be tanked, but Asara does not have a fancy tank mechanic. Shadow Blades shoots out these shadowy purple knives. Unlike the Fallen Avatar blades they don’t fixate so just dodge them. On Heroic, she’ll cast Storm of Darkness. Everyone needs to run into one of these light filled safety squares in the room.

Hang out there til it’s over and you’re good. Diima is the Mother of Gloom, and it’s amazing that she still has her icicles after hanging out with Noura. Flashfreeze is a Tank ability. It packs a real wallop, so definitely use a cooldown. It stacks a movement slowing effect, so if that starts to be an issue a tank swap will sort you out. Chilled Blood is a healer mechanic that throws out healing absorb shields onto players. That needs to be healed off ASAP. When the effect ends, any unhealed absorbs will freeze the player for a length of time relative to how much absorb was left.

Being frozen makes it real hard to dodge all of the stuff going on in this fight so rotate healer cooldowns if you need to and get those shields off. On Heroic, she’s also got Orb of Frost. This throws out a frosty orb that you want to get out of and stay well clear of. It’ll make you very slow, nd being slow makes you sad, so use your blinks and displacers and whatever you’ve got to scootch free. Whichever shivarra you’re not fighting is busy invoking one titan at a time. There’s four possible options and you can see which mechanic you’ll get by checking which titan she’s busy oogle boogling at. When she finishes her torment cast, the mechanic starts. Aman’thul has Machinations of Aman’thul. There will be big adds, and the raid needs to mark a kill target and focus them down one at a time. If they finish their cast they’ll be healed to full, which is why cleaving them down gently is a bad idea. Golganneth has Fury of Golganneth.

Everyone needs to spread out at least two yards from each other to avoid the zappy zaps, and kill the channeling adds to make it stop. Khaz’goroth has the Flames of Khaz’goroth, and that is basically just a big pile of fire in the middle, and some adds. Get out of the middle and kill the adds. Norgannon summons the Spectral Army of Norgannon, aka everyone’s favourite marching army mechanic. These guys spawn in solid lines and they’re immune to damage, so you’ll need to stun, slow, root, grip and knock them back to make safe gaps for the raid to pass through. You already keybound all of those goodies for the Eonar fight so you should be ready to rock and roll here. And that’s really the whole fight. On their own, each mechanic is easy as throwing a lemon in a lake but the sheer amount of things to watch out for is what makes this fight hectic and fun. So, that is Coven of the Shivarra in Antorus, the Burning Throne! If this video is still playing please consider giving it a thumbs up.

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Coven of Shivarra Guide – Heroic / Normal Antorus Burning Throne Strategy


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