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WoW PTR 7.3 Frost DK Obli/RA & IT Build Guide

Hey guys, this is Hellbread, coming at you at the crack of the Frost DK overlords in frost DK discord, demanding that I bring guides to the world because I have nothing better to do with my time, right? Alright, no seriously though, alright so here we have, um, we’ll be talking about two builds here – two birds with one stone Obli/Ra and IT/Obli. Currently Obli/RA is better than IT/Obli but IT, if that is your jam, seems to be close behind.

So, therefore, you can go you can go either if that’s what you want. We’ll leave shattering strikes to a different build. Murderous efficiency in 57 tier is the clear winner in this build – there’s too much synergy with obliteration. And the third tier, glacial advance, Ha! No. Ice cap and Avalanche can be taken depending on the circumstance. I would use Icecap for one mob, maybe one extra add, maybe even two extra adds – but if you’re talking about a lot of adds – Avalanche might become better. The thing to remember with with Icecap is when you’re running Cold Heart, the cooldown of pillar frost when you’re using Icecap will actually be very similar to the cooldown – or the cool up if you will or rather the ramp-up of – Cold Heart to 20 stacks. So I’ll just click that off there and you can see it’ll ramp up and once that hits 20, that’s about 40 seconds. It’s more or less in line with your pillar frost, which is great it means it’s very convenient.

But, if you’re running avalanche you got to remember you’ll be doing the two casts because now pillar frost will be fixed to one minute. So you will have to cast twice: once at the beginning and once at the end. If you don’t do this, then your Cold Heart is going to come up in between your pillar of frost cooldowns – and that’s no good. This tier doesn’t matter, unless you’re doing M+s or select fights where you need that kind of thing. These these all speak for themselves. This next tier, this is a very interesting, so the three abilities that they’ve introduced: Volatile Shielding is now, I mean just read it, right? It absorbs 35% more damage and generates 100 percent increased runic power. This is golden. I love this. This is great. In high magic fights, you’ll be using Volatile Shielding. It’s just, amazing right? Because AMS is still a 1 minute cooldown. So that million damage absorbed will be pumped up by thirty five percent.

Fantastic. For fights with little movement and very little magic damage you’ll be using permafrost and the absorption of permafrost is quite a bit better than it is on Live right now. I think Live is, well yeah, Live is thirty percent and this is a hundred – so it’s very much bigger. I don’t remember if I mentioned, is coming out next week (August 29th) on Tuesday.

Maybe I didn’t mention that, anyway. There you go. So that’s why we’re doing this build. For high mobility fights, Inexorable Assault is just amazing. I love this. This is the one reason that I sometimes will say IT is better. Because when you’re at ten stacks of IA, you may not have enough time to get all these stacks of IA off before it expires. So, the way that IA works is once you’re in a – actually, I’ll just I’ll show you how it works. So slapping it, wham. So we’re in combat now. We’re a near nothing, we’re stacking up ten times. We’re not in combat with this thing so it doesn’t worry about it. But you can see it’s ticking down. I think we just we fell out of combat there. Let me just keep going. It’s tickin’ up, tickin’ up, tickin’ up… Oh, look at that! That actually… oh it is counting that as a target, even though we’re not in combat with it.

Okay, that’s good to remember. Don’t stand near things. Alright, so it’s up to ten stacks at ten seconds. When you’re using RA and you engage – let me just show you. Here we go, we’re walking on in, whop whop whop whop whop whop, you can see the tick down timer is slightly ahead. So sometimes, for whatever the reason, you may lose one or two stacks of IA. Whereas with IT/Obli, you won’t. Just take my word for it. You’ll always get get all the stacks up. So sometimes there’s Gonna be some argument to use IT over RA. But, right now Sims just don’t know how to use these talents so don’t really rely on Sims yet. They will soon the APL’s are getting good. Just talk to those guys in frost DK discord, they’re working hard on it. Alright then, for the next tier here FP? Bunk. It’s not too good. There’s a couple of builds rolling around – a couple? I really shouldn’t say – there’s one build rolling around with FP that might be good. We’ll have to wait and see. Right now, though, Gathering Storm is the number one. Frostscythe is pretty cool, maybe in mythic plusses it’s still good, but until Tier 21 it’s kind of on the bench.

And then the last one, of course, speaks for itself. We’re talking about Obliteration. Right. So let’s look here. Uh~ we’re using four-piece tier 20 and we’re using Cold Heart, Toravons, both 970, and all of these. For trinkets, we’re using our Cradle of Anguish and Specter of Betrayal. Now, we I haven’t sim-ed [these yet], and this would be the case for a couple of things I’m going to talk about. The sims aren’t out yet, as I have alluded to, so I don’t know which trinkets are best. I’ll leave that for you to find out once sims are out; because, anyway, it depends on [your gear]. I can show you all day but it may not be true for you because we all have different gear. So, we have these two. For relics, the sims aren’t out yet, so I can’t really tell you but it’s a pretty safe bet that ambidexterity is gonna be number one. It’s a pretty darn safe bet and if it’s not Ambidexterity it’ll be followed up by Cold As Ice and Nothing But the Boots and maybe even Blast Radius. So, those ones are gonna be – it’s definitely gonna be something involving those.

Frozen skin, heh. And so what I’m using here is just, you know, stuff that I had when I transferred my character over. This is, like, the worst one but yeah you do what can you do, right? And so first stat weights, same thing. I don’t know the stat weights, yet sims just aren’t there, but I’ve opted for balanced approach: 7,500 mastery, 8500 haste and 10k crit. Alright. But now, let’s let’s get to it. So as we engage with RA, we… it’s kind of easy, right, we don’t have to do much. We want to open up with Remorseless Winter, because we’re using GS, and then we’re gonna try a couple of Oblis, to see if we get a Rime proc, and then slap down Rime to get Frost Fever on the target. However, if our two casts of obliterate do not give us a Rime, then you have to cast Howling Blast anyway.

So just remember that you want to get your HB on there as soon as possible because, while the frost fever ticking isn’t too much damage, it’s lost damage if you don’t have it on. We also want to remember to wait until we get five stacks of Razor Ice before we drop Cold Heart. You do not want to drop Chains of Ice (Cold Heart) before you get five stacks – it’s just lost DPS. And if you have five stacks of RI, and then you see that you have either Concordance or Unholy Strength on, then you really want to drop that down then.

Because Concordance gives you strength and Unholy Strength gives you… strength, you know, this is great stuff. So you want to use your your Cold Heart during buff up time. The more buffs, the better. And, of course, because we’re gonna pre-pot with Prolonged Power which’ll also increase the damage of our Chains of Ice. Same speaks true for Sindragosa’s Fury. You want to really use Sindragosa’s Fury, just like Chains of Ice (aka Cold Heart), when you have the buffs on it. It’s really important! You might think, “Yeah, you know, I can just throw it down whenever.” No, no. I’m telling you, it’s very important! Use them when you have the buff on, okay? I think of hammered it in now.

Another thing that we’re gonna try and do is use Pillar of Frost at the same time as our Obliteration. It’s pretty important to line these up otherwise it’s just a damage loss. And then emerald~ emerald rune weapon? Empowered Rune Weapon, we want to just save it until you’ve run dry. When you’re out of runes and you’re out of RP, then you drop ERW. It’s basically a keep-going button. We don’t want to drop it too soon because if you run out of resources, and you have no ERW, oh I’m telling you it sucks: seconds feel like minutes. If you’re using Specter of Betrayal, I literally bind Specter to the same button as this Pillar of Frost and in the random circumstance where I’m holding Pillar and I want to use Spectre then I’ll just click it.

But otherwise I just bind them to the same button. And that’s what you see there as ‘Burn’. It’s just me binding those two to the same button. And that’s it. Alright, so, let’s hop to it and we’ll talk about IT a little bit after. If you’re more interested in IT than RA then just jump ahead in the video (18 minutes) and at the end of this RA attempt I’ll do a little bit with IT to show you how that works. But, without further adieu, let’s get going. So there we go, bam, we engaged. We got our rhyme straight there. Wham, wham. Five stacks of RI. Whop. We have all of our buffs there, wham.

Throw that down. There’s a little bit of delay because I’m talking while doing this. And there we go, we want to throw down Obliteration before~ Pillar of Frost wears off. There’s a crazy delay right now in PTR and I’m feeling like crazy. What you want to do is, if at all possible, you also want to throw down your Remorseless Winter right before you use Obliteration so that you got all of that up. This time it just didn’t work because of the whole line-up of the procs. Whatever. So there we go, we have that up. We’re throwing it down immediately because we have Concordance buff on – so that’s good. Solid, solid. Here we are, we’re running dry – I’m just gonna use ERW there. You may have noticed that I threw down Howling Blast right before I clicked ERW: that’s because we’re getting all the runes back, you freaking may as well, right? You just throw that stuff down. Again if ever you see Obliterate and Remorseless Winter coming down at the same time, use Remorseless Winter first.

Because you want to use runes during RW. It’s very important. It gives you more damage. There we go that’s off one~ oops… I shouldn’t have held that for so long. That’s fine. We just used CH there because we had a Unholy Strength on, so that’s good. Damage is looking alright. Gotta keep on slapping this down here. And we’re running dry, I’m just gonna use that straightaway. This is one of the advantages of the RA build, we don’t have to be too concerned about Frost Strike like you are on IT – because you need to keep up the IT buff. Nice, I’m gonna do that there. Oop, that’s a mis-cast of Obliterate, it just over capped my Runic Power. That’s bad. Anyway, I’m gonna keep going here~ and now we’ve got that on. Slap that down. I also just recapped our RP there, that is a bad thing to do – but that’s okay. Keep going. So again, we’re going to try and keep our Runic Power as low as possible, like that range there is good. Because, remember, Overpower. We have a a trait in our [artifact] tree called Overpower, 10% chance to give you~ like that, a lot of RP.

So we want to make sure we’ve got enough… emptied RP to account for Overpower. Geez, we got a lot of resources right now. I’m gonna throw that down with both the buffs on! Nice, mil’. Very sweet. I’m gonna save that Obliterate for the next RW – there we go. Shwam, shwam (?). Alright, we have our next Obliteration coming on; we don’t have to Pillar of Frost though… all right I’ll hold it, I’ll hold it. So, in a situation like this it just got a really just make a sort of a gut guess about whether you hold it or use it in this case I’m gonna hold it. Alright so, we’re gonna throw that down now because it’s about to come on and~ Here we go. Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam and slam. Here we go. In a perfect world I would have used Remorseless Winter first.

Bad Hellbread. But that’s fine, we’ll just keep going. There we go, Remorseless Winter, get that RP down. Use that, use that. We’re gonna throw down Fury~ there we go. We’re really capping out a lot here. Yeah~ so you can see, sometimes, there may be an argument for Icy Talons, right? Because in some of these attempts with a Runic Attenuation, you really do cap a lot so~ in those situations, IT would clearly be beneficial. But as, you will find out when you do your own testing, there are times where you will just not have the resources and so then the opposite will be the case. So it’s, it’s whatever you want. And until the sims will tell us exactly which one is the max min-er. Alright so, there we go is gonna keep on slapping these down, remembering every crit on Obliteration and every crit on Frost Strike reduces the cooldown of our Pillar of Frost. So that is just good. And that’s good. So we’re gonna disengage – we still had an ER-dub there. We had, uh~ that coming off cooldown.

(Cold Heart) And the damage is, what was that? 1.26? (1.25). Love this build. That’s just fantastic. I love this build. This is so good. You can take a look at the Breath of Sindragosa build, which was about million. This was 1.26? This build is great. And, right now at least until the launch of, in PTR this build is the best. This is unilaterally first. So I love this build. Okay. Let’s talk about the numbers. So we have 42% crit time on Frost Strike – That’s a little high – so it’s inflating the numbers a bit.

Howling Blast, 32%, that’s about right. Yeah this is all looking good~ Cold Heart 42%? Okay that’s a bit high. You can usually anticipate in a five minute fight like this you’ll get seven [casts] and you’ll usually have 30% crit: you’ll have five non-crits & two crits. So four/ three? That’s just great. That’s Lovely. This is typical for Remorseless Winter: it does about 28 million damage per target, consistent. We had double Frost Breath crit (from SF) we have to remember that this sometimes will artificially inflate the numbers. So that did put our damage higher than what it would normally be because we had double crits. The crits are kind of low though. A good crit is like million, 10 million. A low crit is like 6 million – so actually maybe this crit is not too too low. It’s like right there in the Goldilocks zone.

And~ the rest of is looking good. Let’s look at buff up-time. So, buff up-time for – Unholy Strength 80%! Okay, that’s really good. Our Unholy Strength up-time is usually about 60% to 80%. I’ve even seen as high as 85% for Unholy Strength up-time, but those are really rare. And even getting less than 60% is also really rare. So eighty percent up-time? That’s a solid good, that’s that’s really up there. 52% Pillar Frost, that’s typical. 39% Concordance of Legionfall, that’s also a little high. For Concordance you can expect about 35%. So we’re seeing a little bit of over-representation here in the up-time of our buffs, which also leads to higher damage numbers. So we are going to expect a regular attempt with this build to be about or million; but we had the double crit Frost Breath, we had the extra up-time on those buffs, so all of that will inflate the numbers a little bit. But otherwise, as you can see, this build is fantastic. Alright. Now, if you are interested in IT, I will just quickly show you the ropes.

We’re just gonna just engage this target here. Slap this down. One, there you go, two. Bam, b- okay no we’re gonna drop our thing there. We would normally drop dragon (SF) here but it’s on cooldown. Whatevs. Throw that down. We don’t have Rime procs so we’re going to drop that. Now, we’ve got Rime. We’re gonna use Obliteration and then we switch back to Frost Strike.

And~ nothing there, so we’ll use that again. We’ll throw down the Frost Strike there. Save that Obli until we’re in Remorseless Winter, then use Obli again. And then Remorseless Winter. Again we use Obliterate. And now you will start, kind of, reserving your your Runic Power, using it to keep up your Icy Talons. So you can see at a moment like this, I will literally just hold this and use it when your Frost Strike is needed next. Then you hold it again and then – in a situation like this you literally just hold on to this. Wait until one second left. Wham use it again. I’m like I’m like missing all my Chains of Ice here and all this stuff. Whatever that is what it is. I’m just showing you the ropes of IT. And then, there you go, you can see we need IT again. Wham. Use it exactly when you need it. This way you are always keeping your IT up as long as you can. You really do not want to be without IT. Now I’m just gonna throw this down here and get some RP back.

In a moment where you do lose your IT. Alright, so bam! Well shit, it fell off, what do you do? Well, it depends on how much RP you have. In a situation like this, I’ll just stay at two – wait – then bring it up to three again, right? ‘Cuz it all has the same cooldown. If you have a lot of RP, just slap down Frost Strike get to three stacks. Again, if you don’t, then just go normally. Just remain calm, click it up again one stack at a time. The last thing you want to do is leave yourself at zero RP. ‘Cuz if you got yourself up to two stacks, and you’re at 0 RP, then you’re gonna just drop down to nothing again because your fresh out of resources. So, you want to really want to avoid dropping IT.

Alright. Well~ that’s about it. This is the Obliterate builds. Like I said, love Obli/RA – amazing stuff. Once sims are out, use it. Look at this for yourself. Next week we get 7.3, hype for that. And if IT’s your thing, have at it. Otherwise, this is Hellbread, coming at you with another guide. Take it easy..

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WoW PTR 7.3 Frost DK Obli/RA & IT Build Guide


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