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Holy Paladin PvP Healing Guide Patch 7.3.5 Updated

Hey everyone – you may have seen my Holy Paladin PVE guide but in this video I’m going to focus on PVP. I’m gonna cover why I think Holy pallys are super strong in PVP right now and some tips, tricks and look at talents. Not only are we currently considered one of the best healers in PVP situations currently, but we can also deal a nice amount of damage too, in addition to healing! Let’s cover a few simple must-know things that you’ll encounter as any healer in PvP: As a healer, many times, you will get focused first.

If the opposing team has half of a brain, they’ll know that taking out the healers is vital to success. Have you ever been trying to kill a player and they just won’t die? Chances are, there is a healer hiding somewhere in the back spam healing them. Be aware that you are going to get focused on. And for you non-healers out there, you should always focus the healer first. That being said, you will be using your defensive cooldowns way more often than if you were in a typical PvE environment. Mythic+ and high end raiding content aside, you generally have to worry much more about managing your defensive cooldowns in PvP. So when I say defensive cooldowns, I’m referring to our abilities: Divine protection, divine shield, blessing of protection, blessing of freedom, even divine steed, and any racial trait you have. I’m going to go into these abilities in more detail. Always assume that any time you cast a spell, it will get interrupted. An old PvP trick that I learned back in Vanilla is to fake your opponent out when casting.

What I mean by that is, act like you’re going to cast a spell. This spell has to have a cast time, so I typically use Holy or Flash of Light in these cases. Now, midway through the cast, interrupt it yourself by jumping or moving. The goal here is to have your opponent waste their interrupt on you after you stop the cast. You’re essentially faking them out like you’re going to cast, but stop it before they interrupt so they waste their CD. This is a very valuable skill in duels, arena and smaller PvP situations. However, this trick is harder to do in larger groups considering there are many more ways for you to be silenced or interrupted. And last but not least, try not to get frustrated. You’re going to die a lot and get targeted often. It’s all apart of the PvP world. Instead of getting down on dying or losing BGs, try to focus on positives.

‘How did I improve this match?’ ‘How CAN I improve this match?’ ‘What can I do better for next time?’ As for gear, you really want to equip your highest ilvl gear. I know that sounds a little odd, but they essentially got rid of PvP focused gear in Legion. Instead, for every 10 item levels you have, your stats will be increased by 1%. The base item level at 110 is 800, so for every 10 item levels, you’ll gain that increase in power. At ilvl 900, you’ll have a 10% increase from ilvl 800. At 950, a 15% increase from 800. For PvP, just equip your highest item level gear.

Relics and legendaries are disabled in PvP. Also, it’s worth pointing out that your honor talents are inactive when you are not in a PvP situation. But in PvP, both your regular talents AND honor talents work. Let’s now go through each talent and see how they pan out in PvP. For Tier 1, Bestow Faith is a strong choice because of its short cooldown and powerful single target healing ability on a timer.

You can easily precast this on a player who is getting attacked and when it procs, will provide a nice additional heal. I’m a big fan of Light’s Hammer, but it will only be viable in close PvP situations where everyone in your group is stacked tightly together. It’s pretty situational so in this case I would recommend Bestow Faith as my top pick. Let’s now look at Tier 2. This is a bit situational. I would mostly recommend Cavalier to get the extra charge for movement speed. Having a second boost can be super helpful for completing objectives in battlegrounds, and even escaping danger.

If you’re getting targeted, try casting a blessing of freedom on yourself and then Cavalier to quickly run away! Unbreakable Spirit is the other contender simply because it reduces the cooldowns on many of your defensive abilities. This could prove to be more useful in arenas and other matchups where you’ll be in prolonged instances of combat. For Tier 3, I would generally recommend Fist of Justice just because Hammer of Justice incredibly powerful in PvP combat. It’s a great stun and can really help out your team focus down a target. Especially good on opposing healers to help interrupt their spells and activity.

Just be sure to use your Judgement spell on cooldown to help reduce the cooldown of Hammer of Justice. Tier 4, hands down I recommend using Devotion Aura. The dmg reduction effect from this aura will always prove to be more useful than that of Aura of Mercy’s light healing effect. I would never recommend using Aura of Sacrifice in PvP combat. 5.1.5. Tier 5 (Level 75) Talents Divine Purpose and Holy Avenger are both contenders for this tier.

Divine Purpose is a nice passive ability that with some good luck and surprise procs, can be really efficient with providing free, instant cooldowns of both Light of Dawn and Holy Shock. Holy Avenger is a haste and holy shock buff, but has a cooldown. It allows you to cast spells faster, have less cooldown reduction and cast bigger Holy Shocks. I think generally Holy Avenger has a slight edge over Divine Purpose because it provides an additional burst amount of damage and healing. Remember, as a Holy Paladin, you can also do huge amounts of burst damage with Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, Consecration etc., so you can always help out your team by adding to the damage. I think Sanctified Wrath is the best choice because it buffs our most powerful abilities: Avenging Wrath & Holy Shock. It reduces the cooldown of Holy Shock and increases the duration of Avenging Wrath. I recommend this! As for beacons I would recommend using Beacon of the Lightbringer in PvP situations. You slap the beacon on your desired target and your close proximity to your party will increase your healing power..

I’d prefer to use this ability over Beacon of Faith or Virtue. I just think with the added effect to Light of Dawn can be super beneficial in PvP situations seeing as it’s an instant, group heal. So, those are my top picks for normal talents in a PvP setting. What do you guys think of these picks? Do you agree with them or would you choose differently? If so, let me know in the comments below! Now let’s cover the Holy Paladin honor talents. For PvP encounters where a lot of crowd control is going on, like in Arena, Relentless is my choice for this tier.

It reduces the duration of crowd control effects, so it can prove to be super useful. For all other situations, Gladiator’s Medallion is a solid choice because it is essentially the standard PvP trinket with a 2-minute cooldown by removing all movement impairing effects that cause loss of control of your character. This is situational, but I’m in a toss up between Divine Favor and Defender of the Weak. Defender of the Weak boosts your haste for 5 seconds after healing a target below 50% health, so it allows you to quickly get off some essential heals in times of crisis. Divine Favor is also a really solid choice because it not only boosts your next Holy or Flash of Light, but it also costs no mana and cannot be interrupted! Think about how powerful that is in Arena against comps with lots of interrupts and strong single target damage. Tier 3, I think Unbound Freedom is the best choice. Not only is Blessing of Freedom super useful in PVP situations, but the speed buff that comes with this talent can really help you get away from dangerous situations very quickly. If you are up against a comp with a Shadow Priest, Warlock or any class that has a lot of harmful DoTs, Cleanse the Weak can prove to be quite useful.

It’s a mass cleanse in a way, so it helps you dispel multiple players on your team in one global cooldown. For Tier 4, Light’s Grace is a solid choice due to the increase of healing to Holy Light and also the stacking damage reduction ability that it applies. Think about how powerful this is against a team with strong single target damaging ability. Like in a 2v2 arena match where one person is targeted first. Alternatively, if you are matched up against an Assassination Rogue or Unholy Death Knight, Pure of Heart proves to be very useful for removing all of the poisons and diseases applied by these classes.

In Arena, you can tailor your talents based on the matchup. As for Tier 5, Ultimate Sacrifice tends to be the overall consensus as the best choice. It greatly enhances your current Blessing of Sacrifice. A great time to use Blessing of Sacrifice is when your healing target is taking lots of damage – like a flag carrier – and also when you see your enemies popping offensive cooldowns – meaning there will be lots of burst damage. Sacrifice helps mitigate and redistribute this damage. In the final tier, Blessed Hands is my choice. It gives all of your Blessings an additional charge.

Think about how useful that is in tough fights with the additional ability to use your defensive cooldowns! Since Holy Paladins are strong defensively, it’s not too atypical for you to charge into a battle head-on with your melee teammates. A lot of healers typically tend to stand back and throw heals from a distance, but as a Paladin, being up close in the heat of the battle can really help out your team. When you’re trying to ambush a target, try opening with Hammer of Justice. It will either put your target at a strong disadvantage or will force them to use their trinket or stun removal cooldown ability early on. Hammer of Justice can also interrupt spellcasting. Time it when a healer is low on health to assist your team in finishing them off. Enemy trying to get away from you? Hammer of Justice also works well in that situation to prevent someone from running away. Beacon Target should be applied to whoever you predict will get focused on by the opposing team. If you’re playing alongside a friend, you’re typically going to follow beside them and pocket heal while they deal damage.

Place the beacon on your friend if you anticipate they will be taking damage. If you’re looking to create a character purely for PVP, you want to consider which has the best racials. The general consensus is the Blood Elf ability – Arcane Torrent – which is an AoE silence is the best for Horde whereas the Human racial ability Every Man for Himself is best for Alliance as it frees you from stuns. Blessings Blessing of Freedom should be used anytime you or a teammate have any sort of movement impairing effect applied to you. It frees you from it and also makes you immune to those types of spells. Great to use on flag carriers or when trying to flee a scene. Blessing of Protection prevents your target from receiving any type of physical damage. Please be aware that they can still take magic damage with BoP on them. It’s great against a fight against melee classes such as warriors, rogues, etc. Just be aware that BoP causes a forbearance debuff on your target, so if you use it on yourself, which is perfectly acceptable if the situation calls for it, you won’t be able to cast Divine Protection, your bubble, until the 30-second forbearance debuff wears off.

Blessing of Sacrifice, as I mentioned earlier on for the Ultimate Sacrifice PVP talent, is great to use when your healing target is taking lots of damage – like a flag carrier – and also when you see your enemies popping offensive cooldowns. Divine Shield, also known as your Paladin bubble is your ultimate defensive ability. It makes you immune to everything for 8 seconds. This is a great time to use Light of the Martyr if you need to on a target if you’ve been hesitant to use it since it won’t take away any health while your bubble is active.

It’s pretty much your ‘oh crap’ button – use it when you are close to death or if a teammate is going to die and you need to get their health back up, uninterrupted. Watch out for Priests – mass dispel can get rid of your bubble. So keep an eye on the ability uptime if a priest is around. Divine Protection reduces all damage you take by 20%. It’s great to use when being focused, especially if your bubble is on cooldown.

I use Divine Protection on cooldown whenever I’m being targeted. Another pointer about Divine Protection is that it can be used while you are stunned, so next time you are stunned, be sure to pop it! So, that about wraps up the video guys. I hope you enjoyed it. I’d love to hear what you think about it in the comments below. If you did enjoy it, give it a thumbs up. If you do enjoy my channel, you can hit the sub button and this way you’ll be able to see the next time I launch a new video or live stream. And if you do want to check out my Holy Paladin PVE guide, I’ve linked it in the description below. Thanks a lot guys and I hope you have a great day! I’ll see you real soon. Bye!.

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Holy Paladin PvP Healing Guide Patch 7.3.5 Updated


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