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Why Inscription is the Most Profitable Profession

Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and a couple days ago on stream, someone said that inscription was a “Bad profession.” I strongly disagree, and this vid will show you why Inscription is actually the most profitable profession. So, since this video is talking about profit, it’s gonna be two parts. First we’re gonna look at cost. You know, the old question, “Which herbs should I mill for inscription?” Second, we’re gonna look at sales. We’ll drill down into all the available Glyphs, break things apart, and hopefully learn some really neat stuff about em. Alright, on to the mill test! I just spent 3 million gold on wowtokens to buy the Hearthstone and Diablo expansions, so I’m actually kind of awkwardly broke right now. But, that just means we can farm up the herbs and everything will be profit. So for that, I went out to all the routes listed in my “How to Farm Everything in Legion” video and gathered 1000 of each herb, milled everything down and recorded the results. This isn’t a massive test, but 200 mills of each herb will give us statistically significant results so we’ll be able to draw some conclusions from them.

Let’s go in alphabetical order, we’ll start with Aethril. 1000 of these herbs milled down into 33 Sallow Pigment, 418 roseate pigment, and 43 yseralline seeds. Now, I’m assuming that you’re going to be milling yseralline seeds and adding them to your total. So, fast forward to a later test where we milled 5000 yseralline seeds. From there, we got one roseate pigment from every mill, and one sallow pigment every 60 mills. This is interesting by itself because sallow pigment usually sells for about 50 times what roseate does. Most people estimate seed value based on 1/5th roseate prices, and this means seeds are actually worth about double what people think they are. Ok, so back to aethril. Include seed results. Do a little math, and each aethril herb gives 3.3% sallow and 43% roseate. At current global median prices, you’ll break even with aethril. Now that we’ve explained everything, the mindset and how we’re gonna do results, we’re gonna speed it up and list results like that.

For dreamleaf, I farmed up my nightmare rooters over by Emerald Nightmare, even found a bot while I was out there. With Dreamleaf, you get bonus nightmare pods when you mill em. These can contain pigments, seeds, or have a 10% chance of giving an additional nightmare pod. So occasionally you’ll have this fun podception. Pods in pods on pods. But, accounting for all that, each Dreamleaf herb is worth 11% of a sallow pigment and 50% of a roseate pigment. At current prices, this gives 130% return.

The pigments, everything milled down, is worth double what the herbs are. And by the end of this video, you’ll know why you should be willing to pay up to 60 gold per dreamleaf, and still be profitable. Alright, on to Foxflower. I’ve expanded my server hop route from just the murloc area to the entire northern coast. We have the gear now so it’s fine. The unique thing about Foxflower is that it gave us 5 times the yseralline seeds as a normal herbs. So, if you need seeds, farm up foxflower. Milling it all down, Foxflower gave us 3.8% sallow and 48% roseate. These are actually about the same results as Aethril but Foxflower costs more, so farm it up, don’t buy it. Fragglerock was pretty nice. Gave us 5.5% sallow and 51% roseate. As you can see, all these base herbs gave us about 50% roseate. The only thing that changes is how much Sallow and they’re still all 3-6% there.

As far as price goes, Fragglerock breaks even since it does have that extra 2% sallow in there. Starlight rose was a pain to farm as always but gave us 3.6% sallow, so the normal amount, but also 120% roseate. It’s overpriced, but that is a lot of pigment. And I wasn’t able to test Felwort for obvious reasons, but Xionik and Sheyrah did and Blizzard changed the mill numbers around, so I’m not sure if their tests are accurate anymore, but based on their spreadsheet, which I’ll link in the description, you can expect 213% sallow, and 43% roseate. So more than 2 sallow per herb. If you need Sallow, this is what you get. So, that’s the cost, now we’re doing sales. Here’s a spreadsheet I put together of the materials, crafting costs, and profits for every glyph in the game. There’s so much I learned while putting this together. I really want to get into it all but I’ll try to whittle it down for you.

First. There aren’t 674 glyphs anymore, only a total of 99. If you want to know why they changed it, and you’re new to the profession, just imagine crafting 2 of every glyph when there are 674 of em, and then imagine, because inscription’s competitive, you have to repost those 1300 glyphs 2 or 3 times a day. Yah, it was a pain. Ask down in the comment section. People will share some horror stories with ya. About half of the glyphs available today use legion materials, and that ratio’s pretty consistent but it does vary by class. Priests only have 1 legion glyph and Demon hunters use entirely Legion glyphs. And for the Legion glyphs, each class has its own unique sallow:roseate ratio. By that I mean Warlock is the most expensive at 15 sallow and 60 roseate per glyph, and Paladin is the cheapest at 2 sallow and 70 roseate. There is one outlier. Monk glyphs all use 4 sallow and 60 roseate, except for glyph of crackling ox lightning which uses 2 and 70. Blizzard? Blizzard! C’mon now, that’s the paladin ratio. I’m…I’m not mad, Blizzard, I’m just disappointed..and for every other non-legion ink there are five-ish glyphs, except for Ethereal, which only has 2 glyphs.

So if you’re an herbalist, everything’s going to sell for about the same, except for Burning Crusade herbs, which don’t really have a use in inscription. The most important thing though, in order to craft 1 of every, you’re going to need 493 sallow pigment and 2015 roseate. If you do have a scribe that’s just a number you should learn. Alright, gold. Most of the researchable glyphs are selling at about 50-100% profit. Which is great because that’s based on the ink price, and we’re already doubling our money by getting that ink from dreamleaf. 130% returns just on dreamleaf. But, the real money comes from the gated glyphs, the ones where the recipe is a random drop from legion elementals, that kinda stuff. Those sell for 3,4,5 times the ink value and because you don’t have competition, you’re probably going to sell them faster. So if you have a scribe, make an effort this week to farm up all the glyphs you don’t have, go through your unlearned tab one by one.

And you’ll be able take 1,000 gold worth of herbs, and turn that into a 10,000 gold glyph. THE MOST PROFITABLE PROFESSION IN WOWWW! So, let’s put it all together. in a nutshell. If you just need sallow pigment, buy felwort. It’s profitable. You’ll make gold. If you just need roseate pigment, farm starlight rose but don’t buy it because it’s overpriced. And if you just need yseralline seeds, farm up foxflower, but again don’t buy it. And you probably don’t need Yseralline Seeds. And if you’re trying to make glyphs. If you’re trying to make one of every glyphs, you’ll need 493 sallow and 2015 roseate. To get that, your best return on investment will be with 4300 Dreamleaf That’ll cost you 53k and sell for 230k. And finally, if dreamleaf is expensive, your best bet is 130 Felwort and 3900 Fragglerock. And see guys, you will use calculus when you’re out of school The gold values will change as the expansion rolls on but hopefully you can come back to this video, if you need to refresh yourself on the ratios.

Or buy a couple thousand herbs, do your own test, and give me the results in the comment. Hope you liked the video, hit the like button if ya learned something. Hit the Subscribe on your screen if you want to see future videos. And that’s it for me. Thank you very much for watching. Have a great day, and happy gold making..

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Why Inscription is the Most Profitable Profession


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