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Garothi Worldbreaker Guide – Heroic / Normal Garothi Worldbreaker

Hi! I’m Hazel, and look at you doing research before you jump into Raid. I’m proud of you. This video is all about the Garothi Worldbreaker on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Garothi is the first boss in Antorus, not to be confused with Goroth, who was the first boss of the last raid. By the time you step in the door I bet you’re feeling really homesick for Tomb and ready for a good soak mechanic. Annihilation’s got you covered. You’re going to see these lime green rings with swirly pillars sticking out of them. If nobody is in that when it goes off, massive raid damage happens and your healers get cranky. Someone’s gotta soak it. It does three million damage on Heroic, and mil on Normal. It’ll also leave a big fat ten second DoT on heroic so generally, you want just one person or maybe two people in each unless it’s their first day in Azeroth and they’re wearing tissue paper.

You can tell when somebody’s in one because the ring turns hollow, which makes it easy to find the uncovered circles and get in them. Make sure that you go into it with high health, and if you have any minor defensive cooldowns to use while soaking, your healers will appreciate it. Next thing to know about is Decimation. To sum this mechanic up in five words – Move out of the raid. You’ll get targeted, you’ve got a couple seconds to scootch before laying down a big green bad zone underneath you. A couple more seconds goes by and the bad zone explodes, obliterating anyone in it and doing minor raid damage. If you drop these on all of your friends, they won’t call you on your birthday anymore so move to the edges. It’s best to have the ranged in a somewhat tight spread around the core of the room so there’s space on the margins for decimation, but you can still easily make it to the annihilation soaks. Clumping up a bit also helps for healing. Every fight needs a tank mechanic and this one is called Fel Bombardment. The boss locks onto the current tank, and the other one needs to taunt and take aggro.

Locked on tank needs to book it to the back of the room and keep moving to avoid the missiles being bombarded at him. Ranged should take care to stay out of the way, which is nice and easy if the tank moves in this cute little arc along the back. At 65%, and later again at 25%, the boss does this adorable thing called Apocalypse Drive.

He leans forward, pulses raid damage and you can target these two shoulder cannons, each of which corresponds to the matchingly named fight mechanic. The raid needs to pick a cannon and kill one, which removes that mechanic from the fight and amps up the other one. If you don’t kill either cannon before Apocalpyse Drive ends, the raid wipes. Choosing which cannon to kill will likely be based on both your raid size and raid composition, since you’ll need to deal with twice as much of either Annihilation soaks or Decimates.

On Heroic difficulty, during Apocalypse Drive you’ll also have the honor of dealing with Surging Fel. It’s basically, big, rectangular lines radiating out from the boss that explode after a few seconds. These are super obvious and therefore super embarrasing if you get hit so move. After Apocalpyse Drive ends, he’ll do a big ground slam called Eradication. That does less damage the farther away you are from the boss, so you want everyone to group up at the back One tank should either stay a bit closer and use a cooldown or save a big gap closer so the boss has someone to hit after Eradication ends.

Like most hot tub style bosses, he will throw a tantrum if nobody’s in range. Healers should be aware of Searing Barrage, which starts after the first apocalypse drive. It’ll ping random players throughout the fight. You want to stay on top of that so that anyone soaking Annihilate feels safe. At 25%, he’ll apocalypse drive again and the raid will kill the remaining cannon. Following this, he won’t Decimate or Annihilate but he gets another stack of Searing Barrage and everything just hurts like heck. Healers will want to consider preserving cooldowns for later since there’s a lot of raid damage towards the end of the fight.

Group up for AOE healing and kill him before he kills you. So, that is Garothi Worldbreaker in Antorus, the Burning Throne! If this video helped you out or made you feel any better please consider giving it a thumbs up. Check out my channel and subscribe for more raid guides and other useful WoW content. I wish you an excellent raid night with the best of loot luck, and a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye!.

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Garothi Worldbreaker Guide – Heroic / Normal Garothi Worldbreaker


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