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The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked From Worst to Best

Harrison Dressler

Apex Legends Review 5

Now that Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has been out for over a week, fans have started to decide exactly which guns best suit their individual playstyles. Apex has a wide array of weapons, all with different strengths and weaknesses. To make it easier for players, we’ve curated a list ranking every single weapon from Apex from worst to best.

E Class

The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked from Worst to Best
Mozambique – Apex Legends

Don’t even bother with these weapons unless you’re unarmed and someone’s running straight at you.

  1. Mozambique: If I had the choice between the Mozambique and a Nerf gun, I would choose the Nerf gun every time. The Mozambique offers up the worst parts of both shotguns and pistols. It has an extremely short range and damage output that just can’t compete with the other weapons in the game.

D Class

The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked From Worst to Best

P2020 – Apex Legends

While these guns aren’t totally trash, they’re really only useful as soon as you land.

  1. RE-45: A fully automatic handgun that sports the largest magazine out of all the other pistols. It has decent enough DPS, but its recoil is extremely hard to control, making it a bit of a loose cannon.
  • P2020: Your standard handgun, for better and for worse. Not as bad as the Mozambique, but still only useful in early game.

C Class

The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked From Worst to Best

Alternator – Apex Legends

Depending on he player, these guns can still be used effectively, although aren’t nearly as reliable as guns higher up in the list.

  1. R-99: The R-99 is the second-best SMG in the game behind the Prowler. Still, due to its low mag size its hard to recommend, even if its high fire rate makes it a decent weapon at close ranges.
  • EVA-8 Auto: While the EVA-8 can’t compete with the Peacekeeper or Mastiff, its fast rate of fire makes it a lot easier to use than its contemporaries.
  • Devotion: The Devotion is a decent energy LMG as long as you have the time to let the gun warm-up. If you’re able to find the gun’s hop up, this warm up period is reduced significantly, easily making it an A or B Class weapon.
  • Alternator: The alternator has a lower fire rate compared to the other SMG’s in the game and has a pretty low DPS too. Most of the time it isn’t worth picking up.

B Class

The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked From Worst to Best
Hemlock – Apex Legends

Just because these weapons aren’t top tier, that doesn’t mean they’re useless. Most of the guns in B Blass are simply just too limited to be used reliably. At this point, it mostly comes down to preference and what you’re comfortable with, because a lot of these guns could easily be considered A Class depending on the player.

  1. Spitfire: The spitfire is the best LMG in the game. The weapon has a solid DPS of 170.67 but isn’t as accurate as assault rifles like the R-301 or Flatline. However, once you get used to the gun’s spray and recoil, the Spitfire might just become your favourite gun in the game.
  • Flatline: While it can’t rival the accuracy of the R-301, the Flatline still has a lot to offer. The weapon’s DPS clocks in at 160 and has the largest clip size of any assault rifle, although not by much. Still, the Flatline is useful in a lot of situations, whether you’re fighting close quarters or mid-range.
  • Prowler: For a lot of players, the Prowler is a hard gun to get behind. It’s an SMG that fires heavy rounds in a 5 shot burst, putting it in a bit of a weird spot. It has a fairly low DPS but is extremely accurate at long ranges and has a nasty rate of fire. However, what sets it apart from other weapons is the fact that attaching the Prowler’s select fire hop up allows it to shoot full auto, giving it the ability to tear enemies to shreds. If you’re able to find the Prowler’s hop up in game, it can easily soar to an A Class gun.
  • Hemlock: The Hemlock is an AR that fires a 3 round burst. If you’re able to land all 3 shots, the Hemlock is able to deal an impressive 54 body damage. The only problem with the gun is its inability to stand up at close range.

  • Triple Take: The Triple Take is definitely the weirdest sniper in the game, as it fires three energy shots in a vertical spray. If you’re able to land all three shots, the Triple Take can be a pretty viable weapon, however once you start firing at long ranges, the shots spread too far to deal any serious damage. Still, the Triple take is a solid medium range weapon, especially for beginners.

A Class

The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked From Worst to Best
R-301 Carbine – Apex Legends

These guns are a lot easier to find then those in the S Class, but they can still pack a mighty punch. These are the weapons you want to equip as early as possible.

  1. Peacekeeper: Decidedly the best gun in the game without counting the legendary weapons. The Peacekeeper is a lever action shotgun that sports a DPS of 106.7 and fires in a star formation. The gun has a longer reload time compared to the other weapons though, so if you’re not comfortable with twitch aiming, or struggle with accuracy, you might want to take a look at the EVA-8 Auto.
  • G7 Scout: Combine this with a short-ranged gun like the Prowler or the Peacekeeper, and you’re looking at a loadout that’s sure to work in almost every situation imaginable. The G7 is a DMR with an incredibly high fire rate of 4.75 shots per second, making it the fastest sniper in the game. It’s best at medium to long range, and its forgiving magazine size makes it a great option for inexperienced players. Make sure to look for a good extended light magazine to enhance the weapon to its fullest potential.
  • R-301 Carbine: The R-301 is the most versatile gun in the game. It’s an assault rifle that fires light rounds at 12 shots per second. What sets this gun apart from all of the other weapons is its insane accuracy. The gun has limited recoil, making it very manageable even for inexperienced players. If you add a couple attachments to the gun like a barrel stabilizer and a stock, the R-301 Carbine becomes an absolute laser that’s sure to shred enemies to bits.
  • Wingman: A phenomenal revolver if accuracy is your strong suit. However, its low 6 round magazine size makes it a lot less forgiving than most weapons. Make sure to keep your eye out for it but try and take a few practice shots in the tutorial before trying it out in a match.
  • Longbow: Another solid sniper rifle that is sure to rival the G7, the Longbow boasts an impressive 55 damage to the body and 110 to the head. While it has a lower fire rate compared to the G7 at 1.2 shots per second, the Longbow still holds its own in firefights, especially if you’re good at popping off headshots.

S Class

The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked From Worst to Best
Mastiff – Apex Legends

While these are definitely the best guns in the game, there’s not much of a point in talking about them considering their rarity. The only way to get your hands on a Mastiff or Kraber is through supply drops and drop ships, and even then, their legendary status makes them extremely hard to find. Both of the guns have limited ammo that can’t be replenished throughout the match.

  1. Mastiff: A heavy shotgun with a horizontal spray. It deals heavy damage and can easily wipe ouy a squad in close quarter combat.
  • Kraber: A 50 Cal Sniper capable of dealing 250 damage to the head in a single shot. In the right hands, the Kraber can take out a handful of enemies at long range without even being spotted.

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The Guns of Apex Legends’ Ranked From Worst to Best


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